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Get off the Cell Phone ! ! !

Updated on August 9, 2011
Cell phones go public but should you talk on one in public?
Cell phones go public but should you talk on one in public?

How to properly use cell phone in public.

Mobile phones have become as important to people as the wrist watch once was. Unfortunately, it has become as big of a nuisance as has litter in the streets. The problem comes with the fact that when a person is on the phone they get as comfortable with their conversation as if they were at home. This then interrupts all around them as their voice volume increases and people nearby can no longer concentrate on their conversations, the book or newspaper they are reading and are thus forced to witness whatever dialog is being discussed on the phone.

Here are some rules of etiquette to use so as to have the respect of people around you and most importantly keep your self respect.

  1. When on public transportation or within arms length distance of people, limit your phone use to emergency calls. Most mobiles come with caller id and voice mail. If you did not have a mobile phone, persons would have to call you on your home phone and leave a message. This is still quite appropriate. If the caller also has a mobile phone and texting service as most mobile users do, then send them a quick text stating you are not able to take their call but will call them back at a more appropriate time.
  2. When at the movies, visiting a friend or at dinner or social events, unless you are expecting an urgent call from your broker or doctor silence your ringer or put it on vibrate. Even when with friends it is RUDE to take a call. In the event that it is an emergency call, either say “excuse me please I must take this emergency call,” and then step away to a private area and take your call, or ask permission, “do you mind if I take this call”.
  3. Texting rules are the same as phone call rules. Texting while driving should never be done. It is rude to sit and converse with someone and respond to a text from someone else. It’s telling the person(s) you are with, you’re not important to me. There are occasions where a quick response is needed to a text so ask permission first, “Do you mind if I quickly respond to this text?” Respond then put it away. Don’t start an ongoing dialog.
  4. Standing in line waiting is not a good time to start a verbal conversation with anyone. This is an opportunity to text so as not to disturb people around you.

Phone conversations are a private thing and should remain so. Just because we now have the ability to have these conversations wherever we can pick up a signal does not mean that we should do so. We are humans first and we should always strive to show love and respect to those we know and even to the total strangers that we share this planet with.


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