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Give Back To Your Own Community Through Any Form Of Service

Updated on July 26, 2011


Even if you don’t have any time or money to donate to those in need, there are always ways to help out the needy. Charitable donations, service projects and thrift stores are just a few of the ways you can help out others.

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Give Back To Your Community Through Any Form of Service

No matter what sort of life circumstance you may be in, there is always a way for you to give back to society in one way or another. This doesn’t mean that you need to donate hundreds of dollars to an overseas organization or spend hours and hours cleaning up beaches. There are ways for people to be charitable no matter how much free time or money they have.

One of the most well known forms of giving back is through charitable donations. There are literally numerous different organizations out there that offer ways for people to give charitable donations to people here in our country as well as overseas. The organization, Toys for Tots, is an excellent organization that allows people from all over to donate new and gently used toys. These toys are then given to children who do not toys or that have parents who cannot afford to buy presents or toys for their children at Christmas time. This sort of charity is a simple way to help others. Often times, schools will host this organization during the Christmas season, allowing children, parents, faculty and other community members to have a place to donate toys for the needy. Canned-Food drives are also incredibly common ways for anyone to donate simple things like cans to people who cannot afford to buy groceries for themselves. These types of charity require little to no effort, but can make a world of a difference to those who are affected by it.

There are also many ways to offer hands on help to people in need. Food banks and soup kitchens are always looking for volunteers. No commitment is require out of you because it is a form of volunteering. If you have a spare Saturday or Sunday morning once a month, you can contact your local food bank or soup kitchen and ask if they need volunteers for that day. Once again, this type of service will not require much but a few hours out of you and the people at the soup kitchen will greatly appreciate your dedication. If you tend to be the more adventurous type and wish to see parts of the world you have only dreamed of, there are many different organizations that want volunteers to go help in poverty stricken countries. Depending on the organization that you go with, you may have the option of working in orphanages, helping to build business plans, teaching English, helping with the disabled, and a number of other activities. These types of programs typically run anywhere from two weeks to months and months. Certain programs require payment to volunteer while others will pay for all of your expenses for you.

Many churches and religious organizations offer easy ways to give service. Thrift stores such as the Salvation Army and Deseret Industries are secondhand stores that offer clothing, house ware, and other necessities at a very low price because all of the things in the stores are donated. When you are going through old things or sorting things before moving, try not to just throw away your used items. Donate them to a reliable secondhand store so that others can get some use out of your items at a very low price.

Certain companies and businesses give back to the community and world as well. By making a conscious effort of shop at those companies, you are certainly giving back to the needy too. Each individual Target store gives 5% of their weekly profit back to their local community. That averages out at over three million dollars a week. A shoe company named Tom’s Shoes is another business that gives back a lot. Every time you buy a Tom’s Shoes, the company donates a pair of shoes to children in a third world company. Just by purchasing a shoe, something you might do already, you are giving back and giving service to a child without shoes somewhere in this world.

Not only are there many options and forms of charity out there, but the benefits that come with it are many as well. Donating to charities and donating service hours can provide you with many different types of experiences and advantages too.

As you do service projects or donate to charitable organizations, you cannot help but have fun and feel good. Therefore, you are making others happy while also making yourself feel happy at the same time. If you serve in a charitable organization, you will meet others who share your passion for service and helping and can make lifelong friends along the way. Even if you do not feel like doing much service at first, you may surprise yourself and find out that you actually do enjoy giving service.

Besides the fact that you will have a good experience while serving, you can also build your resume along the way. Whenever you put in any service hours, you can put that type of thing on a resume for employers as well as school applications. Employers look at service as an incredibly valuable thing in a person. A person that gives hours of their life to others for absolutely no pay, shows a lot of character in a person and employers will like that about you. Also, if you are applying to school, service hours will only help to boost the likelihood of you getting accepted. Colleges love to see well-rounded people apply to their schools.

If those things are not enough, charitable donations can be used as tax write-offs. In a way you have the opportunity to give money that would go to the government, to people who are in need of your help. Depending on the type of service or donation you provided, different write-offs are available so be sure to find out what sort of write-off applies to you.

Whether you only have the time to donate some cans or you have free summer months to donate to people in need, there are always ways to help others in your community and in the world. Go to your local community service center, high school or college campus to find out what sorts of service opportunities are available in your area.


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