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Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen at Liberty University

Updated on July 15, 2011

A Speech Given by Jessen at the Australian Parliment

Imagine for a moment what might happen if one of the thousands of babies aborted daily in the United States of America were able to speak back to their abortion “doctor”. Well you don’t have to imagine because Gianna Jessen is just that.

A survivor of a late term saline abortion Jessen has now come back to take on her assailants, the doctors who kill millions of unborn babies every year, with the word of God. A staunch advocate for those with no voice of their own, I had the pleasure of witnessing Jessen speak at Liberty University.

When watching Jessen you get the distinct feeling that she may have made it to heaven long enough to see the millions of aborted children sitting around the throne of God before being  returned by God to speak to us concerning her brothers and sisters. Her carefree and relaxed speaking nature draws you in to listen to a message that is direct and controversial. Despite her calm demeanor, her delivery is full of confidence and conviction and she does not take a single step back from her often incendiary views.

Today’s convocation was no different. As I watched her limp to the stage on her crippled legs, I was completely convinced that this woman whom I had seen (via YouTube) give several courageous addresses in front of pro- choice crowds, was filled with the Spirit of the Living God.  As I watched her speak I, along with the crowd of students, was captivated and entertained as she eloquently and lightheartedly shared the miracle that is her life.

Gianna’s incredible joy showed through when she began her speech with a cheerful good morning, a joke, and hearty laughter. It was not long before she got into the cruel details of how her life began, but remarkably she was able to keep the entire story cheerful and happy. 

Gianna’s mother visited Planned Parenthood at the age of seventeen, where she was counseled to end her seven month pregnancy with a saline abortion of the child inside (Gianna). She described in grizzly detail what happened to her as her mother’s womb was filled with a salt water solution which entered her tiny lungs and should have suffocated her. Miraculously she survived and instead of delivering a dead baby the next morning, as she was supposed to, her mother delivered two pound Gianna. Jessen spoke of how the protection of the Lord of Hosts was with her from the very beginning, saying “the Lord is a Warrior and he fought for me”, and that her birth certificate was signed by an abortionist: “Here this punk (speaking of her abortion doctor) is trying to take me out… and the Lord of Hosts makes him sign the birth certificate… that is the warrior heart of God... I can almost hear the Lord going “take that punk”.” She would later use this aspect of the Lord’s character to inspire the many young men in the room to be warriors and defenders of women and children.

The Second Part of the Above Speech

Following the story of her birth, she shared with us the next miracle that allowed her to live. When she came into the world the abortion doctor was not on duty. Had he been, he would have ended her life by one of several gruesome methods, including strangulation and simply throwing her away. Imagine that for a moment, a living baby, already delivered, simply thrown away. This was a wide spread practice and completely legal in the United States until President George W. Bush signed The Born Alive Infants Protection act, which made this practice illegal.

After this Jessen told us of the second most important decision that she ever made (the first being to accept Jesus into her heart), that decision? Not to be a victim. Despite the fact that she has Cerebral Palsy, she called it a gift. She spoke of her legs (which are crippled by her palsy) as her sermon “People who would not otherwise listen to me listen to me when they see me walking”.

She closed her speech with a rousing appeal to the men. By calling on her previous illustration of God’s warrior heart she beseeched the men in the room not to be “weasels”. What is a weasel? “A Weasel is any man that you have to make excuses for”, said Jessen. “This is not going to be some hate fest on the men… I love men…. I want to apologize to you on behalf of all the angry feminists in the world who emasculate you every single day.” (This was greeted with wild applause.) “You are being emasculated by women who are angry. Angry because their fathers never came through for them and they are still crying wishing he would have.” To the girls, “No man can ever fill what you missed from your father, only Christ can.... you need to heal because if you don’t heal and you run to every man to try and fill that you will choose a man that mistreats you and is a punk!... No Weasels! And men you are made for greatness pretend that you have got blue paint on your face and you are riding into battle and you see your beautiful woman on the sidelines watching you… go for it… stand up and come through! You are not meant to use women, you are made to defend us, you are made to be faithful…. You are made for greatness! “After this rousing speech she had all of the men stand and shout at the top of their lungs “greatness”. The room filled with the roar of men’s voices as we shouted and beat our chests. All of the men left that convocation inspired to be who they were meant to be.

Jessen often refers to herself as “God’s Girl” and she has no trouble convincing me that this indeed is the case. She is a princess, a daughter of Christ and she acts like it. I pray that the young women in the audience will follow her example and that they young men will follow her advice. Thank God for Gianna Jessen.


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    • Michael Buchman profile image

      Michael Buchman 

      9 years ago from Texas, USA


      In his infinite wisdom, and reasons only known by Him, God has chosen throughout history to save some and take others home. More often than not there was a specific plan meant for these individuals. In Gianna's life it would seem she is a warrior for the innocent on earth.

      Great article.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I've seen her speak, she is very engaging. I have a daughter named Gianna, after a pro-life Catholic saint. I wonder if she knows they share the same name?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      may God use and empower you more

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      So, does that mean that every child who is aborted in this country or goes through horrendous acts of violence and cruelty in this world--that God was NOT "looking out" for those children? I could appreciate a testimony so much more than said,"I happened to be born this way but instead of being bitter I gave glory to God."

    • rachellrobinson profile image

      Rachel Woodruff 

      9 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      Wow, what an amazing story. Thanks for sharing.


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