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Get Yourself Moving to Shake off Mind-Control

Updated on October 3, 2010

Shaking the "Mind-Control Blues"

       Most of the pain we experience with electronic harassment is in how our minds are pushed to interpret minor physical irritation as if it were the end of the world.  If you didn't sleep with music on, these jerks have had all night to train your mind to have a terrible day  when you awake.  You need to "jump the groove" before you even start your day.

     Usually, caffeine/Zoloft and a small dose of Clonopin is taken to "shift" your mind to a more positive perspective.  Once you get there, hold ON to that mindset, sing a song in your head, think of things that make you laugh.  Stay positive because of stuff you do, not the waves these suckers send (on record, the only "reward vibes" are for thinking of yourself as a girl if your a man........they hurt women too with straight-up torture).

     Anyhow, we must get our brains focused on a task that has nothing to do with the agenda of this group.  Play a video game until you get your spirit up.  Believe it or not studying something will get your mind off their distractions/mental lies/physical irritation.  Focusing energy teaches the mind to think what it wants to, not what somone else wants you to think.  Working out really helps........the harassment is more concentrated in the home than anyplace else (except these real funny-looking towers, hmmmmmmm).Heck, the bad thoughts they give you about others when you think about them gives us a quick way out - focus not on them or even yourself, focus on GETTING SOMETHING DONE.  Pretty soon, you'll feel your mind has "broken the blues" of psychological harassment.  

     So many people support this system?  Why?  Because their minds weren't all that strong and they got SUCKED IN TO this mode of thinking.  And that's what will happen to you if you don't practice flexing your mental-muscles on a regular basis for lengthy time periods.  ANY psychoactive chemical will ruin their expectations about the functioning of your brainwaves. Thus they'll have a harder time finding a specific set of stressors/electronic frequency combination that will "Drive you nuts".  There's no trying to become part of them, you become part of them by getting your connection to reality severed(socially-engineered psychosis).   Some medicines/herbs really SHUT THIS OUT (Abilify, Clonopin, Zoloft, Kratom).  You cannot be tortured by small things if your mind is OUT OF TUNE WITH THEM. 

      This crap was going to happen eventually.  Without some sort of population-control, the Earth would eventually die.  My question is THIS:  Is it WORTH IT to live in a world without mental freedom, even if it does help the planet?  Not for you and me, but for the bigwigs at the top - it not only saves their asses, it is ABSOLUTE POWER (ALMOST).  Whoever it is who did this to us literally OWNS people..........except us:  the few, the tenacious, the SURVIVORS.

     Hold onto that mind of yours.  Not only is giving in to "the flow" going to make your brain to become absolutely dependant on being told what to think, this could easily be a means to GENOCIDE.  They almost convinced me to die with their "fake near death experiences".  I bet someone under their control could be as easily killed as pushing a button.  Remember they cannot PHYSICALLY HURT YOU, THEY KILL/DRIVE PEOPLE NUTS/MAKE NEW MEMBERS WITH ILLUSIONS - REALLY BAD ONES. 

     So, to all of you who are part of this machine might want to consider learning how to do things on your own and NOT in line with what you are being told to think.  If they pulled the plug on this "matrix of electronically-guided human beings"........they would all be very confused to say the least.  Dependance varies, I've seen some people so zombified that someone is working their muscles FOR them.  I've had them try to get me to do/feel things I didn't want to.  They can stimulate muscles to contract just like a current is being run directly through it.  No way is someone like that going to survive a "Grid Shutdown". 

      So, to those of us who REMAIN, you've got something to feel VERY GOOD ABOUT.  Your still ACTUALLY ALIVE and you won't fall down like a limp rag-doll when the people in charge decide to reduce the population!  Belief in God is extremely important because undoubtedly people you know and love are all "IN folks".  I use straight-up denial that anything is wrong (but covering my mind when I feel funny)  If you Believe, it protects you from if we have a "Planned Armaggedon", you might want to be on the winning team!


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    • Hammerj profile image

      Hammerj 7 years ago from Cebu City

      Yes it is very true especially when you are electrified..