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Giving The Deserved Props To Glenn Beck And Others..

Updated on August 18, 2011

Giving The Deserved Props to Glenn Beck And Others

The discourse in our fair Republic is such now that we cannot even give credit to those who oppose our politics or ideology; we have become pundits for the sake of punditry because our side must be ‘right’ no matter the facts. As a matter of fact that is why ‘truth’ is now considered relative so that all those in dispute on any given issue can claim victory. Those of us who are Traditional Christians are hated by both sides who practice this truth is relative nonsense because in our faith there are no gradations of “right or wrong”… it is either one or the other. I say all this to say that Glenn Beck took a merciless verbal pounding on various issues, but especially on the issue of telling many investors to diversify their respective holdings into Gold. Those who adhered to Glenn Beck’s advice have more than doubled their investment in Gold that is currently being traded at $1,823 per ounce.

Now many of those you heard, some you can still Google (Anthony Weiner), berating Glenn Beck will never admit that they were wrong or give some credence to those economists and people like Mr. Beck who advised investors to diversify into Gold. Couple years ago, Moveon.Org, then Senator Barack Obama and then Hillary Clinton berated General Petraeus, and, in extension, President Bush, for proposing the successful "Surge" in Iraq. But just like politicians - with Senator Obama now being President and Senator Clinton now being the Secretary-of-State – they have tacitly claimed the benefits from the same “Surge” that the two prominent Democrats previously berated without bequeathing the props to a deserving President Bush. General Petraeus indeed got his props,’ at least tacitly from President Obama, because he was promoted to CIA head.

And lest you think that Verily Prime is being biased… there are those on the Right who refuses to give credit/props to President Obama, even on his brilliant planning and prosecution of the Bin Laden capture and death; and those who give the President credit do so reluctantly coupled with many qualifiers. One can tell true hatred when objectivity is void from conversations or blogs… it is akin to my listening to the late Elvis Presley’s voice and deciding that Elvis could not sing because he was White or my White counterpart watching the late Michael Jackson singing and dancing, but deciding that Michael was a lousy dancer solely because he was Black. Rain is wet and fire is hot and no truth deemed ‘relative’ can change that, unless it is coming from Christ Jesus – after all, didn't Moses witness the seemingly impossible burning bush...


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