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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Security: The Castration of Freedom

Updated on May 29, 2012

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Author's Note

Please be advised that I curse a few times in this article and I do use a comparison that is PG-13 rated. If you are easily offended or wish not to see such content, please do not read. I do not normally write in such a way, but in this rare instance I felt the tone and word choices were effective for my point. Thank you.


The more I see in society the more I worry. I am becoming my father than I am not even that old. I am concerned for children I don't have yet (at least the the time of my writing this). I am concerned with the shape of the world. Things are getting better than they were and yet at the same time I see in may ways they are getting worse.

FDR said all we have to fear is fear itself, and yet I see something that he missed. I see that what we have to fear is complacency. We have to fear sloth. We have to fear irresponsibility. We have to fear the movement that had taken and is taking generations of people who say, "It isn't my fault or responsibility, Let others handle it!"

Damn it people, there is more to fear than just fear itself. I fear the lethargy that is taking hold of my generation and has taken hold on generations before! This is a huge deal!

The Pill Generation

We want things fixed with a pill, a government bailout, unemployment, a rich uncle anything other than getting out butts out there and fixing the damn problem ourselves.

I was blamed by another person just this last year for not GIVING that person a job!!! While the situation is personal and I will not share the details, I will say that I made a choice about my schooling, health and business that did effect another person and as such I was blamed when that person failed to take personal responsibility for his/her (I am keeping the sex of the person vague for a reason) and go out and get a job or make work. That is what is happening here. We are looking to the sky for some great politician to save us. Some great savior that will take our woes away with a wave of a magic weight loss, save the economy, save the environment, save my house wand. Get real! I know I am sounding harsh here, but seriously! It is time we take personal responsibility for our own actions

Freedom Ain't Cheap!

The cry use to be, "Give me liberty or Give Me Death!" not it is a whine of "Keep the Liberty, I just want security... please... I'll beg if I have to!"

It is time for each of us to stop whining. I will not give up my freedom for some paltry bits and bobs. I am my own man. I take my own risks and if I succeed then I deserve to receive the reward for it and if I fail that is the risk I took in my attempt to succeed. Who are you to say I HAVE to give what I earn to others since they didn't take the risk. Oh, I want to give to help others and I do. I am currently dirt poor because I focus on finishing my education and I still stop to help those in need. I still donate money to help others less fortunate than I, but the system we live in where those who succeed are viewed as EVIL some how because they take risks is WRONG!

Robber Barons

The individual I mentioned before had the gall to compare me to a robber baron because I am always I quote, "Scheming to make money." That fool some how equated my desire to better my lot in life to the actions of men who, at the turn of the 20th century used political machinations and thuggery to intimidate and hurt others for their financial gain. This is just the attitude that has put us in this place and time. The funny part, is while I was compared to criminals who used the law to get their way, I was in fact the one who lost money through being cheated by this individual. Emotional manipulation, foul language and accusations of being a cheat and a lair were the flavor of the moment during that ordeal. Fortunately that ordeal is over and I have learned my lesson, one of which is what I am attempting to share with you here. Ask yourself, "How often have I seen someone who is successful and I have attributed negative characteristics to them because of their success?" Yes, there are people who truly are evil in how they make money. But how often do we assume that all such people are the same?

The Broken Window Fallacy

The Robin Hood Fallacy

Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. But wait, there's more. The rich were taking from the poor by FORCE! They were forcibly taxing the peasants so they could use the money and goods for a "better purpose." And if those peasants didn't pay their reward was prison at the least. Sound familiar? That is how it works now. Except the issue is reversed in a odd sort of way. You see, not the government takes from those who produce and gives to those who do not. And since politicians get voted in through promises we have an issue of the Roman people voting for more circuses and bread (near the fall of the Roman Empire the people of Rome kept voting for more free stuff which was paid for by the nations that Rome kept conquering to continue to pay for the free stuff). Socialists and liberal parties keep claiming they are Robin Hood taking from the evil rich to give to the poor downtrodden poor when in reality the exact opposite has occurred. Those who produce and create and being robbed by the neo-nobility of age and the government is enforcing the thievery so that the producers cannot defend themselves. The used of Robin Hood's story to justify state sanctioned theft is a fallacy as clear and true as that of the Broken Window shown to us by Frederic Bastiat.

