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Gina Miller threatens to take government back to court

Updated on March 16, 2017

Theresa May it seems has quite a few headaches these days and it makes you wonder if she wants to face the day sometimes. With Nicola Sturgeon now calling for negotiations with the government for another, IndyRef2 there is another strong woman challenging May's administration.

That woman is businesswoman Gina Miller who won a landmark case at court over Brexit. That is that before Article 50 can be enacted the matter must be set before the UK Parliament.

The House of Lords introduced some amendments it wanted to see in the bill before being passed back to The House of commons. These amendments were the right of EU Nationals to stay in the UK and for Parliament to vote on the decision which chimed well with what Gina Miller had achieved in court.

However when the bill was passed back to the Commons the amendments the Lords wanted was rejected and the bill was passed to enact Article 50 most probably at the end of this month. Gina Miller expressed her disappointment at this and accused Parliament of not standing up for itself.

She said in a statement she could lead horses to water but not necessarily make them drink. In other words, Parliament had considered the amendments from the Lords and what Gina wanted but what she and they wanted did not transpire. Article 50 now it has been approved by the Commons leaves the way open for Theresa May to begin leave negotiations with the European Union.

Gina Miller has received threats from racist abuse to death threats on social media all because she did not agree with Brexit and now challenges the kind of Brexit the government want.

However, Miller has stuck to her guns and is considering legal action once again against the government over this.

Gina Miller
Gina Miller | Source

Brief Bio of Gina Miller

1) Born in British Guyana

2) D O B: 19 April 1965

3) Approximately 51 years of age

4) Full name Gina Nadira Singh

5) Educated at Moira House for Girls, the University of East London and University of London

6) Served as Attorney General for Guyana

7) Spouses: Adrian Beal married 1985 divorced, Jon Maguire married 2000 - divorced 2002

8) Has 3 children

9) Is a business woman and set up Trade and Fair Foundation to encourage philanthropy

10) Best known for challenging government over Article 50 and Brexit

Gina Miller another headache for Theresa May
Gina Miller another headache for Theresa May | Source


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