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Genuine Anger!

Updated on October 16, 2013

Corruption, the cancer of society!

Honest people should be elected to govern!

Anger is one such quality that it should not exceed the limit but it is needed in a restrained manner. Many virtuous people are angered at the behavior of many in society. The chief among them is the bogus politicians. Mahatma Gandhi has expressed a view after India got independence through the concerted efforts of many politicians from the Congress party. He said, dismantle the Congress party. Many are not aware of the noble mind of Gandhi. He foresaw that power corrupts everyone. People who are absolutely selfless alone can take up positions and rule the country for the benefits of citizens. It is really a sad picture today. Whatever Gandhi foresaw has materialized in toto. Current level of politicians are nauseating. Corruption has eaten the fabric of society. Foolish people are after the ephemeral wealth. They are unaware that they can not carry even a grain of sand when they pass away. The culture and ethos of this great country is slowly depleting due to the actions of corrupt politicians.

I don't stamp all with the above observations. In between ten politicians, there are one or two honest people who lie low since their voice is subdued by the powerful leaders. More than wealth, power corrupts all mind. We have to watch the scenes during Ministry formations after a party gains majority to lead the government. Horse trading is one such term in politics which degrade the value of the members. Hence some parties with very few elected members are very confident about their clout since they will be the most sought after ones during government formation. The deal is murky. During electioneering, people talk about high morals and their real concern to the poor and marginalized people. Once elected, they forget the very people who have voted them to power. They hardly visit their constituencies. How they will serve the people? Their main concern is to earn back the money spent during electioneering. Hence they stoop to very low levels to earn back the money spent.

All government policies have some secret agendas. No government scheme can be taken up without the tender or auction process. The space for politicians are ample during such tenders. Many crooks enter the tender process on behalf of somebody who can not compete in the tender due to their holding offices in the government. Hence, they finance the proxy people and the profit goes to the politician and bureaucrat. Many scams were unearthed recently by the vigilance departments which clearly reveals an unholy nexus between the politician, bureaucrat and business people. Hence, corruption has become universal in most of the countries of the third world. I don't say other countries are free from corruption. More sophisticated corruption takes place in capitalist countries.

Hence the process of election system has to be thoroughly revamped. People of integrity should man positions. We need selfless politicians with sacrificing tendencies as we had during pre-independence days. We had dedicated batch of such people led by Mahatma Gandhi and hence we got independence. Now the people suffer due to wrong and misguided policies of the government. Even if the original plan is good and laudable, the benefits never reached the poor downtrodden people. Many intermediaries benefited by those schemes. Hence any scheme of the government should reach the poorest of the poor and there should be social audit in every nook and corner of the country. Also, we need strong laws to book the culprits. Nowadays, we witness that the litigation takes many years to convict a person or politician for corruption. Now only we hear about punishments meted out the powerful politicians. They may go for appeal in higher courts but there should be no lenience to punish the criminals of society.

People should vote according to their conscious and there should be no intimidation of any sort. Poor people are often the victims. Due to the lure for money, they are forced to vote to criminal politicians. Hence, the government should truly ban all those politicians who were convicted earlier for criminal conspiracies. This actually require a strong will of the rulers. They should enact such acts to bar the criminals from entering the portals of governance.

We should express our genuine anger during elections against corrupt politicians. It is like cancer cells. It spreads easily and eat the vitals of a country!


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