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Get Rid of Money in Elections

Updated on April 12, 2015

Can We Have A Democracy?

I would like to suggest three things to help us become a democracy in the United States of America. These are the three points I would like to discuss in this blog:

  1. Get rid of the electoral College
  2. Make it illegal to have lobbyists anywhere close to our elected officials
  3. Get rid of campaigns and the process we now use to elect our officials.


The first point is why do we have an electoral college? Currently there is a movement going on called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact or the NPVIC(1). In the article it says “Public opinion surveys suggest that a majority of Americans support the idea of a popular vote for President. A 2007 poll found that 72% favored replacing the Electoral College with a direct election, including 78% of Democrats, 60% of Republicans, and 73% of independent voters.”

Lobbyists Are In Charge Now - Let's Change It!

The second point is Lobbyists heavily influence what is going on with our elected officials. There are currently five lobbyists in Washington DC for every member of congress. Why do we allow lobbyists to be anywhere near people who service in congress? In 1998 there were almost 13,000 official lobbyists in the capital, and thousands more unregistered. On key issues lobbyists are a plague. The healthcare industry alone employs six lobbyists for every elected politician.(2). In this article it says “Lobbyists, permanent campaigning and a deadlocked elite are turning American voters off”.


Dollars for Votes!

And the third point is the way campaigns are ran, there is no chance for many of the best people to become our representatives if they are not rich or backed by the rich. Why do we allow people running for public office to buy their own advertising and set up their own campaigns? Why do we allow people to use their dollars for unfair presentations and to buy votes?

Solution IN Front of Our Face...

It seems to me if we used our taxes to set up background checks, debates and informational letters for anyone running that should be enough. Get rid of all campaigns. Inform the public on who is running and arrange debates and leave money out of politics. Do not allow those with riches to control and take over the proceedings. I do not think it is in our best interest to allow rampant spending and purchasing of who runs for the offices that are supposed to represent the people in our government! The rich folks think this is a form of free enterprise. I don’t buy it. It is a form of control over others. It should not be allowed.


Time For Change?

It is pretty evident if we look at our history that the constitution was set up by rich white men for rich white men. We can change this and obtain a true democracy if enough of us get together and insist on it. Do you believe that? Do you think that is possible? If you don’t think that is possible then we have gone too far down the road of defeat and will never have a government by the people , of the people and for the people.

Right now it is slanted way too far towards a government of the rich, for the rich and by the rich and powerful. Bill Clinton put the government out of business and actually said the government is in the business to be out of business. Hillary will be no different. I have registered as a democrat and a republican in my life and all times it was because I thought the best person was running under those tickets. The facts are money sways elections.

How can we get these things to happen? It would seem we would have to do it by force and not by vote as the powers to be DO NOT WANT that to happen. Is there another way? I don’t know but it seems like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are trying to make that happen from within. Could that be the way? Elizabeth has said she will not run for office of President. In the past Ralph Nader ran for president and didn’t get very far because of money and powerful people stopping it from happening. People in droves are not voting and not taking part in the current system because it is rigged for the rich. This has got to change.

Is it time for a change now? Are we too late to have a true democracy in America? Please let me know your comments and see if we can’t get this movement to grow.



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