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George Zimmerman: Did he violate his cousin or is she an opportunist?

Updated on September 8, 2012

How is this relevant to the 2nd degree murder case?

For the past several weeks, I assumed that George Zimmerman’s former girlfriend was Witness 9. When the FBI report was released, I couldn’t reconcile comments Zimmerman’s former girlfriend made with the statements made by Witness 9 in the police report. Now it all makes sense. Does it really impact the case at hand?

Every since the death of Trayvon Martin came to light, the deceased has been maligned as a drug addict, a gang member, and his father has been demonized as being a freemason. Incidentally, the Masons are a very large organization that includes many professional men. Those who demonized Trayvon Martin basically said he deserved to die.

Supporters of George Zimmerman accepted his statements as the truth and nothing but the truth. Even when the story varied, Zimmerman received financial and emotional support. This is a statement of fact... not to say that it is right or wrong. The point is that they are both human. Humans are not perfect.

Now that Witness 9 has been revealed as George Zimmerman’s first cousin, she is called a liar and a gold digger. Maybe! However, there should be verification of the family meet with George where he said he was sorry and left the restaurant. There should be verification of the follow up conversation with his parents. Does O’Mara really want to go there?

What does this have to do with the case?

Possibly veracity and character will be at issue during the trial. On the one hand, it would be good for George if she is lying. On the other hand, if he molested her, she should not be castigated.

As time goes on, the truth will be revealed. I hope the minutiae will be separated from the truth. Tell the truth! Shame the devil!

George Zimmerman: Did he violate his cousin or is she an opportunist?

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