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Gays Aren’t Distracted As Easily As Cats With Strings You Republican Pussies!

Updated on February 25, 2009


Once again, the Republican Party has managed to try to get people to not focus on the economic mess they left President Obama and his team to clean up and to instead go after the gays publicly as a distraction. Chris Buttars of the Utah senate made some pretty hateful comments this week about us gays. His comments were so bad that apparently the Republican Utah gang had to go behind closed doors for a day to discuss among themselves what to do meanwhile not working on any of the bills that supposedly they need desperately passed to keep the state going. Nice try but what they seem to forget is that gays aren’t distracted as easily as cats with strings you Republican pussies! – Don’t Get Me Started!

According to, Buttars said something similar to, “gay people haven’t any morals and that gay activists are equal to radical Muslims as some of America’s greatest threats.” Well my, what a mouthful of crap that is Mr. Buttars. And while I think you should have your mouth washed out with some sort of toxic soap for your comments, what kind of American would I be if I didn’t defend your right to say it? You see what I think people fail to realize is that at some point, all of the people who try to focus media attention on something negative they say about the gays are really doing us a great service. You see, people are eventually going to become bored and immune to listening to such crap because people are starting to know more and more gays and know we’re not some evil men wearing nothing but trench coats in the park waiting to leap out and indoctrinate unsuspecting church goers to be gay. More to the point, people are going to start asking the question that they should really be asking now, “What is this person who is coming out against gays really trying to hide?”

Time and time again the hypocrites of life get bitten in the ass (and some really like it) by their own deeds. Show me a Republican or religious zealot who screams and yells about gays taking down civilization and I’ll lay odds they’ve gone down on or laid a man at some point. Do I think everyone in the world is gay? Absolutely not but me thinks they do homo to much. The ones who protest the loudest are the ones who always seem to end up being caught with a transgendered hooker with a ball gag in their mouth and a dick in their ass. Hey whatever turns you on, pastor.

The thing is that the more we gays (and sane straight people) give weight to these troubled and often self-destructive morons, the more we miss what they’re really trying to hide. Sure sometimes they’re just coming out against the gays because they haven’t been able to admit to themselves yet that they are gay but the more insidious ones are using the gay button so that no one will see that they’ve just slipped in a contract for their cousin on the bill they’re trying to get passed or that they have embezzled half the state’s budget to take a yacht trip around a lake with the business men who paid to have them put in office.

So while I know there are going to be a lot of gays (and straight people) out there who don’t agree with me, I say let these people make asses out of themselves. Let them say what they want to about us as loudly and as publicly as they want, all the while exposing themselves as out of date less evolved human beings than the rest of us and what is hopefully going to become a majority in this country. The problem is that we gays start talking boycotts, bans and impeachments when what we should really be doing is just publishing a daily list of what some moron said about us and alongside it feature the six illegal practices or morally illegal practices they’ve committed or are trying to hide by using us gays as their distraction. Let ye with the closet that has no skeletons throw the first bone(r).

Do I think that gays should sit back quietly while legislation is passed further making us second class citizens? Absolutely not but there’s something in knowing and being able to identify the enemy that gives us an advantage as well as an advantage to the American people. I urge everyone to look for the next person that comes out against gays and then start really looking. Have they paid their taxes? Do they have unpaid parking tickets? Did they just sign a bill to allow China to import some more poisonous toys into the US so that they could get a kick back? Or are they just desperately trying to scream “Gays are responsible for all the tragedies of the world!” loud enough so that their soul and conscience that tell them late at night that they’re attracted to members of the same sex might change its mind? Hey, we live in America where they have the right to say whatever they want (even if we don’t agree with it) but we need to start educating them that we’re not as dumb as they think we are and that we’ll no longer fall for the bait. Because gays aren’t distracted as easily as cats with strings you Republican pussies! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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      happy girl 667 7 years ago

      if anyone gays have sweet names youre wrong. one thing i know dat lesbians should date gays cuz both are gays dats ir problem solving by not looking