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Gay America, Identity Politics Charade, No Need for Democrats

Updated on August 3, 2019
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Christian, parent, audio engineer, computer geek, teacher, writer & jack of all trades

Mariage gay légalisé aux US, 06/27/2015 par Michel Kichka, - all rights owned by author
Mariage gay légalisé aux US, 06/27/2015 par Michel Kichka, - all rights owned by author | Source

As a conservative, I mock liberal logic (stupidity) that has made men and women mere clones of a rich elite. This includes how the DNC uses gays to attack conservatives. The DNC has brainwashed so many gays into believing that conservatives hate them and even want to kill them. Gays and other groups should realize that the DNC is using them. Said all this, as a conservative, I mock the DNC and not those trapped in the party's lies and agenda.

Gay America, not always the happiest Americans thanks to the DNC

Listening to sermon on World Pride Sunday (06/30/2019), the pastor pointed out that being gay himself he simply wanted to be seen as Christian — not as a label. In other words, he wanted to fit in and be considered equal to others with the same rights, duties and social limitations under the law as other Americans. This seems to be the common desire of most gays I've met — respect and inclusion, no more, no less as any other human being.

The DNC has a strong hold on the LGBT community. The party owns Gay America and gays have sold themselves ridiculously cheap. The party has convinced Gay America that only democrats will support them while isolating them from the rest of America while pushing its new-found socialist agenda. The DNC has pushed its lies about conservatives hating gays using a handful of hooligans who might enjoy hunting and even killing gays — blaming all for the sins of a few. Liberals only use the LGBT community for votes, plain and simple.

These same liberals hide the fact that some liberals also hunt and kill gays — case in point, the KKK founded and funded by the DNC in 1865 as explained in the History Channel.

Founded in 1865, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party's Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and black Republican leaders. Though Congress passed legislation designed to curb Klan terrorism, the organization saw its primary goal–the reestablishment of white supremacy–fulfilled through Democratic victories in state legislatures across the South in the 1870s. After a period of decline, white Protestant nativist groups revived the Klan in the early 20th century, burning crosses and staging rallies, parades and marches denouncing immigrants, Catholics, Jews, blacks and organized labor. The civil rights movement of the 1960s also saw a surge of Ku Klux Klan activity, including bombings of black schools and churches and violence against black and white activists in the South.

Some other groups adopted by the DNC push gays from rooftops to see if gays can fly hiding behind some twisted version of a loving and merciful deity. Bigotry grows everywhere especially where the pious dwell regardless of political and/or religious affiliation.

screenshot of video by Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer on Instagram, video showing Council Member ripping off sign asking citizens to report illegals
screenshot of video by Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer on Instagram, video showing Council Member ripping off sign asking citizens to report illegals | Source

The identity politics charade: for example, coming out as a illegal, the new gay

President Donald Trump has ordered raids by immigration officers (ICE). This means mass deportation using the words (cheap scare tactics) used by liberals to scare the population, especially all immigrants regardless of legal status. These political hacks want people to equate the term immigrant (one travels from one area or country to another in order to inhabit) with illegal (federal criminal for entering the United States without authorization).

Leftists (democrats, socialists, etc.) have adopted a political stand that favors breaking the law continuously even if it means putting national security at risk. In this case, leftists welcome the invasion by illegals.

In any case, supporting illegals is stupid and practically treason as publicly shown by leftist politicians in Socialist New York City in various propaganda and photograph/video opportunities.

Saw this trash on #SkillmanAvenue during my a.m. run. Tore them up. We are a #SanctuaryCity & we need to be a sanctuary neighborhood. All Immigrants are welcome here. If you see these, feel free to take them down. Be a sanctuary neighbor. #QueensValues must trump #TrumpValues!
— Jimmy Van Bramer (@JimmyVanBramer) October 7, 2018

We should support our veterans, military, police and law enforcement including ICE — not federal criminals.

What about the so-called conservative piety?

As mentioned before, there's bigotry (a liberal key word, somewhat of a call to arms) everywhere regardless of politics, religion, race, sex, how much a person earns and every possible condition and/or social condition you can think of. This makes conservatives and liberals, capitalists or socialists, religious and atheists (generally including agnostics under the same umbrella), gay or straight, men and women of all races regardless of mental capacity prone to grandiosity and stupidity as well as hatred. As such, any man or woman can love, respect, tolerate, ignore, hate and/or despise gays as well as other minority.

