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Time for a New United States

Updated on November 12, 2016

End This Now

With the upset of the presidential election, it has sparked many people to riot, damage property, and make racists statements. That all takes from what is important. The electoral vote was cast, Donald Trump is our president. Yet, there are so many other things wrong with our society than who won or lost an election.

Our system isn't working as a whole.

It is not the president's fault we are failing. It is our own faults for allowing the greed and corruption to continue. We sit back as a society and allow people to take advantage of us while we suffer the most. We hold one person accountable for the society as a whole. It is unjust the things that have been done against us, and we should stand up for justice for all, not against one.

There are problems in almost every aspect of our country.

  • We treat our veterans like crap
  • We keep our children poorly educated
  • Our healthcare system is completely corrupted
  • Our justice system is failing us
  • Prison system is horrible.
  • Police system is not perfect
  • Banking system not good
  • False reporting in our media
  • Gender Inequality
  • Corrupt Government

Just to name a few of the broken issues.

Mockery of the Media

It is the old way to bash your opponent into the ground with false adds hoping people will believe it. Why can't we have a political campaign where neither candidate is concerned with negative ads against the other? I, for one, am tired of seeing the garbage spewed onto the cable programs during the months leading up to the Election.

So much that matters gets lost.

We sit around like sheep picking apart our candidates only to have rage towards the candidate who wins. There is more wrong with our society than a white man winning the election. Our country has greed at the base of the problems. People are granted the opportunity to make back end deals hidden from everyone as they vote on or create bills. Meanwhile, us, as a United States, suffer.

The media promotes whatever it wants without the need to be honest. They can destroy a person's character and never have to apologize or be upheld to a higher standard. We tune in like lambs receiving the false food and are never shown the truth.

Why not push for honesty regulations in the press! Freedom of Press can still be upheld while demanding they uphold honest reporting. No stories or entertainment is allowed where the news is in place. Yet, we have nothing that governs these individual parties from lying or false reporting.

It is a shame.


Does change need to happen?

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Let Freedom Ring

It has been proven, we are not without failures. Our forefathers understood what power could do to a country or individual. That is why they came here in the first place. We should have a checks in balances over every governing party. The police, banking, business, education, government, healthcare, and more should not be without the checks and balances to ensure corruption says out as best we can.

Our education system was created to make "us" (the citizens) better workers. Workers, which means, we are not being educated to take control over anything. We are barely being taught how to apply simple mathematics to our lives. Let alone, understand what a good education could do for us as a whole.

Our government is full of people who hand shake to fatten their family's wealth. It is not done to help us as a whole. A system should be implemented to help us stay better informed with what is being voted on. The current system allows for the few to have too much power.

Judicial system - let us not even begin to speak on the problems with the judicial system. Private prisons, life for prisoners who make three mistakes, the list continues on. There needs to be a call to justice. An innocent person should not have to sit incarcerated while the judges decide if hearing the case will cost them an election or not. Such a shame.

Police system - it is bad. The police in some areas have been beyond amazing. They save us when we need them. They keep our families protected. But, in some cases, individuals do over step their lines and many lives have been lost at this. Every death should be public. It should not be a race thing. It should be public. And, a "real" investigation should be done to find out if the death was necessary. I should not fear for my life, nor anyone else. Yet, I should know if I break the law, the police will come calling for me.

The banking system needs to be reviewed. How is it possible to fine people who have no money, yet, allow for FREE banking to people who have lots of accounts? This is so backwards. You charge the people with limited funds because their bank accounts are over drafted, and let the people will lots of money reside in your banks without fees. No, what should happen is the fees should apply to those with multiple accounts. And, people should be allowed to only spend what they have in their accounts. Stop putting the weak down. Start building us up. The banks need to be better worked to allow for the people at the bottom to have the ability to go without being over feed.

