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Glen Beck......The Devil's Advocate on temporary loan.

Updated on January 21, 2012

Behold at your Beck and call,
a radio version of Jim Jones,
spewing poison kool-aid for the soul,
as thousands of his disenfranchised stooges
swallow it, many who are Southerners
all sucking it down in grand old Dixie cups,
then laying around complaining
about the pain of losing their party.

He packages crackers
spread thick with lies,
on buses paid for by
health insurance lobbyists.
calling them true patriots,
as they become walking billboards
that denounce all that our chosen
elected government is trying to accomplish.

They ooze the infected
pus of Beck's hate,
unable to accept that
they are now a minority,
of lesser stature then
the Mexicans and Blacks
they once thought were
the major problems in this country.

There were a lot of
empty trailer parks on 9/12
folks escaping their
tin can prisons to place blame,
for all of their woes
on a leader who has only had
9 months to correct 8 years
of nothing but catering to
big business interests.

Many of the signs they raised
pointed to a rather obvious
collection of neo nazi's,
skinheads, and Klueless Klutzy Klan,
all enjoying the rights of free speech
in it's most skewed forms.

Yes, there were also some
concerned citizen's there,
exercising their legs and their
rights to free speech,
but they suffered
from guilt by association
with the radical, racists
who also sought this Beck venue.
standing shoulder to shoulder with raving
revolutionarys who held signs that said,
Pray for Obama's Doom,
signs portraying him butt screwing another,
signs stating Obama's grandmother's in hell.
signs calling him fag, and a long legged mack daddy,
all mixed in heavily with a rather healthy dose
of their most racist rebel flag.

Let's not forget the good
Christian folks as well
who were quite ready and willing
to tell any Mexican baby or child,
born in the U.S. by illegal immigrants
to simply go pound some salt...
if they were in dire need of health care.
And who stood next to people holding
signs that compared Our innocent leader
to crimes of mass murder much
like Hitler perpetuated,
and signs that claimed God hated Obama,
and others that touted him as the Anti-christ.

Jesus Wept on 9/12
for their callous hypocritical attitudes.
and for the fact that they were following
a false prophet,

Beck-oning them to not love

 this particuliar brother, but too persecute him.

Take a good long listen to him folks,
Becks tongue is forked and
he holds many at the crossroads,
cajoling them to take the wrong direction
so that in some small way his party can win
even though they lost the big picture last November...
and are in danger of losing any chance to rule again
as whiners, grumblers and anti-government to the point
of exasperation beyond anything
the rest of America can stand.


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    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 8 years ago from United States

      Yes, And only three presidents have ever won the noble peace prize....all Democrats which says a lot about Republican't candidates and agendas.

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 8 years ago from Australia

      And this very hour it has been announced that Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. It gives me hope that through the virtue of the majority, the noisy minority will be ignored and silenced.

    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 8 years ago from United States

      yes, I was thinking the same thing, which is why I wrote this hub. This man is delusional beyond any imagination, even his image of the nation is skewed. He then convinces other people to go out and act delusional at town hell meetings, like some kind of characters from Alice in Wonderland's tea party. I just prefer to think of his braodcast as simply an illusion that does not exist. Eventually he will be ranting to empty air space, much like delusional folks do.__LOL~MFB III

    • BloodRedPen profile image

      BloodRedPen 8 years ago

      Good hub - but only one word comes to mind - Delusional