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Gender Equality

Updated on May 24, 2017

We all are equal.

If you didn't know or have just been ignoring it to avoid any kinds of drama in your life you will know that there has been a debate about Men vs Women. Equality and how each want's to be treated fairly and the same as the other. But over the past few decades it has been pushed to a boiling point especially with the addition of The Feminist Movement.

The dictionary description of equality is "The state of being equal especially in status, rights and opportunities." Which means really no matter the race or gender or even religion should have less rights then the other.

But over the course of the years it seems equality has devolved into something else. I have observed several "Equality Wanting" Feminists in videos and newspapers describing the kind of Equality they want. While not meaning to describe it they have done so with their actions. Many women who preach for equality have been seen using the advantages of being a woman to gain or exploit people. One being that since they are women they are deemed 'Weaker' then men therefore they are defenseless. Not entirely. My previous statement about before of women using their gender as an advantage has had numerous accounts. Several will attack a man and since their gender the male can rarely ever even defend himself. I myself was attacked by a female, I didn't do anything but push her off of me and was said I would be getting the cops called on me.

While women may not be as naturally stronger then most men that does not mean they are defenseless. Rhonda Rousey, Oprah Winfrey, The Queen of England, man there has been alot of tough women in the world. Some women are stronger then men and some men are stronger then women, gender shouldn't define weaker.

As for the pay wage gap between the two many studies have shown men get paid more but that is due to the jobs men take. Studies have shown more men take harder jobs such as construction and hard labor more then women have, so it's not entirely about men getting paid more because of their gender but more so about the type of job they work. Think of it this way if a girl at McDonald's works forty hours a week and a guy works at a job at a warehouse for about fifty to sixty hours a week who do you think is going to get paid more? I am not saying women cannot work hard jobs like men can it is just scientifically shown that women tend to work less demanding jobs.

Physical Dominance: As I said before it all determines on certain outcomes of who is better then who at what. Take me for example. I am 6"2' and a little over 200lbs, so I am not exactly scrawny. But if put in a MMA ring against a woman who trains everyday and exercise's daily but is shorter then me most definitely she will be able to whoop me. All I have against her is size, I may be stronger but she is more trained. So one man can be the strongest guy in the world while another may not even be able to lift an apple, not everybody in a race or gender is built the same. Hell I could be out muscled by a Russian Lass, have you seen one of them? They can get really strong.

Another point I wanted to bring out was that the Feminists in recent years have been known to just act plain rude and insight violence and hate for generally no reason. A Detroit conference for men and suicide prevention was shut down by Feminists for the reason supposedly being it insults women or something of the like. There are many chapters around the world for women to join if they feel depressed or feel like they might try to commit suicide, so shutting down one for men with threats and violence seems to be straight nonsense.

Equality is going to be hard to obtain of that I have no doubt but throughout the years women have been able to get certain things men have without violence or threats. Women have fought for the right to vote, having a women on the Supreme Court, The Violence Against Women act and Gay marriage.

But seriously a good thing to know in life that "Fightiing for what you want and believe in" doesn't actually mean attacking people and making threats. Unless it's in war then it counts.

I see women as equals, but as I said before many things come into play when the Men vs Women things show up. Some things some women can be better at then others, the same goes for men as well. As I said men and women are not all born the same even if they are born in the same family. Try and get along with one another honestly, embrace each other and try to show some compassion. We are not all savages we can figure things out without all the hate and violence,


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