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Glenn Beck Is Either A Dry Drunk Or Simply A Narcissist! Violent Rhetoric, Self-Important, It All Fits!

Updated on January 31, 2011

Explaining Glenn Beck's Cruelty To Others!

For years, Glenn Beck has been spewing hate and venom, unchecked. His daily rants on Fox have turned this 'former' drunk and drug addict into a multi-millionaire. His violent rhetoric is seemingly without end and his millions of fans have become cult-like in their blind allegiance. Those millions of followers buy his books, pay hundreds of dollars to see him and listen to him speak and they believe and follow his every word. His cruelty to those he targets is unmatched. And yet, his fans scream for more, and the more they scream, the more he gives them. Their adoration is what keeps the man going strong; the attention and devotion from his disciples is something he craves.

Beck's personality has been examined by many who have the same simple opinion. He is nothing more than what is called a "dry drunk" or a narcissist. A very wealthy one, but one, nevertheless. He has made cruelty work for him. When one reviews the 12 Steps of AA and compares that to the things that Beck says and does, the steps and Beck don't seem to go together. Beck talks about AA and states that he follows the program, but never admits that he violates so many principles of the 12 steps, that he cannot possibly take the program seriously.

After reviewing his methods and the things he says, Glenn Beck does seem to demonstrate the personality traits of the dry drunk or even the narcissist. Not a pretty personality picture, but many people believe either of the two to be perfectly accurate descriptions of Glenn Beck. Beck may disagree, but just hearing that someone else has paid attention to him will bring him his own special kind of joy.

Threats To Kill--No Violence Here!

What Is A Narcissist and What Is A Dry Drunk?

A narcissist is someone who has an inflated sense of self-importance and an extreme preoccupation with one's self. Many times it is is characterized by:

  • Taking advantage of other people to achieve his own goals
  • Feelings of self-importance
  • Exaggerating achievements and talents
  • Requiring constant attention and admiration
  • Disregarding the feelings of others, lacking empathy
  • Displaying obsessive self-interest
  • Pursuing mainly selfish goals

A dry drunk, on the other hand, is slightly different. While a narcissist does not require a history of addiction, the dry drunk does. The dry drunk is characterized as someone who is physically sober (no longer drinking or drugging), but still possessing all of the negative personality traits that go along with addictive behaviors. AA says that these people have not followed all of the steps. They have only quit using substances. Some common personality traits of the dry drunk are:

  • Grandiosity- they have an exaggerated sense of their own importance and must be the center of attention
  • Judgmentalism- they make value judgments. Everything is either good or bad.
  • Intolerance- their opinion is the only correct one
  • Impulsivity- they do not consider the consequences of what they say or do

Depending on the recovery center or psychologist you speak with, there can be additional traits:

  • over-reaction
  • pomposity
  • childish behavior

Beck and his fans may discount both as being off-base and without merit, but there are thousands who believe this man, if not crazy, is at least a victim of one of these two disorders. Beck's early professional life was characterized by cruelty to those he thought were his enemies, with most victims of his on-air cruel attacks being competitors. His early professional life was marked by drug and alcohol. He insists that he has followed the 12 step program, yet he is still cruel to and intolerant of those that have different views. That goes against the 12 steps. It also goes against most religious beliefs. Beck claims to be a Mormon. While his enemies are now political in nature, he sees them lurking around every corner and he believes they are out to destroy not only him, but the free world. He is never satisfied with debating policy. He carries it to the extreme, suggesting that they be murdered, a case in point, Michael Moore. It does not matter whether one hates or loves Michael Moore's political views. Threatening, even fantasizing about murdering the man goes beyond what most feel to be normal behavior.

Moore is not Beck's only target of hate. Nancy Pelosi has also been a fantasy killing of Beck's. When he is not threatening or thinking about murdering his perceived enemies by himself, he not so subtlely spurs on his audience. He makes perceived enemies seem more than real; their threats to his viewers' very way of life cannot be underestimated and if left unchecked, are imminent. These people are out to destroy the United States. Frances Fox Piven is one of Beck's favorite targets. The 78 year old woman is so dangerous, according to Beck... She is receiving death threats from Beck's fans. According to Beck, she is an enemy of the Constitution. Seems that anyone who disagrees with Beck's philosophies or beliefs is an enemy of the Constitution. Beck would like to see them all silenced. Perhaps, he believes that he is the only one worthy of free speech or free thought.

Poisoning Pelosi! Beck's Not Violent!

Beck's Handlers Exploit His Irresponsibility Out Of Greed!

Glenn Beck's handlers, Rupert Murdoch and George Ailes, are guilty of exploiting this man's irresponsibility for profit. Of course it boils down to money. They give him free rein to say whatever he wishes, even when his 'calls to action' cause harm to others. The more sensational, the better!

Beck's behavior is acceptable to Murdoch and Ailes; there is nothing wrong with his rants and his efforts to whip up hatred. Freedom of speech, after all, is to be guaranteed and respected. What? Why only guarantee and respect Beck's freedom of speech? Those who disagree or have a different point of view should be threatened with hate mail and death threats? They are the ones who should be silenced? They do not have the same rights, or shouldn't?

