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Getting Thrown Off Airlines, Some Ask For It, Some Don't Deserve it

Updated on May 8, 2017

Getting Thrown Off Airlines, Some Ask For It, Some Don't Deserve it

When I travel, and I travel a lot over the course of a year. As tedious as it is to gain access to the airline you be using to facilitate your travels. I often see people that draw undue attention to themselves by

*The type of clothing he or she is wearing, whether there is a dress code

*Whether he or she is under the influence of something

*Their overall behavior, where he or she doesn't have any respect for anybody,

* Travelers who do not adhere to the rules and regs of the airlines

Since I have outlined the things I have seen that contribute to those travelers being possibly thrown off an airline. Think about the past occurrences that have received news attention at best.

I have heard airlines over the intercom ask for customers to voluntarily give up his or her seat when a flight is overbooked on an airline. They generally announce the amount of money they will give, if that traveler is willing to give up their seat.

Now, if a traveler is not willing to give up his or her seat, obviously it is not logically and fair for that airline to drag that traveler out of his or her seat. I look forward to an airline offering me money and incentives to release my seat.

However, due to the recent United Airlines events, where a passenger was dragged off the airplane for not releasing his seat. The event drew worldwide attention, now I doubt if airlines will be over booking their flights in the future.

Now, I have seen passengers on airlines been asked to leave just due to their behavior or their blatant dis regard for the airlines rules or regulations.

I would gather to say, that as long as a traveler respects the airlines rules, and do not display irrational behavior, it is safe to say that he or she will be allowed to reach their destination. However, if you are asked to surrender your seat and are you going to be compensated for it.

I personally, would take the compensation the airline is willing to provide, as long as it is fair and it is compensating you for the time and inconvenience pertinent to the relinquishing of your seat will cause due to their request at best.

So, the next time you travel, think about when a person is thrown off an airline, whether it was justified during that time.



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