Student Loans - lets just say this isn't working. Telling someone who is 18 they have the power to take out limitless loans to receive cash money is a failure and corruption in the highest form. Why are we given cash money to these people who just crossed over into the world of adulthood. We don't even allow them to drink because we don't think they can be responsible enough. Yet, we can offer them unlimited access to funds and force them to pay it back for the rest of their lives. Nope, this doesn't work. And, it is a shame it was able to be passed without future consideration to what would happen to the lives of those individuals once they left or graduated college.

The right to employment. It is our right to work for whichever company we choose. Yet, nothing protects us workers from the "bad" employer. Sure, we can attempt to sue; but, that cost money. Where is the justice in allowing us to speak out against a bad employer, while not having to worry about losing our income? How is it that an employer can bring us into their place of business and treat us like cattle? More should be done to empower the worker, not the employer.

And the list continues.

Forgiveness for prisoners

In no other realm, do we hold a person to their mistakes. We offer forgiveness to the bullies who treat us terribly throughout our grade school years. We give forgiveness in most religions. And yet, to our citizens who make mistakes, we offer them no forgiveness. We toss them into prison, give them no hope of getting a good job upon their release, we take all their rights; and then, we remind them upon their release of just how low we think about them.

Why not change this?

Aside from those who commit the unthinkable against women, children, and murder, there should be a closed records system. Just because you are arrested does not mean it should be blasted across the internet. And, just because you are found guilty of a crime, you should not spend the rest of your life judged as if you were a murderer or child molester because you make a mistake.

We should offer a peace of mind for those who find themselves in our court system. If a person does their time and gets out, they should have their rights resorted. They should be able to vote. They should have access to protect themselves by the 2nd amendment (so long as they follow the laws of the land with regards to owning a fire arm). They should not have to tell an employer they have been arrested, nor should an employer be able to do a quick google search and find out personal information.

We, as a public, are doing these men and women injustices. We are snatching them from their lives, and forever, punishing them based off some skewed view of what is really happening. Just because a person went to prison, does not mean they want to continue to be a delinquent. We should allow them the chance to redeem themselves. We should not be so quick to condemn. And, quiet frankly, it is not of our damn business what a person has done in their lifetime.

In that same light, I do not believe the same is to be said for sexual predators, rapists, or murderers. These violent offenders should never be able to be completely free, at their own expense. A monitoring system should be placed on them for the rest of their lives, never to be able to go anywhere without being monitored.

There are exceptions to each, we can vote on what is necessary and what is not in keeping the public safe.

Employment fairness

We live in the land where we are free to start a business as we desire. Our government does not restrict us to much when we being the journey into owning our own business. They have rules against particular industries. And, some licenses are required for certain fields.

We get all that. But, what about the workers?

Nothing protects us from the insanity of a bad owner. Hey, just because you had the funds or luck in starting a business does not mean you have the birth right to mistreat other humans. I do believe more focus should be given on the workers. A person who dedicates their time to work for a company should be extended particular respects.

For example:

