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Global Climatic Change Threat to Mankind’s Existence: Effect of Climatic Change

Updated on September 5, 2014

Effect of desrtification

Desert | Source

Global climate

Global climatic events have become a mainstay in today’s reality, we are witnessing increasing trends of biblical proportion in weather events and climatic phenomenon’s which point to increased climatic change. Whenever we turn on the news we are inundated with pictures of frequent wild fires, countries experiencing intense drought and heat waves.

No one can forget in a hurry the recent typhoon and hurricane disasters between two thousand and ten (2010) and twenty thirteen (2013) in Asia which claimed thousands of lives. Such savage weather has increased in duration, intensity and occurrence which are definitive pointers to a changing world.

Ice glaciers are breaking up at very alarming rates while fauna and animal range slowly dissipate because of deforestation causing behavioral changes such as wild bears, fox, tigers and wolves encroaching on human habitations.

The global climatic changes have far reaching implication to mankind’s existence, apart from dangers created by man through conflict; Climatic change can cause our very extinction. Migration, disease and starvation are a reality if current trends of urbanization and industrialization are not checked.

Terrible gases pumped into the atmosphere

Terrible gases pumped into the atmosphere
Terrible gases pumped into the atmosphere

Causes of global climatic change

Global climatic change has been encourage by industrialization were very dangerous gas emissions are indiscriminately released into the atmosphere, the problem is a serious one because of are dependence on manufactured goods. Carbon dioxide is one of the major causes of global climatic change, listed are some reasons while human involvement is fast affective our weather and leading to dangerous climatic changes.


The major cause of global climatic change is the indiscriminate pumping of poisonous gasses into our atmosphere by factories, refineries and processing plants like cement factories. Another big culprit is automobile cars that run on petrol and diesel which contribute about twenty five percent to the green house effect.

The green house effect is caused by a gradual rise in the temperature that cases an increase of gasses in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide in the air, which traps the scourging heat of the sun. Carbon dioxide emission is increased by our very existence because we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, animals also produce carbon dioxide.

How to check global climate change

How best do you think we can tackle climatic change

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Images of deforestation

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Images of deforestationDeforestation in BrazilImages of deforestation
Images of deforestation
Images of deforestation | Source
Deforestation in Brazil
Deforestation in Brazil | Source
Images of deforestation
Images of deforestation | Source

Bush burning and deforestation

Bush burning practiced by farming communities and lightening strikes because bush fires which could have devastating effect on the atmosphere, the raging infernos create a vast amount of carbon dioxide and other obnoxious gasses like carbon monoxide which increases the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere, traps heat and pollutes the air.

Bush burning kills plant life which is an integral part of our delicate ecosystem, plants produce and releases oxygen into the atmosphere, without them earth as it currently exists would be impossible. Carelessness on the part of campers or explores and natural phenomenon could cause wild fires which usually are localized and could cause extensive damage to both animal and plant life.


Deforestation is referred to as an act of cutting down or burning trees in a certain area, which sometimes could lead to forest fires. The practice can easily be traced to global climatic changes and events, so cutting trees indiscriminately for wood has become a danger to our existence.

We are highly dependent on wood based products like furniture such as tables, chairs, beds and even fashion accessories making the commodity a very valuable resource. In the past hand tools and manual labor was used to cut trees with very little impact on the environment, but with increased sophisticated cutting implements such as power saws an entire forest can be felled in twenty four hours.

Deforestation can be linked to a change in the habitat of animals, extinction of certain species, loss of vegetation and a rapid depletion of oxygen in our atmosphere. Legislation should be increased and effectively monitored if we don’t want to lose trees that have been around for hundreds of years.

Climate change a real threat to mankind

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Info-graphics on climate change world wideHow to avoid dangerous climate changeWestern wild fires and climate change
Info-graphics on climate change world wide
Info-graphics on climate change world wide | Source
How to avoid dangerous climate change
How to avoid dangerous climate change | Source
Western wild fires and climate change
Western wild fires and climate change | Source

Summary of causes of global climatic change

The causes of global climatic change include and not limited to the following factors

1 The increased level of industrialization

2 Bush burning cause severe weather change

3 Deforestation endangers both plant and animal life that help us regulate the atmospheric air

4 Dangerous gaseous emissions by automobiles, factories and refineries

5 Mining causes ripples in the earth causing earth shifts, quakes and erosion.

6 Damming rivers can cause the extinction of fish indigenous to the area as well as flooding.


Mining is another reason there is a notable change in our topography, gold mines and other precious commodities have severely damaged the earth. Because most mines run several kilometers into the earth making the land mass unstable and prone to land slides and earth quakes.

