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Ghost of Hitler seen

Updated on February 14, 2017
Image of Hitler
Image of Hitler | Source
Braunau:  Birth place of Adolf Hitler
Braunau: Birth place of Adolf Hitler | Source

Strange things have been happening in the town of Braunau am Inn where Adolf Hitler was born in 1889. A man looking like one of the most evil men in history has been appearing around the town of Braunau giving local residents quite a shock.

Hitler has been seen browsing books in bookshops and standing outside the house where the Fuhrer was born and even went into a local bar. However it would seem this Hitler is not a resurrected Fuhrer or even a ghost but has in fact given his name to patrons in the bar as Harald Hitler.

Harald Hitler (if that is his name) appears complete with uniform, trademark moustache and haircut and police think this person is at least in his twenties. It is an offence as it is in Germany to dress up as Hitler or do anything remotely connected to the WWII leader such as doing a Nazi salute or shouting "Zieg Heil".

Austrian authorities have launched an investigation into this Hitler look alike and who could he be one wonders? There are still Hitlers around in Austria and in the US but it is unlikely they would go under that surname given the connotations to it but could it be a member of the family doing the impersonating? Could it be some far right nut job thinking he is the Fuhrer or it could be some one out for jollies for a laugh just to spook people! What this person gets out of dressing up as old Adolf is best known to them.

Adolf Hitler's house where he was born in Braunau has been rented by the government of Austria since 1972 but now the government itself is thinking of buying the 3 storey house.

UPDATE: Austrian police have arrested a man impersonating Hitler presumably the suspect Harald Hitler they were after.

Eva Braun Hitler's future wife posing with Hitler's Armaments Minister Albert Speer
Eva Braun Hitler's future wife posing with Hitler's Armaments Minister Albert Speer | Source

Short Bio of The Fuhrer

1) Adolf Hitler born on 20 April 1889

2) Braunau am Inn place of birth

3) Died in Berlin, Germany 1945

4) Married Eva Braun in his bunker in 1945

5) Committed suicide shortly after marriage

6) Eva and Adolf's bodies burn't with petrol by his followers

7) Rumours of the Hitlers escaping and the burn't bodies being impersonators remain to this day

8) Hitler would always watch movies as his entertainment one such one ironically enough was called 'Prelude to War'

9) Hitler was educated at Volkschule Lambach 1897 - 1898, Bundesrealgymnasium 1900 - 1904 and BRG Steyr 1904 - 1905

10) Was Chancellor of Germany from 1933 - 1945

11) Plunged the world into the most destructive war known to humankind

12) Committed atrocities on an industrial scale


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