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Getting Rid Of ISIS.

Updated on October 4, 2014

It shouldn't take U.S. and allies too long.

ISIS is DEAD MEAT; for crying out loud. If the West really wants to stop it and its atrocities, it (West) can do so within 24 hours. So, what is the U.S. and its allies waiting for?

ISIS' Caliphate has not materialized as yet. The organization was currently carving out a "niche" for itself, and that showed it (ISIS) was still an "idea" in transformation, based on its theology. It was not a State as yet, but a self-proclaimed entity that has no recognizable, national boundaries.

In other words, it (ISIS) was not a country as yet, and/or was it accepted internationally in any manner, shape or form.

If so, then ISIS was illegal, and therefore has no place in world affairs, directly or indirectly; and for that matter, the United Nations Organization, which had so many notable nations as its members, should depict ISIS only as a terrorists, morbid group, out to cause mayhem and disturb world peace, which was what it was known for, in the beheading of journalists, students, women, children, etc. in the Middle East and elsewhere.

In view of that, it should therefore be charged with crimes against humanity forthwith; and a solid strategy be prepared to dissolve it, through resolutions passed in the U. N. Security Council by the U.S. and its allies, instead of allowing it (ISIS) to run rampant, and causing atrocious acts all over the place.

The leaders of the group would be notified of the U. N. final decisions, and that would fully take "the wind out of its (ISIS') sail", It was rather out of control, with no defined policy by the U.N. to ostracize it (ISIS) exclusively, and to declare the leadership as unlawful under a "Persona non Grata" status.

The U.S. Coalition was simply engaged in air strikes in Iraq and Syria, which seemed ineffective or unworkable, to say the least, due to the confusion in that area, where a civil war was still in progress. If the Coalition planes bombed ISIS' strongholds, they would be helping Assad of Syria, who was fighting the Free Syrian Army, and also at the same time, fighting ISIS.

The situation there was so confusing in that respect, and only military experts could tell of any progress that the Coalition was making.

As such, it (situation) would confirm President Barack Obama's assertion of the Coalition campaign taking very long; but why should it be so, if a tangible plan, involving the U.S. military and allied forces could be worked out to get rid of ISIS overnight.

24 hours will be all it takes.



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