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About Generation Zero, Movie Review

Updated on April 3, 2012

Generation Zero Movie Review.

Generation Zero, a documentary movie set to open your eyes with a scary truth about the financial meltdown.

On September 18, 2008 nobody realized really how close America and the world wide financial system came to collapse, during what later came to be called the Credit Crunch.

Generation Zero after being presented by the National Tea Party Convention early February in Nashville as a Special Screening, was overwhelmingly applauded, a commentator later said,

"I have never seen a documentary like this, it is shocking, disturbing, frightening but necessary, I think everybody needs to see this film."

No less than 40 principal experts, authors, and specialists spanning a wide political spectrum are featured in this mind blowing documentary, a wake up call for Americans from Citizens United Productions, a leading production company for conservative films.

They have in recent years released "Hilary The Movie," a film that brought about the landmark First Amendment decision by the Supreme Court.

Opening scenes made up of extracts from CSPAN Rep "Paul Kanjorski Reviews the Bailout Situation" and closes on the same report.

The film starts off simple, slowly building to a climax of fear, corruption, greed and incompetence within the elite's controlling the country. Stephen K. Bannon, the writer, holds Wall Street bankers and their corrupt protectors in Washington DC responsible for the whole shebang and basically the premise of this film is that the rich ruling elite have manipulated and gamed the system for decades destroying the American middle class.

Recently presented on Fox News (Blame the Baby Boomers for the Financial Mess) where David N. Bossie, Producer/Executive Producer, publicly states, "This is not a solutions based film that's the next one" so there could be a sequel.

Generation Zero the Official Movie Trailer

Government have acted in violation of a public trust in passing the Community Reinvestment Act, and in 1999 repealing Glass Steagall, permitting leverage of 40 to 1 by the 5 Investment Banks (Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley) that led to the crisis.

Once these companies converted from partnerships, with individual liability, to corporations with no personal liability, the whole game changed because they could lend $40,000 for every $1000 they held in real terms without accountability. This spelt disaster as the tics became bloated on the child's neck while the Credit Crunch was set in motion.

Baby boomers get labeled narcissist, a legacy of the 1960's, a self indulgence spreading like a plague into 90's and on to a socio, cultural, economic cycle. With the possible scenarios stitched together in Strauss & Howe's book The Fourth Turning, which assists us in understanding the dramatic cultural changes and mood shifts in our times, the book that turns history into prophecy.

Generation Zero (Movie).

Citizens United Productions.

Stephen K. Bannon: Writer/Director/Producer.

David N. Bossie: Producer/Executive Producer.

The DVD is scheduled to become available on March 22.

The Fourth Turning

Life and Death image copyright by Bog 2008
Life and Death image copyright by Bog 2008

The Zeitgeist Movie's will help you understand better how these individuals operate money systems based on nothing and enslave the populations of the world. Yo


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