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Give earth a chance to survive

Updated on August 15, 2016


Oh what is this?There is a lot of hustle and bustle every where. Every one seems to be in a hurry. People are so much busy in their routine work that no one is paying attention to the sounds of loud cries that could be heard very easily. Who is crying? Who is shouting for help? Where are those loud cries coming from? Oh look.... it is a dear MOTHER EARTH who is weeping so bitterly. O dear earth! why are you crying?What happened to you? The earth replied sadly....

i have been crying for so long but no one is paying attention to my pains.I am asking for help since so long but you selfish people are ignoring my requests.Why are you doing this?What should i do?.....

what happened to you? ....

Once i used to be a master piece of beauty and elegance but now I am nothing, but a mere symbol of dirt and filth. Why you people are trying to vanish me? Why you don't understand me and my importance? Due to your polluted activities, my waters, my land and my air has become so much polluted that i am on a verge of extinction. Please give my message to all the man kind that " PLEASE LET ME LIVE. GIVE ME CHANCES OF SURVIVAL because your survival is dependent on mine". .....

I took its message seriously and is trying to spread it.........



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