  • Insurance - dental, health, eye, & life should be offered to each employee after a 2 week test. No more 90 day BS. It should be mandated that an employer who staffs any number of employees (legally) for any number of hours offers full benefits. If you cannot afford to cover these benefits, a percentage of earnings should be allocated to the employee during their time to help them cover their expenses in regards to healthcare.
  • Two week notice from Employers - It has long been unbalanced that an employee must give an employer two weeks before exiting or else punishments of loss of PTO or other benefits are taken from the employee. It should be necessary for the employer to allow the employee the opportunity to find work for two weeks before being let go. Even if the employer deems the employee a danger to their business, then 2 weeks of pay must be allocated to the employee at the time of letting them go. Gone are the days where owners let people go just because they don't like them.
  • No more salaried workers being taken advantage of. It is well known if your business hires a person and offers them a salary, the employee can expect to work around 60+ hours per week. No more. Salary/hourly is all the same. And, should not exist where there is a difference. Hourly and Salaried workers working over 40 hours for a company are deserving of being compensated time and a half. Period.
  • More rights to employees over bad employers. There should be more affordable places for employees to turn to whistle blow on bad employers. An employee should not have to find the funds to hire an attorney for an employer who is barely legal. It should be somewhere they can go when they feel discriminated against or wronged in any way without the risk of losing their job.
  • More care should be granted to workers who have families. A pregnancy should not just be something a woman gets paid time off. But, rather both parties get to have paid time off to care for the needs of their new addition. It should not be a crime to bring your infant into work if possible (example: an office job). Employers of 50 or more employees should have to offer an onsite child care for parents needing after-school care of their children. Local teenagers could help with the care of these children while a license professional is on staff for the employer.
  • No employer shall charge their employee for uniforms. It should be illegal for an employer to sell uniforms through their business. If they have a recommended uniform, there should be a place for the employee to purchase this themselves. And, assistance should be granted to the new employee for purchasing the uniforms. However, having an employer sale directly allows for the employer to make money off their employee - which should be illegal.
  • PTO - no matter if the employee is part-time or full-time, PTO should be granted based off their hours worked. An employer should not pay a part-time employee for a full day, when they never work more than 4 hours. Yet, a person who works for a company should not be punished for the businesses decision to close in for a holiday without paying all workers for what would be a normal day for them. And, this should start after 2 weeks - not 90 days. 3 months is insane for an employee to wait for benefits. Meanwhile, employers get to take full advantage of this in the hiring of temporary employees and the new employees coming on board during the holiday season.
  • More should be offered to an employee who stays with a company for years. It should not just be that they spent their life making money for their owner(s). They should be rewarded for the overall percentage of earnings they helped out in. A review of the earnings that took place over the amount of time an employee was with the company, plus the percentage of work they contributed should be granted in a final retirement payout for the employee. No more employees working themselves into the ground for companies and being given just a cake upon retirement.
  • Transparent wages - every company should have to report their wages paid out to their staff from the executives to the lowest employee. And, before a person is hired, they should be given this list. This way there are no discrimination in wages based off gender or race.
  • A place to voice opinions - there should be a quality monitored site for employees to truthfully warn others about bad employers. Currently, there are only a few places; but these places require you to list your name. There should be a way to stop bad employers from negatively affecting future applicants. Time could better served searching for a work place that is a health and positive environment for the job seeker.


Why don't we start with what is broken in our system rather than fighting over the belief of our current president to be a racist?

There are so many things we need to actively seek changes for in our country than this non-sense. An innocent person sits rotting away in prison with DNA evidence to prove their innocence; yet, our laws do not allow for them a speedy release. There are children who are being born into the world based off the check the mother will receive and not out of love. We offer no forgiveness to our youth who make mistakes in life. We have become a society that is lazy. We have issues with our current food situation and nothing is being done to correct the corruption. We have lawyers and police officers who answer to no one and do what they please with our citizens. There are children receiving the lowest education because we fail to adopt changes to the current system. We agree to feed our prisoners poor quality food diets when they are capable of being sufficient because of back end deals made between corrupt politicians and business owners.

it is our responsibility to be the change we want to see. Why not start with what is currently wrong within each of us and work out way into the system that has been broken for so long? No one else can do this for us. It is up to us as citizens to stand up for what is right in our world and fight to make what is not right whole again. We owe this to our forefathers who saw a land free of over policy and corruption. They wanted a world better than what was being demanded of them in their old country. Lives have been lost to our freedoms and liberties. It is only right we stand up for them. And, stop letting them slowly be taken from us.


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    • Kay-ce L Adams profile imageAUTHOR

      Kay-ce Eagan 

      2 years ago from Florida

      Thank you! I definitely think we need to remember what is important when it comes to these elections!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Please post this gain before the next election, if there is one. It might still be relevant. Your points are all well-taken.


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