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Give the Gift of Life -- Donate Blood!

Updated on July 2, 2011

The Horror in Haiti

Recently the news has been flooded with the horror that has devastated Haiti. With an estimated 2 million people homeless, an estimated 200,000 dead, and 80 thousand Haitians currently buried in mass graves, the number is growing by the day. In fact, one volunteer worker told the Associated Press that he received 10,000 bodies yesterday alone, that were awaiting burial. Although it is too late for so many innocent victims of this natural disaster, there are still thousands that survived and are in desperate need of help. Here is a quick look at the stats:

  • 250,000 people are in urgent need of medical aid.
  • Medical clinics are backlogged by at least 12 days.
  • Those that are injured and waiting have wounds that are festering.
  • The thousands of victims that are being housed together in makeshift camps is a breeding ground for disease and infection that is spreading like wildfire.
  • Currently there are only 6 operating rooms available to treat the injured.

There is no doubt that the people of Haiti need our help!

Where can I donate?

 The primary blood donation collection agency in America, is the American Red Cross. There are currently 720 chapters in the US and around the world. To find out if there is a Red Cross near you, visit here.


No Money to Donate?

 No Problem!  Unfortunately, with the current state of the economy it may be impossible for you to be able to donate money to help Haiti or to have the financial resources to travel to Haiti and volunteer your services. That is okay.  There are other ways to help out--That won't cost you a dime!!

Donate Life by Donating Blood!

This is often something that is overlooked during times of crisis, when in reality it should be one of the first things considered.

The human body has between 10 and 12 pints of blood and the typical donation is only 1 pint. Your body can replace this lost pint of blood within 24 hours of donating! The entire process takes about 10 minutes.  It is estimated that only 3 out of every 100 Americans is currently a blood donor. It is also estimated that when a person has experienced a trauma that involves blood loss, they can lose up to 5 pints of blood per hour depending on the severity of the injuries.

So, can you spare 10 minutes of your time to save the life of another human being??


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    • amulets profile image


      9 years ago from Singapore

      Nice Hub. Yes, everyone can contribute within their means and donating blood is a real good way to give a helping hand in time of crisis.

      It does help to create good Karma and merits for yourself and family members in return. Thanks for sharing!


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