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Give Up Your Guns Now And Get Shot Later...

Updated on January 17, 2016

The Second Amendment: Are You Trying to Get Me Killed?

Written then issued in March of 1789, the second amendment gave a novice nation the right to protect a population on an individual scale. However, numerous citizens argue that the second amendment is an outdated concept. I intend to inform my readers of the delusional ideology in confiscating firearms when we were given the right.

I've never seen a gun breathing sadistically in a lockbox waiting to murder his owner. Even Newton's Laws of Physics supports that most inanimate objects stay still unless acted upon by another force.

  • I've concluded people kill people, and it is increasingly difficult to determine which individual deserves to exercise their second amendment right. To be of sound mind is a concern, but describe sanity? Felons and the mentally ill are still citizens of the United States. I believe even felons should have the option to carry a weapon if convicted of a non-violent offense. Everyone looks normal until they murder a peer, a relative, or even a stranger. Even the individuals with more pronounced oddities, strange mannerisms, or mental health concerns aren't all suicidal or homicidal maniacs.
  • We are responsible for ourselves and shouldn't put the entirety of our safety in law enforcement. If one were to burst into your home, how quickly could the police really respond? In addition, terror could be by our very doorsteps and all we have is mace and a baseball bat. Owning a gun is not seeking your own justice, it is just an additional way to ensure your life.
  • During prohibition, the states couldn't ban alcohol despite their efforts. Removing guns completely from citizens would have a similar outcome. In existence there are countless criminals capitalizing on a want that isn't suppose to be provided whether it be weaponry, drugs, or even art. People can believe the illusion that by removing guns, crime is lessened. However, in lessening crime, you leave an exposed community and more targets.
  • The second amendment is not only to protect people from each other but to also protect ourselves in the event our own government becomes a detriment to its people. The real problem is a society that is bombarded with imagery of violence, the apathetic attitude toward crime, and even the morbid fascination that accompanies gun ownership.

In conclusion, my America has the second amendment right to provide and ensure security. The law gives the individual personal safety not vigilante justice. The second amendment is a proclamation of our forefathers thoughtfulness, intelligence, and wisdom to keep its people continuously safe.

Should We Take Guns Away For Good!?


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    • IrateOrator profile image

      IrateOrator 23 months ago

      I absolutely agree with you! With the threat of terrorism, also the rise in crime in my city of Charlotte, NC... I want to be protected from a hostile environment.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 23 months ago from Orange County California

      This century has shown graphically and horrifically the impact of our foreign enemies, and their resolve to take the US down which is reason to consider the 2nd Amendment right in step with the country and the world today.

      During 911, the US government and its mighty military were impotent to handle an attack by 19 terrorists. More recent bomb and gun attacks by terrorist in the US show how impotent the US government is in protecting its people.

      This makes the 2nd Amendment even more valuable than it was last century.