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George Zimmerman Trial

Updated on September 9, 2013

Nine teen-year old Rachael Jeantel was the star witness of the prosecutor. George Zimmerman lawyer tried to discredit her numerous of times but she struck to her story.

The prosecutor wanted the jury to see that she was and educated angry girl, who lied for her dead friend.Regardless of her reaction on the witness stand, George Zimmerman and jeantel are the only two who knows what happen to Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon called me on his phone and told me he was being followed, I told him to run, he than told me the thought he had lost the person who was following him. Trayvon was the one who was crying out for help, it was his voice.

Martin-a 17 year old unarmed Afro- America boy was fatal shot by George Zimmerman a 28 year old Hispanic American in Feb,2013.

George Zimmerman a volunteer watch person saw 17 year-old Martin walking through the neighborhood and decided that he was up to no good. A few weeks ago a robbery was reported, the description given was two Afro-Americans.

Zimmerman call a dispatcher. He informed them that he was following a Afro-America Kid wondering around the neighborhood. The 911 operator told him not to follow Martin, they would handle situation. Conversely of their warning Zimmerman took matters in his hands. He followed Martin, from a near by store corner him and gloated him into defending himself.

George Zimmerman was a felon with a gun, he took the life of a unarmed Trayvon Martin, for other reasons. Is George Zimmerman a racist.


As much as we would like to say, racism is still exist in this country between both race.


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    • TheLibertyCell profile image

      Jim Lyde 4 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Has there been any testimony that Zimmerman "targeted a black male?" When someone of any race shoots and kills another of any race, murder has not necessarily occurred. That's what investigations and trials are for, despite the despicable attempts by the media to try the case.

    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      I don't have 30+ years in law enforcement but I do work with lawyers who deal with crime and violence in the Boston daily. Yes.

      I do agree that small inconsistences could be a norm in a crime when the truth is told. Good investigators should be able to extinct the truth from lies but sometime they don't. George Zimmerman was a self appointed watch, no one appointed him to watch the neighborhood.

      Was George Zimmerman in the right place ? whether he was in the right of the wrong place, no one gave him instruction to follow and stalk Martin. In other words he was basically told to mind his business. Trayvon was in the right place walking to a store not botching anyone. I am not a racist if Trayvon would have killed Zimmerman, he deserve to be arrested and charge with murder.

      Why did Zimmerman target Black male, believing that they was up to something? The investigator I saw on the stand stated, that George story was inconsistency and hard to believe. Jada67

    • TheLibertyCell profile image

      Jim Lyde 4 years ago from Austin, Texas

      @jada67 - As a person with a 30+ year law enforcement career, I can tell you that small inconsistencies are the norm when a truthful person repeats an account of circumstances. If the story were identical each time, a good investigator would suspect the person was lying, or at least giving a rehearsed version.

      Yes, jada67, someone did "appoint him to watch and follow people." He was participating in a neighborhood watch program. Zimmerman was where he was supposed to be. Was Martin?

      The medical examiner is an "expert" primarily at determining the cause of death. Determining the cause of death is a great deal different than commenting on the nature of injuries she would expect in a given set of circumstances. Is she an expert on that subject? I can't tell you how many times I have seen medical examiners give testimony that turned out to be wrong.

      But to me the most telling indicator in the Zimmerman case is the behavior of the law enforcement officers on the witness stand. They clearly do not believe Zimmerman is guilty; their testimony seemed more beneficial to the defense than the prosecution.

    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      You are right I don't know that he was the aggressor, from what I heard in court yesterday he was.The police yesterday,he said that their was inconsistency in Zimmerman story. Basically he didn't believe him.What about the medical examiner, she had no reason to lie about the injuries that Zimmerman sustain. Zimmerman is not being honest to the court, he killed a kid. No one appointed him to watch and follow people, ''that's stalking''. If he would have listen Trayvon Martin would be alive.....Jada67

    • TheLibertyCell profile image

      Jim Lyde 4 years ago from Austin, Texas

      @jada67 - You do not know that Zimmerman was the aggressor. You do not know he was without justification. You do not know that "the color black" was in play at all. Also, NiaLee, it is difficult to believe Zimmerman is prejudiced against Hispanics, since he is one. Things that may be "right" may not be legal and things that may be "wrong" may not be illegal.

