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Are Gays Not Humans?

Updated on December 29, 2013

Are Gays not Humans? The question is rhetorical. Why then do we continue to deny Gays the right to live according to the gender that they were born into when scientific evidence and common sense supports the fact that being Gay is not a choice? We may consider a Gay person’s gender unnatural to the laws of nature but it is nature that produces a Gay person. Discrimination against Gays has remained universal for centuries. In North America Gays have gained a high level of acceptance but in the Third World it is a much different situation. Gays face violence and even death in many developing countries, often at the hands of “so-called” religious people who are supposed to be the epitome of tolerance.

In the African country of Uganda there are heated discussions going on regarding Homosexuality. Homosexuality has been is against the law for decades there with the current laws stipulating that while being Gay in itself is not against the law, engaging in homosexual acts such as; kissing the same sex, holding hands with the same sex, and most severely, engaging in same sex sex is. The current discussion centers on a new law about to come into affect which makes it a criminal offense to know a gay person and keep it a secret from the authorities. The excuse given for the new measure is to control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS in particular. Also, being Gay and having AIDS will carry the charge of "Aggravated Homosexuality" which is punishable by death.

Building Civilized Societies

In my opinion, such a discriminatory Law does nothing for the development of a civilized society. The Law will never stop Gays from being born therefore there will be a perpetual condition of intolerance. Two Gays cannot reproduce. It is Heterosexuals and our refusal to understand our Minds and Bodies that produces Gays. Using Gays and AIDS as a scapegoat for the prevalence of disease in society is a cop-out. Sexual diseases are mostly spread by Heterosexual men who engaging in sexually deviant acts out of pure perversion, often with those same Gay men they despise then they go home to have sex with their unsuspecting wives and girlfriends.

Furthermore, this new law will open up a can of worms that their society does not need given the numerous other problems they face such as poverty, hunger, and illiteracy. People will begin to engage in Witch Hunting for the sake of extermination. Where will they stop once they exterminate all the Gays from their society only to find that Aids still lives? Has history thought Humanity nothing? Mankind needs to focus on education and the sharing of knowledge for the sake of our survival as a species on this planet.

Use Common Sense and not Ideology

As a Heterosexual person who's views border on Homophobia most times my first reaction was to say "Good for them, the less Gays the better", but since I don't believe that being Gay is a choice, I have to think rationally and respect a Gay person's Human right to life and liberty. My phobias stem from my moral views regarding Gay sex and Pedophilia, two separate things but hard for me to disassociate. I consider Gay gender to be the result of Hormonal imbalances at birth and pedophilia a sickness. If two people are hormonally attracted to the same sex and are consenting adults that is their business but any sexual exploitation of children deserves the strictest of punishment.

Using religious bigotry to promote discrimination and violence against Gays speaks of our own ignorance as thinking beings. Instead of using self righteousness and religion to vilify Gays we need to gain a deeper understanding of the genetic processes that result in genetic catastrophes and hormonal imbalances in us all. In most cases it does not result in same sex attraction but sometimes it does result in severe dissociative behaviors found in Serial Killers and mass Murderers. We need to understand that while AIDS is prevalent among Gays it is not a Gay exclusive disease so we should stop using Gays as an excuse for our own moral defects. The basic ignorance of Life and the continued dependency in and comfort of ideology harms us all. We are smarter than that.


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    • mintinfo profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Well said

    • earnestshub profile image


      8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      The fear and ignorance is more terrifying than the disease.


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