Conservative then?

As long as the leftist politics involves the full control of what you do and/or believe (authoritarianism) under the threat of ridicule and/or even physical attacks, any conservative (right) or right-leaning politics affiliation is better. Being a conservative means believing in God, Bible, understanding that the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian values, the Constitution, pride (one of the deadly sins, as if we cared) to be an American, working hard for an honest buck and caring for one's family especially children.

Pay no attention to those fake conservatives who hide behind the Bible to promote their dumb ideas. They forget that no one has the right to judge, but God himself.

So Bible and religion?

Unfortunately, for today's democrats, it's trendy to be agnostic (not sure if God exists) or full-blown atheist (no belief in and militant rejection that God exists). Many of these individuals would normally reject conservatism as a whole. We should bring back Judeo-Christian values understanding that God loves everyone — no ifs or buts.

What about other religions?

Always remember that most religions promote a loving god and teach his/her love as well as respect to others.

So no extreme liberals and need to be careful with conservatives?

I would recommend rejecting the DNC and joining the Libertarian Party if you dislike the GOP.

So why libertarianism?

The libertarian philosophy asks you to mind your own business and let others live in whatever way they choose regardless of your opinion. Therefore if two consenting men (or women) want to have sex and/or do anything else for that matter, your opinion whether good or bad is completely irrelevant.

The difference between liberalism and libertarianism is not only the name (although somewhat similar), but rather the promotion of freedom by libertarians instead of candy-coated authoritarianism pushed by democrats — modern-day socialists oblivious of four decades of failed Soviet philosophy, failed economies of Cuba and Venezuela and the exploitation (practically speaking) of people of China and North Korea. Therefore anyone who calls him/herself democrat due to his/her sexual orientation can become a libertarian and truly enjoy liberty.

Of course, anyone who enjoys dirty politics and identity politics is welcome to stay in The Plantation.

The Plantation, what plantation?

The term The Plantation refers to slave work in plantations for cotton, tobacco and/or other crops. Although slavery (forced work) has been outlawed for more than a century and a half, mental slavery remains where a group of people is forced to depend on another. For example, statists especially democrats don't allow the poor to become financially independent (forced to remain poor) in order to keep these individuals (~99%) under political and social dependency (control via all welfare programs).

The groups targeted and pushed into The Plantation by leftists is composed mostly of anyone outside American social norms (socially and possibly even sexually deviant) or anyone from any minority that could be easy manipulated like gays and especially off-the-boat foreigners.

Better off being libertarian than a democrat

If anyone thinks that he/she must be a democrat because they feel rejected by the GOP and/or simply doesn't want to be involved with the party, I would recommend giving the Libertarian Party (LP) a chance. At the same time, if the individual feels that he/she must be in a socialist environment, he/she could join the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) or even the Socialist Party of America (SPA). The DNC has too much baggage and long history of racism regardless of the leftist propaganda saying otherwise.

Of course, I believe that the LP is a much better choice than any socialist party. As I mentioned before, the party doesn't care what you do as long as it doesn't hurt anyone — including whom you engage in sexual activity with and/or whom you take drugs with (including booze, tobacco and/or caffeine) as long as it's fully consensual between adults.

So no DNC, Right?

I neither like nor trust the DNC as I've mentioned several times before. The party doesn't promote freedom, but it's rather authoritarian. If you don't follow what the DNC tells you to do or believe, you're traitor to whatever group you can be categorized in.

  1. If you're a black conservative (center-right, right-leaning, right or worse yet far right), you're considered a traitor to the black race.
  2. If you're a woman and didn't vote for the DNC messiah Barry Obama or Her Majesty Hillary Clinton, you're a traitor to women.
  3. If you believe that abortion is infanticide (murder), you're a traitor to women even if you're a biological man (trans-women included) and you're against women's health — as if murder were health.

In other words, you're the worst possible traitor to humanity, a bigot, a racist, misogynist and whatever leftist and divisive term of hatred used by liberals if you're a gay black conservative woman who supports the family unit (father, mother and children), believe in God, read and study the Bible, go to church or temple, believe and support the sanctity of life (pro-life, no infanticide).

If anyone considers him/herself a radical leftists as a means to senselessly fight the GOP (whatever the latter means), I'd recommend joining a party that might support his/her social values that is not interested in controlling him/her.

© 2019 Frankie Olvera


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