One of Beck's favorite excuses is that he was joking. Using humor as an excuse to make a murder threat more socially acceptable is by nature, unacceptable. Simply put, it is a cop out.

Beck's Sponsors

Matin Luther King, Jr. And Glenn Beck! Beck Thinks They Have Much In Common!

Glenn Beck clearly envies Martin Luther King, Jr. and his place of honor in American history. Beck has compared himself to Reverend King on at least two occasions, most recently January of 2011 (this year). He has challenged his followers and everyone else to read King's pledge of non-violence and his own pledge. According to Beck, the pledges are similar. The similarities are few, if any, except in Beck's own mind. Every sentence of Beck's 'pledge' begins with the words: "I denounce". Reverend King's own pledge 'denounced' no one. He asked for personal responsibility, unlike Beck, who seeks to blame. The following are just two lines of Beck's pledge. The following two lines, as well as the remainder of Beck's letter, are in no way similar to Dr. King's philosophy.

  1. I denounce those who wish to tear down our system and rebuild it in their own image, whatever that image may be.
  2. I denounce violent threats and calls for the destruction of our system – regardless of their underlying ideology – whether they come from the Hutaree Militia or Frances Fox Piven

The last time Beck tried to show his 'similarity' to Martin Luther King was this past August, on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's march on Washington. Beck decided to have his own march on Washington, to restore freedom. Apparently, freedom in the United States no longer exists. That loss of freedom seems to coincide, in Beck's mind, with the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States and for sure, Beck denounces that election. Perhaps, if Dr. King were alive today, his name would have been included in Beck's denunciations as an enemy of the constitution.


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  • Jillian Barclay profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Lichtenfels 

    8 years ago from California, USA

    Received this as a comment, but my email notification said it came from me and was written by me, but it was actually sent from Gerald Long at


    Thank you, very gracious. I will look up Totugaa. I'm approaching writers as well. If ever you'd like to out a politico that would be fantastic. We are needing people to report the local up and coming politicos in their state or region. It occurred to me that all these wonderful articles about these extremist personalities are spread out all over the web and what if in one neat little place we could start listing these freaky politicians and hold them accountable for what they say and do. So please please write something for our site. In fact if you can do it legally I'd love you to publish this article on our site. That would really be fantastic. You succeeded where I failed. I got as far as the Forbes interview where he admits he's an "entertainer" and it took all the wind out of my sails as I realized he's terribly cynical and not bat shit. ASPD seemed a possiblity but your analysis appears to hit it right on the head. And then it occurred to's the fans! It's who he's talking to. Bachmann, Palin, Beck, Limbaugh all act like they are talking into an innocuous vacuum. It's just as important to expose their audience for what they are so that the full context and impact of their iconoclastic statements can be felt. For example I recently read or saw a story where an elderly man asked "who's going to kill Obama at a town meeting hosted by Paul Brown the Republican Tea Party Congressman from GA. What is so chillng is that this kind of rhetoric gets thrown around until some nutso like John Hinkley takes matters into their own hands. These are nothing more than thinly veiled appeal to crazies wandering around out there to take action. It's absolutely chilling! Please write me at and lets set something up!!

    Dear Gerald,

    I will be contacting you and yes, let's set something up. I look forward to it. Thank you!

  • Jillian Barclay profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Lichtenfels 

    8 years ago from California, USA

    Dear Gerald,

    I did check out your website and article and I am also impressed! Have you taken a look at or Winning Progressive? Check out, also. They are three of my favorite sites! I wish you much luck with your venture into the world of progressive websites! It is tough getting the message out, but I think that it is the only way to combat the big money, corporate power of the GOP. People must be educated, we have to keep sending the message and maybe we will be heard.

    I am not computer literate, so I cannot offer you any help in that area. Check out Tortugaa on this site. He is a young voter with progressive ideas and may just have the computer skills you seek, or know where to find them.

    I am humbled that you so favorably reviewed this piece about Glenn Beck. Thank you! I will be keeping track of your website and add it to my favorites! Please continue to move it forward. We need you and we have to work together or we will accomplish nothing! I would be honored if you choose to include any of my other articles on your site or if you would like me to write something for your site.

  • profile image

    Gerald Long 

    8 years ago

    Very well done, bravo! I quote you and your article in my piece "They Psychopathology of Glenn Beck". My emphasis is on Beck's audience. I hope you'll check it out. Again, really great job, I'm impressed!

  • Jillian Barclay profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Lichtenfels 

    8 years ago from California, USA

    Dear Deni,

    I am not sure. In all I have read about him, he has never been what we would think of as nice to other people. He says he was drunk or loaded every day from the age of 16, and when someone has that kind of history, they never mature. His mother was killed in a boating accident when he was 15(the newspapers say he was 15 and it was an accident), but he insists he was 13 and it was a suicide because she was an addict and clinically depressed her whole life and that she left him a note. I think he is a dry drunk also, but I think it is more than that. I think he needs serious help, and it has nothing to do with his supposed political beliefs.

  • Deni Edwards profile image

    Jenifer L 

    8 years ago from california

    Jillian, this is a good one and very interesting, too.

    I suppose I'll put my money down on the dry drunk. But, I think if he finished the 12 steps, he would then be a narcissist. Either way, something is wrong in the head with the man.


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