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Girl Scout Birthday

Updated on July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

Everybody has a birthday - so of course Girl Scouts has one also! Juliette Gordon Low after visiting England saw the positive affect Lord Robert Baden Powell was having with the boys in England with his Boy Scout program. She believed a similar program for girls in the United States was needed. So on March 12, 1912 she made a phone call and got the ball rolling!

Girl Scout Links

Here are some basic links to help you find out more about Girl Scouting and Juliette Gordon Low.

Girl Scout Week and Girl Scout Sunday and Girl Scout Sabbath

There are many different ways troops can celebrate the Girl Scout birthday. The week surrounding the birthday is called Girl Scout week. It begins with Girl Scout Sunday and ends with Girl Scout Sabbath. One of the ways some troops celebrate that week is to give back (ie. Service). Since many troops meet at churches they will work with the church during the service. The girls (in uniform) may usher, take up collection, read poems, etc. during the service. Each religious organization has it's own way of work with the troops - ask your organization how you can celebrate.

Girl Scout Week & Sunday/Sabbath Links

These are some websites that will give you some ideas for Girl Scout Week and Girl Scout Sunday/Sabbath.

Skits, Games, History

Troops can also perform skits about the beginning of Girl Scouting. They could also find games from 1912 – games that girls would have played at troop meetings at the beginning of Girl Scouting.

Troops could also celebrate Girl Scout week by learning more about the early troops. What kind of badges did they earn? What did the early books look like? What did the early uniforms look like? Your local council may have old uniforms or books available for the girls to look at. They may allow you to take the uniforms and give a fashion show to girls from the service unit.

Skits & Games Links

These websites give some ideas for Girl Scout Week Games or Skits.

Girl Scout Collectors' Guide: A History of Uniforms, Insignia, Publications, And Memorabilia

A great go-to guide for the collector!

This new, expanded edition, with hundreds of illustrations, photographs, and tables, is indisputably the go-to source for information on all Girl Scout uniforms, insignia, awards, and handbooks, as well as dolls, postcards, posters, calendars, and more--from the founding of the Girl Scouts in 1912 through the present day. More than an identification guide, this work also documents when changes occurred and why new items were introduced. Placing these objects in context, this essential reference provides a discerning look at the history and development of the Girl Scout Movement.

Girl Scout History

Girl Scout History Websites

These websites will help you find information about Girl Scout history.

100th Anniversary

The Year of the Girl!

Girl Scouts is now 100 years old! 2012 will see a lot of celebrations across the country. Many councils will be planning big celebrations for the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting. If you have an older girl troop (Cadette, Senior, Ambassador) find out who is in charge of the planning committee for the celebration. You may be able to get the girls involved in the planning process. What a great opportunity for leadership!

What ideas do you have to share for Girl Scout Week?

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    • profile image

      CristianStan 4 years ago

      These are some great ideas for a girl scout bithday. And the pictures you chose for the lens were really great!

    • profile image

      clndstneve 4 years ago

      I'm sitting down while the cake I'm baking for my daughter's Daisy Troop meeting tonight is in the oven. Happy Bday Girl Scouts :)

    • profile image

      Hannah Writes 5 years ago

      For the 100th birthday, my Brownie troop had a canned food drive and collected over 2,000 items to donate to a local food pantry. After we sorted and dropped them off, we celebrated with ice cream sundaes!

    • BuddyBink profile image

      BuddyBink 5 years ago

      Just a Happy Birthday from a Boy Scout. My sister was a Girl Scout so I have an idea what they are all about. Nicely done lens for an excellent organization.

    • BuddyBink profile image

      BuddyBink 5 years ago

      Just a Happy Birthday from a Boy Scout. My sister was a Girl Scout so I have an idea what they are all about. Nicely done lens for an excellent organization.

    • williemack58 profile image

      williemack58 5 years ago

      I have no ideas to share however I would like to say Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

    • jordanmilesbask profile image

      jordanmilesbask 5 years ago

      I used to be a Girl Scout when I was young and I love it.. Great lens!