    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      Trayvon Martin is dead and can't tell his story Zimmerman took matters in his own hands, when told not to. He was the aggressor without justification because of the color black.

      Did Zimmerman commit a crime? It's up to the jury to decide his fate. Would George Zimmerman have followed a white boy? jada67

    • TheLibertyCell profile image

      Jim Lyde 4 years ago from Austin, Texas

      @Jada67 & NiaLee: My condolences to the Martin family, as well. However, the "MAIN ISSUE" is whether or not George Zimmerman committed a crime. There have been false charges and evidence related to racism on both sides, but all that is irrelevant. Did George Zimmerman commit a crime? The fact that Zimmerman was "following" Martin can be related to the fact that he was lawfully participating in a neighborhood watch program. The fact that he was carrying a pistol is not illegal in Florida under the circumstances. Did George Zimmerman commit a crime? His refusal to take the advice of a civilian over the telephone is not in any way illegal. Did George Zimmerman commit a crime? George Zimmerman sustained injuries to his nose and the back of his head. Testimony thus far has indicated that Zimmerman was "on the bottom" during the altercation. Did George Zimmerman commit a crime? Are you sure, beyond reasonable doubt?

    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      I totally agree. Zimmerman took matters in his hand when he was told not to. I believe he had nothing better to do than to harass a Afro- American because of his color and clothing.

      It's one thing to help your client but to make 19 year old Rachal Jentel out to be and uneducated person with no reading ability is unforgiveable. She was the last one to talk with Trayon Martin,she had every right to be annoyed at Zimmerman , for not listening to the 911 operator. Racist has came a long way but it still exist with come people like Zimmerman...

      Did Zimmerman and eligible felon have a license to carry a gun? Now, it's time for the jury to do the right thing and charge him with murder in the first degree......

      I give my condolence's to the family of Trayvon, because I know what it feels like to loose a child. rest In peace.......Jada67

    • NiaLee profile image

      NiaLee 4 years ago from BIG APPLE

      WHAT SHOCKS ME THOUGH DOESN'T SURPRISE ME IS the way the defense moved the debate. The fact that Zimmerman is racist is very clear from his 911 call, or we can be more precise by saying he is prejudiced toward Black people and Hispanic people saying: "Those Blacks and Latinos always get away with it...".

      Now, Trayvon called him names, ok, a 17 year old followed at night by a big white guy would say things, maybe he fought what??? Maybe he was on the top, even though at 4 against 1, the witnesses saw Trayvon was on the bottom.


      Did Zimmerman disrespect the law by following and confronting a young teenager when the police told him they were on their way?

      Did Zimmerman, the adult in this confrontation, had reason to shoot MULTIPLE TIMES IN THE CHEST a teenager he knew nothing about that he had suspected because of prejudice (being out at night and Black seems to be a crime indeed@@@)?

      I am a woman, if a man was following me like that, at night and confronted me, he would get the best MMA combo I can give him for sure.

      What makes it wrong for Trayvon to fight somebody who has been following him for no reason? What makes his friend Rachel's slang or Black English as they described it on TV (yes, yes, they did@!!!) a proof of innocence for a grown man, acting super hero with a gun, against a child he knows nothing about except he is Black outside at night?????

      Making this matter a tribune about racism will simply create the circus the defense needs to find a way out for Zimmerman... remember Casey Anthony?

      Our Justice system has become a circus where media, lawyers and criminals have fun laughing at us and showing the world that human is worth... And all that with our money!!!

      Now, some people use that opportunity to take their revenge on Black America, because of so many issues and especially Obama our dear president... listen, Zimmerman and many others can get away with murder in this system but being found guilty and condemned by the court is not the worst that can happen to them. There is an higher one and this one nothing, nobody can interfere with it. Karma when you get us...

      Trayvon, rest in peace, family condoleances again, blessings on all.

      Love and peace on all.

    • profile image

      Ralph 4 years ago

      "George Zimmerman was a felon with a gun, he took the life of a unarmed Trayvon Martin, for other reasons. Is George Zimmerman a racist."

      Could you please tell me what felony George Zimmerman was convicted of?