Hitler was trying to "Save Germany" but his "Final Solution" was wrong. To justify the forceful taking from one person to give to another is also wrong.
Hitler was trying to "Save Germany" but his "Final Solution" was wrong. To justify the forceful taking from one person to give to another is also wrong.

The Ends Do Not Justify the Means

You do not have to break a few eggs to make a successful economy. You do not have to harm a few to help a lot. There is no justification for something that is WRONG! Such wrong thinking lead to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany and the Gulag of Communist Russia and all the other atrocities enacted in our modern time as well as ALL the religious and political atrocities committed in the past. To quite a friend, "Justification is like masturbation. In the end you just screw yourself!" I am sorry for the crudity of that statement, but it is true and I can't think of any other simple and clear way of explaining the concept.

So What is Your Point?

I thought you would never ask. My point is there is something rotten in the state of our society. We need to stop looking to others to solve our own problems. How do we do this? We become self relent. Stop blaming others for things. Start asking "What can I do to make things better?" Take personal responsibility. Vote with your continence, not with the party line! Hold others accountable for their promises when that is necessary. Stop sitting on your stupid, lazy, fat ass and make the world better by being a producer. Take a risk. If you succeed, GREAT! If you fail, get back up and start again. As with the situation I mentioned above, I could blame that individual for my failure, but the reality is I made mistakes and now I have learned and moved on. If that individual wants to be a waste of space and blame me for their failure, that is their problem. I for one will move on and prove them wrong through my success! So get you butt out there and succeed. Be the change! Create! Succeed! Fall Down AND THEN Get Back Up Again. You have the capability to do ANYTHING if you just put your mind to it!

Do you agree with me or disagree?

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    • ibbarkingmad profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Middleton 

      7 years ago from Southern Utah

      @uncorrectedvision, in the context it was used for me, the Robber Baron was referring to the corrupt men of the turn of the 2oth. That being said, I agree. From my research and study every monopoly that has existed either through direct government control or through government turning a blind eye or through government assigning that power to businesses.

      @mikeb72,nothing wrong with having faith. I just so happen to share that faith with you. I agree. Part of the evil we see is a society (I am speaking of the Western Society, not just the USA) that finds sloth, irresponsibility, ignorance and lust acceptable. Consequences to actions go both ways. Those who work hard and seek to do good will in the end succeed while those who bury their talent or fail to bring spare oil for their lamps will receive their just reward even if they seek to blame others for their failures.

    • mikeb72 profile image


      7 years ago from FACEBOOK

      I have to be careful here as I do not want this to sound 'religious' as I am a believer in God and his son Jesus who was killed by the religious, but at that risk...the Roman empire failed because of the immorality and corruption, what I don't understand is how people are so naive to think that the U.S. is not being deliberately attacked for the purpose of our destruction over a period of time. I am not sure but I believe it was also FDR that said "We would be destroyed from within" and it is the Justice Department using crime as an excuse to take our freedoms, daily we lose the right to everything this country was founded to do, worship to be successful and prosper. We have become an immoral people due to influences that would be glad to see us destroyed and it is working!

    • uncorrectedvision profile image


      7 years ago from Indiana

      We have to remember that the Robber Barons here needed corrupt or sometimes just well meaning dunce politicians to give them free reign to bully their way to wealth.

      The original Robber Barons were government. They were part of the Medieval political structure. Barons who built fortresses over looking the Rhine, a broad plain or major crossroad and used their men to "shakedown" travelers and merchants.

      Sounds like modern politicians to me.


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