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Germany to increase spending on its army

Updated on February 22, 2017
Emblem of German armed forces
Emblem of German armed forces | Source
Vice - President Mike Pence
Vice - President Mike Pence | Source
German Chancellor Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel | Source

Since the end of the second world war it is understandable if Germany has held back from getting involved in any military adventures. The Nazi period of Germany still looms large when it comes to Germany and its military but this has not stopped the country getting involved in wars to help its Allies.

For example in the war against Serbia back in the 90's Luftwaffe and Royal Air force fighters flew together to attack Serbian targets and recently as part of the stabilization in Mali. Germany sent police to instruct and train the Afghan police force and also was engaged in some action alongside British and American troops fighting the Taliban.

Since the Trump administration took over the White House Trump declared NATO was out of date and said if America was to continue being the lead nation in NATO he expected NATO nations to spend 2% of their GDP on defence. Mike Pence Vice - President said if this did not happen America's patience waiting for other NATO nations to step up to the plate was not infinite.

When Mrs May met Trump she brought home news that despite criticisms of NATO Trump was still committed to NATO as Mike Pence outlined to Angela Merkel in a recent meeting in Germany.

To answer this call to arms as it were Germany is going to grow its army in answer to the challenge from the White House and in agreement with a meeting in Wales that NATO nations should spend more and not keep relying on America to do the heavy lifting.

Germany is increasing its army to 5000 more troops with an extra 500 reserves and 1,000 civilian posts. Germany hopes its army will increase to 198,000 by 2024 and of course it will not just be the army but the navy and air force too one would imagine.

Ursula Von Der Leyen the German Defence Minister announced the above information and the statement by Von Der Leyen is published on the Bundeswehr website the website for the German military.

On the website the stabilization of Mali, troop deployments to Eastern Europe to meet a growing Russian threat and IS are threats identified by Von Der Leyen. The statement continues that Germany in line with these threats and future threats must increase its military.

To some the spectre of Germany increasing its military will be scary but why should it be? Merkel is not Hitler and Germany is a committed NATO member and is the most powerful nation in the EU so why should not Germany deploy its armed forces more and increase them to help its Allies against common threats.

Strength of Germany Military (figures supplied by www.GlobalFirepower)

These are figures for the total strength of the Germany Army, Navy and Air Force as follows:

Tanks 408

Armoured Fighting Vehicles 5,869

Self Propelled Guns 154

Towed Artillery 0

Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) 50

Air Force

Total Aircraft 676

Fighter/Interceptors 169

Fixed Winged Aircraft 345

Trainer Aircraft 51

Helicopters 399

Attack Helicopters 44


Total Strength 81

Aircraft Carrier 0

Frigates 10

Destroyers 0

Corvettes 5

Subs 5

Mine Warfare 4

Coastal Defence Craft 15


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    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      23 months ago from Blackpool


    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      23 months ago from Auburn, WA

      I saw this as well and very happy to hear. Germany is now the central power in Europe. It must lead the way in balancing Russian influence and leave the shackles of WWII behind.

      Good work, Nick. Thx.


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