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Give me 1 hour with a liberal and they will never vote Democrat again!

Updated on November 13, 2016

Liberals and the lies that they create in society

As I watch television and other forms of media, about protests in the United States regarding the election of Donald Trump as President, I wonder how did the planet get so confused? First of all, the protest of an election is totally ridiculous, since there are many more people who chose Trump over the Democrats...and yes, it wasn't just the president that was elected in 2016, also MANY Senators and Congress people!

So lets look a the confusion. The title here is "Give me one hour with a Liberal, and they will never vote Democrat again!" is a true statement. I have spent an hour with many liberals, and if they have an open mind, they will begin to understand the history of the world, and why is it they want to lower the standards of living for the United States as well as the world!

Unfortunately how we have got to this point in society, is the long lived lies of socialism that solves the evils of society. After all, socialism is about an even playing field and equality. Hey...I am all for it! HOWEVER, it has never worked in the history of mankind, so lets explore reality and realize capitalism is the mechanism that creates equality and fairness.

Understand that everyone is born with certain talents and interests, so we aren't all going to be equal, OK - get it! Not everyone can be a starting pitcher, no matter how much you practice, or a skillful surgeon no matter how great your motor skills are. The problem with socialism, is that everyone has a different skill set, and to develop that skill set you need to have a motivator! I call it INCENTIVES to dedicate yourself to the cause, because if you don't have something that motivates you to develop your skills, you fall into mediocrity.

If you look at every invention that is meaningful to mankind, you will find that these have came from people who had vision and weren't satisfied with their dream until it became a reality. If we have a society that is all about equality, does anything like the invention of the airplane, the development of the Internet, the innovation of the smart phone take place? The answer is - NO it doesn't. Show me a socialistic country that did any of this!

The problem with liberals, is that they bring down the one element of society, that allows this development of the individuals talent. Instead of people living their dreams and pursuing that which is in their heart that motivates them, the liberal ideology is that people aren't takes a village to make a society??? It comes down to power and control for liberals, instead of the freedom to choose what you like, what you are good at, and it is this freedom that is stifled under the guise of fairness.

Liberals believe that the socialism is the great equalizer, because the rich aren't paying their fair share, and that these rich capitalist are taking from the people who are stuck in poverty. The fact of the matter, is that there is more poverty from socialism than any form of capitalist every could approach! Why is this? Because socialism involves giving power and authority to SOMEONE, and that someone does not have YOUR best interest at heart, this person only has their position in society as the only thing that matters.

Proof? Lets look at the Clinton Foundation. What is the purpose? Although it sounds like a foundation to help society in poverty stricken countries, to help woman and children, etc., it doesn't perform that well. Only 17% of the money given ever goes to the humanitarian purposes they tout, the rest the Clinton's spend on themselves. Just look at the net's online if you dare to Google it, and wonder where they got their money? Don't believe me? Ask the Haitian people about how much Government money was allocated for them, and where did it end up going? Try that one out in your Google search also.

I don't want to dog the Clinton's per say, it is just that so many democrats believe in the intention, and never consider the facts. Look at all the liberal policies, that not only don't work, but put a burden on society that they can't afford! Because of the "good intention" of the social security administration that is managed by the government, the fact of the matter is privatizing social security would mean serious wealth for the individual, AS WELL as the country! BUT, because we have been hoodwinked into believing the government is the only one that can get anything done, we end up cheating the citizens of the world.

When I really want to drill down to what socialism is about, I look no further than Mexico. Mexico is an example that has many facts the rest of the world experiences with socialism, and that is a high percentage of poverty, with the elites at the top that have all the wealth.

Is Mexico a democracy? Yes. Are they a capitalistic country? No. Socialism doesn't allow for capitalism, because it empowers the individual to be creative and generate a higher income. The socialist view is to keep everyone in poverty or a very low standard of living, using the mechanism that not everyone can be rich, we have to pay for people who can't work. Mexico has very little chance for opportunity, and has widespread poverty and early death statistics...a socialist dream society, right?

Look at Cuba. A country that can trade with any other country in the world, including the United States now, but what type of utopia do the Cuban people live with? Socialism does not promote the individuals right to be exceptional! Get it? And yet, we are told that socialism in society is so great because the rich have to pay for their sins of being rich? Yeah, look at the rest of the world and tell me how that is going!

I know, all these wonderful places like Norway, Greece, Sweden, and other utopias places that embrace socialism, but lest look at the facts. You can sustain a society for a little while under socialism, but the mechanism fails after a time, because the burden on society is too much with lower standards of living inevitably taking place. This is true today, because these countries are turning away from socialism because it just doesn't work.

Lets get back to voting democrat. Statistically I can show you that in the last eight years under the Obama administration, which has the view of a socialist society as the answer to the countries ills, has brought more poverty to the minorities in this country than has ever been seen before. Wages are flat, the global economy has been hurt by these policies, further creating more poverty and death in the world than ever. Look it up, I challenge you to show me how slowing down the worlds economy has benefited these societies!

In addition, the WIKI leaks e-mails prove the real motive to the Clinton presidency, and they didn't have anything to do with the standard of living improving for you, or anyone else. When you give power to people, you give up the freedoms you take for granted, and then wonder why there are no jobs, no opportunities, and you have less than ever before. I know, it is a utopia because your neighbor doesn't have any more than you, but in reality why isn't pure capitalism ever taught as the solution?

Therefore, lets give President Trump credit for breaking through the elites of the land, and let a billionaire create more opportunities than ever before. You may think this could never work, but lets see..the stock market has been up, despite all the pundits thinking the world economy will collapse, a forecast that the stock market to drop over 1,000 points. Didn't happen. Why? Because reality is - capitalism provides high income rates, more products and innovation, which in reality is the engine that drives an economy.

Capitalism has worked 100% of the time it has been tried. Socialism has cost over eighty million people to die in the last 100 years alone, and we are thinking this is the way of the future? I challenge you to do your research and THINK!


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