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George Zimmerman is in Jail...Now What?

Updated on April 15, 2012

Wanted To Discuss More About The Racism Issue

For those who do not know, George Zimmerman was arrested and was charged with second-degree murder on April 11. While it is good that Zimmerman finally was charged and was held responsible for Trayvon Martin's death, I know that this is only the beginning of a crazy media circus as well as new facts or "added facts" as to what happened on that fatal night. I also know that Zimmerman will have a difficult time receiving a fair trial due to this media sensation, which is sad because every American citizen has a right to a fair trial. But like I always say, it is what it is right now. I would also like to take time to address the fact that even if the facts prove to be a contrary to what the media mentioned, it does not erase the fact that racism is still alive and kicking in this country. It also does not erase the fact that generalizations being made from different races reveal the ugly side of human nature in terms of the concept of race. Sometimes I wanted to take a break from hearing these generalizations because they make me sick physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is not a black vs. white issue, nor a liberal vs. conservative issue. It is a human issue and we must acknowledge that fact.

Racism and prejudicial issues between different races has been happening for hundreds of years, so the issue of race was never old news. Generalizations about a particular race (whether a person was black, white, Latino or Asian) was never old news. Even on Hubpages and on Yahoo, I saw a quite a few comments that basically justified Trayvon Martin being killed because he was a "pot smoking thug" and that he was not as wholesome as "some people might have thought". I want to ask people who might have that kind of mindset: Were you wholesome when you were 17 years old? Did you go through a rebellious stage when you were a teenager? Really think about it. Like I always say, before you judge someone, make sure your own backyard is clean. As human beings, we all sin and we all make mistakes, so why should a person judge? What I also want my readers to also think about is even if Trayvon was a "troubled teenager", how would you feel if you have a child (no matter what race they were) and they were also "troubled"? And then they were suddenly murdered? As a parent of that child, you certainly would not be happy if someone were to come out their mouth and say, "He or she deserved to die anyway!" To me, this justification is sickening because regardless of whether a person was troubled, he or she does not deserve to die. Have people truly lost their compassion for human life these days?

I also wanted to address the notion that African Americans abuse themselves in terms of killing each other, selling drugs, the whole light-skin vs. dark skin issue, children growing up in broken homes and also having prejudical attitudes. Part of the whole racism problem is that the African American community has their own issues. It is an issue amongst the African American community as a whole and we have to acknowledge them in order to truly unite due to our cultural similarities and experiences. We have to stop denying these issues. Think about it. If we truly love each other, why would we continue to put ourselves and others down? Why would you sell drugs, knowing full well that it causes physical, mental and emotional damage to him or her and their loved one? Why must you kill another person because they wore a certain color? Why you are not taking care of your child? Why are you judging and stereotyping another person because they are either light or dark-skinned? I am fully aware that some of these issues is because of post-slavery syndrome that was systematically set to tear us apart. I will elaborate more on another hub soon, but in order to unite, we really need to look deep into ourselves.

The Trayvon Martin case has brought a lot of media attention, as well as racial issues and tensions that was brewing for hundreds of years. Ladies and gentlemen, racism still exists to this day and this is not just something that suddenly popped up out of nowhere. Like I have mentioned in my previous hub, The Race Issue: From My View, we have to acknowledge these issues in order to be a united front as members of the human race.


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