    • LynetteBell profile image

      LynetteBell 5 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      I was a 'Brownie' as a youngster in Bulawayo (Africa). I'm not sure if they are still around these days. Mostly now they are a yummy cookie!

      Brownies was set up by Baden-Powel's sister, I believe, and started out with a different name that the girls didn't like. Does anyone remember..."toowit, toowit, toowooo? Guides were the the older girls.

      In New Zealand where I live now we have Girl Guides.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice lens, those 100 years have gone by quickly, I remember when it was 50 years of girl Scouts. Happy 100 year celebrations and thanks for sharing photos of past years, brought back memories Blessed

    • profile image

      getmoreinfo 5 years ago

      This is a great tradition and everyone at least knows one person who has been part of the girl scouts, and the cookies are good too.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I used to be a boy scout and my Dad a scoutmaster... I never got preference... But I enjoyed being a scout. Happy birthday girl scouts!

    • Scraps2treasures profile image

      Scraps2treasures 5 years ago

      My daughters are both in Girl Scouts and I for one am grateful for all that they have gotten out of their participation. Happy 100th Birthday Girl Scouts!

    • Marilyn Briant profile image

      Marilyn Briant 5 years ago

      I love the idea of celebrating 100 years of girl scouts. My granddaughter in England belongs and learns a lot, both from the organization and her girl scout friends.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Happy 100th birthday to the girl Scout movement

    • profile image

      Annamadagan 5 years ago

      Nice lens! My mom was a girl scout when she was little. Thanks for sharing.

    • vinodkpillai lm profile image

      vinodkpillai lm 5 years ago

      Thanks for all the info. I enjoyed reading about the girl scouts movement. Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

    • MelonyVaughan profile image

      MelonyVaughan 5 years ago

      Happy Birthday Girl Scouts! Great lens!

    • designsbyharriet profile image

      Harriet 5 years ago from Indiana

      I was a Brownie but never made the Girl Scouts. Now I know what I missed.

    • profile image

      FizWiz 6 years ago

      scout,,really nice theme for brave little girls..... :) and good ideas there... i have created some buttons on zazzle for Birthday, if you would find them good please add them to your lens :) here you can see them:

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I grew up in the girl scouts, I loved it. Camping almost made our leader go crazy, but we girls had a ball.

    • Philippians468 profile image

      Philippians468 6 years ago

      love the outdoors! thank you for this refreshing lens! cheers

    • KarenHC profile image

      Karen 6 years ago from U.S.

      I really enjoyed this lens :-) I was a Girl Scout, from Brownies all the way through Senior Scouts in high school, and I still keep in touch with a few of my fellow GS'ers, close to 40 years later. I am who I am largely due to Girl Scouts.

    • UKGhostwriter profile image

      UKGhostwriter 6 years ago

      Excellent lens - congratulationss on your blessing!

    • choosehappy profile image

      Vikki 6 years ago from US

      Blessed by a squid angel ;)

    • lemonsqueezy lm profile image

      lemonsqueezy lm 7 years ago

      What a complete and thorough lens! ⥠it!

    • Addy Bell profile image

      Addy Bell 7 years ago

      I was involved with the GIrl Scouts as a scout, a camp counselor, and later as a troop leader. It was a wonderful experience and I remember the 75th Birthday festivities well.

    • lasertek lm profile image

      lasertek lm 7 years ago

      Great Girl Scout items on this lens. 5*

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I love your lens ! What a great organization the Girl Scouts is. I've had two foster daughters enrolled over the years but am currently involved in the Boy Scouts as a Cub leader. My son is an Eagle Scout and the program has made a positive impact on his life no doubt. I'm a Bear Cub leader right now and have my 10 year old foster son in the Webelos Den. There are no better youth organizations on the planet as far as I'm concerned ! 5 Stars Lens ! I will lensroll it with my Boy Scout lens: