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General Motors Gets $2 Billion More! - Where Do I Apply?

Updated on May 6, 2009

Okay what is wrong with this picture? U.S. automobile maker General Motors continues to request federal government assistance that will save them from bankruptcy. And another $2 billion dollars goes to General Motors. Back in September 2008, G.M. already received aid from the federal reserve bank in the amount of $24 billion dollars yet this first financial package wasn't enough because this company still would have to file for bankruptcy. Why couldn't this company file for bankruptcy before the $24 billion? What was stopping them from filing for bankruptcy?

In my personal opinion, General Motors will file for bankruptcy after they receive the additional $2 billion. Why? Well, the solution is simple! The bad economy. People are losing their jobs on a nationwide scale and also, people applying for jobs either need godly job skills or a masters degree. I don't think there's a huge audience of car-buyers coming from people who earn a minimum wage. I live in Hawaii and Hawaii's minimum wage laws are $7.25 per hour.

I don't understand America! Why is America wasting $26 billion dollars on a company that will eventually file for bankruptcy? More or less, where is all that money going? Off-shore bank accounts? Is that how a company operates, behind bankruptcy laws, or behind the law? Okay I'm not a lawyer or a financial advisor who understands all of this but, if General Motors decided it was time to file for bankruptcy after they had already received $24 billion, why did the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank bail them out in the first place? General Motors would still file for bankruptcy regardless if they received the $24 billion dollars or not. Recently, taxpayers invested another $2 billion in General Motors. That's $26 billion dollars! Hopefully, the additional $2 billion will take General Motors out of the running for bankruptcy however, should General Motors turn to page 1 of Chapter 11, all $26 billion dollars will go right back to the federal reserve bank. It's a waste of time and a waste of taxpayers money!

I think there's a lot more to this story because someone has to make money or make a profit off of this right? You don't just give someone a huge lump of gold worth $26 billion and then give it right back just because General Motors couldn't maintain their word of selling vehicles that would lower their debts. Well General Motors, you are now $26 billion dollars more in debt, on top of the debt you already have, and how many vehicles have you sold since September 2008? Maybe $20 million dollars in sales over the past 7 months?  I think a partnership with with an ad saying "free books for a year" could save you, General Motors. 

Reading all the different situations in the media regarding top executives being paid out millions of dollars in severance packages such as the recent case with A.I.G. and its board of directors, it makes you wonder, where is all that money going? Come on America, there are people out there who are struggling financially just to pay off a $1,000.00 credit card debt and two months in back rent. I would gladly take a job as one of these top-paid executive employees for G.M. or A.I.G. because it would be an adventure getting paid money I know I couldn't make in my lifetime. Where do I apply for these top-paying jobs? Mr. General Motors, you can apply in the land of the free!


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