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Generation Investment Management – Finally the Answer to Global Warming

Updated on January 26, 2014

Pollution for Sale!

Co2 Carbon Dioxide does not, nor has it ever driven climate change. Do you know what Co2 is and where it comes from? I’ll tell you below, but first let’s open up what Generation Investment Management is and why you should care.

Generation Investment Management is the company founded by Al Gore to sell “Carbon Offsets” and invest in “Green Technologies” that can only profit if their agenda is made law. This has nothing to do with saving our planet and everything to do with profit and control of the masses.

“When we founded Generation in 2004, our intention was to show how integrating sustainability research into a long term investment strategy could strengthen fundamental investment analysis. Since then, our conviction on the importance of sustainability in delivering long term performance has only increased.”

—Al Gore and David Blood

Generation Investment Management is setting up and buying into all the companies that will be responsible for carbon trading and enforcement of the new Global Warming Laws that are very close to becoming law. Without this Fraudulent movement there is no way this company can profit.

Al Gore is a Money Hungry Whore!

This company will make Al Gore a Billionaire in a matter of a few years unless the public wakes up to the scam. And those billions will be coming directly from YOU!

Al Gore claims he invented the Internet. Al Gore is NOT a scientist. All Gore has no credentials. Al Gore is a complete and total fraud and his only Agenda is to make himself and his buddies obscenely wealthy by forcing Americans to pay into the lie.

Stop the insanity, stop the non-sense. The Whole Global Warming movement is a FRAUD. This is nothing more than a way to push more taxes on the public, and control individual lives.

As you dig into the Bill that was passed in June of 2009 and is very close to becoming law some very insidious taxes are exposed.

If this Bill is allowed to become law the Federal Government will be able to inspect your house for compliance at any time. And YOU will pay the cost of the inspection. If you are not in compliance you will be fined.

Cap and Trade laws will force energy companies to purchase more expensive power and pass the cost along to you.

Co2 is NOT Dangerous to the Planet – What is Co2?

Carbon is NOT heating the Planet. Carbon Dioxide is not capable of retaining heat. It’s a scientific fraud.

Co2 is NOT a dangerous gas. In fact it’s the very gas you exhale with every breath! Carbon Dioxide is an essential building block of life. Without Carbon Dioxide plants can not use photosynthesis to grow. Without Carbon Dioxide we all die!

Have the American people forgotten even the most basic elementary school science about photosynthesis?

Climate is controlled by the Clouds, the Clouds are controlled by Cosmic Rays, and Cosmic Rays are controlled by the Sun. Co2 is irrelevant to climate change, but can the Profiteering Fear Mongering Scum Bags for Profit like Al Gore figure out a way to tax the sun?

Wake the Hell up and see Al Gore and the rest of the “Carbon Tax” peddlers before it’s too late.

The carbon Taxes will NOT stop pollution, all they will do is put a price on it! If you want to pollute just buy the Carbon Offsets from the Al Gore Company and claim your Carbon Neutrality.


The Earth’s Climate is constantly changing!!! Some years are colder and some years are warmer! That’s the fact and that is supported by REAL science.

The Sun Causes Climate Change Period! It's Cyclical.

Climate is controlled by the Clouds, the Clouds are controlled by Cosmic Rays, and Cosmic Rays are controlled by the Sun.
Climate is controlled by the Clouds, the Clouds are controlled by Cosmic Rays, and Cosmic Rays are controlled by the Sun.

Al Gore Propaganda – Pseudo Science

Global Warming Lies Part 1

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  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 8 years ago from United States

    I agree that it is a fraud. Good hub.