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Getting Informed or Duped? : A Satirical Essay

Updated on June 12, 2018
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Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Believing the Mainstream News Is One of the Cheapest Ways to Deceive Ourselves into Knowing Something
Believing the Mainstream News Is One of the Cheapest Ways to Deceive Ourselves into Knowing Something

This Crazy Business Called Journalism

From today's news: "A man is in a critical condition after being run over by bulldozer at a construction site".

From yesterday's news: "A five year old girl got bitten by police dog during a house raid."

Is it only me, or anybody else can see how idiotic the both news are? For, what are we supposed to do after learning about those two unfortunate incidents? And, if it doesn't benefit us in any way, could it at least be called "entertaining"?

Take this latest political news: "President Trump meets face to face with the North Korean leader". Really?! Oh, now I can sleep at peace feeling much safer. I will never understand why we have to know these superficial marvels of journalistic crap about every little step our leaders make while just doing their job.

Does it serve us for just in case if we would think that they are spending some pleasant time in a Hawaiian resort? "Prime Minister Trudeau is in India discussing the economic matters to benefit both countries". Do we also have to know how many times a day he is using a restroom?

And "Pope Francis is urging the world to work more on harmony and compassion". NOW I can rest assured that the world will surely get busy heeding the Pontiff, and there will be some rejoicing with peace festivities on Israeli-Palestine border.

Sorry, you news enthusiasts, but mainstream media is the craziest business invented by humans, with only gambling enjoying the first place.

There Is an Old Culture in Those Places Which We Tend to Call Names---Much Older Than Ours
There Is an Old Culture in Those Places Which We Tend to Call Names---Much Older Than Ours

Pick Yourself a Boogieman

It's needless to mention how Russia is viewed as a major boogieman, especially after its role---completely misinterpreted---in Crimea. After some people got killed in that conflict, how convenient is it for everyone to forget Trump's comment to that killing: "Well, we have killed quite some people too."

While every sane person knows that everybody is spying on everybody else in this global 007 soap opera, even friends like USA and Israel doing it to each other---it's the media's job to pick a target of hate and inspire that hate in us.

In a recent interview, during his paranoid pushing against Iranian nuclear program, Israeli Prime Minister was asked by a bold interviewer: "As we are talking about secret nuclear capacities---do you posses nuclear weapons? Because, if the world should know about Iranian nuclear potential, isn't it fair that you make yours known too?"

The Prime Minister coldly replied: "That information you won't get from me". Instead he continued talking about Iran as "the biggest threat to the Middle East peace". Ironically, there are many Americans believing it---while forgetting some facts, like: the last time Iran was in an aggressive war against another country was way back in the first half of the 18th century. Israel, on the other hand, has been at some 15 military actions since 1947---not all of them to be called of a strictly "defensive" nature.

So much about "real threats" in that region, but we gladly listen to the news media, because facts are "only" facts, and their interpretations are "everything".

Now, why do I get these feelings that every time somebody may even hint about Israeli government not doing a right thing, they are bound to be called "anti-Semitic"?

Well, as a political cynic, I certainly don't give a rat's ass who is attacking whom and why---I am simply stating that we are all constantly being duped by the news media into believing in one boogieman or another.

After Reading a Huge Volume of Press News---We Know About This World Just as Much as We Knew Before Reading It.
After Reading a Huge Volume of Press News---We Know About This World Just as Much as We Knew Before Reading It.

There Is Nothing to Know There

Imagine if reporters had to follow the courtroom procedure of swearing on the Bible to say "truth and nothing but the truth---so help them God". They would still be telling us a crapload of superficial details which, even if factually true, wouldn't tell the complete story.

We simply don't have an access to that "complete story". If you read about Trump meeting the Chinese president, what can you tell from the photo of two of them shaking hands and saying a cosmetic "cheese" into the camera?

Does that cordial meeting mean that these two countries will stop throwing some low economic punches at each other? Or the notorious arms race will suddenly come to a standstill because they patted each other on the back?

Now, does all this mean my genuine worry and concern, or even a reason for getting pissed off?

Not one bit. If I had the ability to convert my current mood into a verbal expression, you would be reading a hilarious story about a planet's most intelligent species allowing themselves in this 21st century to be duped by myth-producers of all kinds.

But I just don't know how to present it all as crazy enough to put a grin on your face. Maybe it's not even polite of me to remind anyone how we are collectively and individually wasting our mental energy on things which are beyond our understanding and our control.

For, if I could ask an average political enthusiast---that's what I call news media disciples---to make a list of those urgent steps needed badly in their lives, they might take the question as an insult.

Namely, so many of those politically minded patriotic heroes happen to be overweight, irritable, unhappy with job, in marriage, and in competition with friends---and they are dumping it all onto the political stadium, of which they may only know superficial fragments.

They seem to know so much, while pecking on antacids, statins, tranquilizers, or gulping down laxatives to ease "being full of it". Between watching the news and a six pack of beer it's hard to tell what's helping them more to forget their unattended issues.

No Matter Where on This Planet---Ordinary and Happy People Are to Be Found
No Matter Where on This Planet---Ordinary and Happy People Are to Be Found

A Partial Picture We Are Given

Somehow it also helps people in their social life. "Hey, did you hear about this plane crash in the Amazon jungle? All 300 plus passengers got killed. I wonder what was their last thought before the plane hit the ground".

That's basically some folks' idea of a stress management. We can't wait for someone close to us to die, so we have to rehearse that grieving on some total strangers' mishaps.

And we can't just be happy with our husbands not cheating on us, but we have to put ourselves in the shoes of that poor betrayed woman. Then we call it "compassion".

Compassion is nice and fine when we feel it for people of our lives---not when we search the globe for every poor soul with whom we could sympathize. Like, how does it help our emotional equilibrium to read about 45,000 people committing suicide in America each year? Should we collectively mourn them in the name of a good heart?

Or, how is that helping our national pride to know that every two and half seconds there is an arrest made in this same prosperous USA?

It's almost like we could subscribe to one of those conspiracy theories questioning "who wants us duped, dumb, undernourished, poisoned, scared shitless---so that we are easier to manipulate."

But, don't take me wrong, I am not blaming manipulators, but the manipulated. If someone tried to sell manure in a grocery store, we would call cops to kick them out---but then it doesn't bother us to keep feeding our brains with crap in this spiritual suicide by installments.

Above all, mainstream media are giving us such a one-sided, perverted image of the world we live in. Within those 7 billion people, the most of them are living a normal life without a chance that in their entire lifetime a news camera will be rolling a story about them.

We don't hear about all those aspects of cultural exchanges between those "politically unfriendly" countries; about sports events, business transactions, scientific cooperation and research.

Like those proverbial blind men describing an elephant, we listen to different interpretations of different news agencies, without a reliable, but a horribly distorted picture of this world.

Then we call ourselves "well informed".

So, how about fixing that bike and taking a ride in nature instead? How about shedding some of that visceral fat? How about...well, living?


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