Miners in the past like their counterparts had to rely on crude digging implements not now, incredible diamond tipped machines slice through the earth like a knife to butter making us reach areas mankind only dream t of. Mining can cause flooding if a major underground source of water is mistakenly exposed.


Damming a water source like a river or stream can be a source of hydroelectric power generation, we need electricity but the effect of damming a natural water way has its own consequences. Fish migratory patterns are disrupted leading to a change in behavior or extinction of the particular species, agriculture also suffers because of the decreased water to farmlands.

Effect of climatic changes

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change on people  
change on climate  
change on weather  
ozone depletion
flash floods
food scarcity
change in ecosystem
increased rain fall
frequent hurricanes
increased poverty
increased heat
earth quakes

Effect of climatic change on animals

Effect of climatic change on animals
Effect of climatic change on animals | Source

Global warming101: The effect of climatic change

The effect of global climatic change on mankind

The effect of global climatic change on mankind is far reaching and very evident in every aspect of our lives, without proper legislation and safer energy sources the planet might be doomed to a threat of extinction. Some of the effect of climatic change attributed to human activity that is visible today is a drastic change in ecosystem, ozone depletion, and extreme weather phenomenon’s.

Other notable changes are an increase in infectious diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, and dengue fiver. This is brought about by pollution, increased heat waves, slow economic growth and urbanization, In Africa poverty is an endemic reason causing humanitarian crisis, food stress and migration.

We are steadily experiencing respiratory disease, heart and lung diseases, a reduce or increase in rainfall, flash floods, disruption of drinking water, excessive heat and clod, terrible air pollution, a dramatic increase in infectious disease, malnutrition and shorter lives.

Human activity

Human activity has been adequately covered above such as indiscriminate mining, damming of rivers, deforestation and forest burning and the biggest culprit affecting our delicate ecosystem is obnoxious gas emissions from cars, trucks, factories and refineries.

Ozone Layer

Ozone is basically a poisonous gas which has a very strong smell which has oxygen properties, the obnoxious chemical containing substances we emit into the atmosphere has steadily damaged the delicate ozone layer. This has caused an ozone hole in the ozone layer which is has been greatly reduced allowing harmful radiation from the sun break through the protective layer.

The ozone layer high above the earth protects us from harmful radiation so building up harmful agents that break that layer causes sever climatic change that have global implications and health problems.

Do your bit grow a nice vegetable garden

Summary of effect of global climatic change on mankind

The effect of climatic changes on mankind include the following

1 The ozone layer depletion

2 Extreme weather phenomenon’s

3 Drastic changes in the ecosystem

4 Increased prevalence of infectious diseases like malaria, diarrhea, dengue fiver

5 Water, land and air pollution

6 Increased heat

7 Countries will witness slow economic growth

8 Mass urbanization and migration

9 There would be food scarcity

10 There would be more marginalization

11 The poor, sick people would suffer more

12 Lots of respiratory disease associated with lungs

13 Heart disease

14 Increased rainfall, hurricanes, sand storms, drought

15 Lots of flash floods

16 People will experience malnutrition

17 Terrible air pollution and shorter lifespan.

Extreme weather phenomenons

Extreme weather phenomenon’s are a sure sign that things are getting really bad, the earth has been steadily sending us signal that show global change in the weather. All over the world from North America, Europe, Africa, America, China and Asia dangerous climatic conditions and extreme weather shifts have been experienced.

Europe countries and climatic change

In Europe we are experiencing increased tidal waves, flash floods, more sunshine which is not all bad, and in the coastal areas of places like England increased erosion and stronger waves. Other weather changes experienced in recent times in Europe are glacier retreat, fast melting ice, heavy storms, coastal flooding and reduction of indigenous plant and animal life.

Arab countries and climatic change

Arab countries are not left out in this dangerous climatic change, sand storms have become more frequent, desert incursion, increased heat waves, drastic loss in plant and animal life with extinction of certain species. Harmattan has become more intense bringing with it airborne diseases and infections, causing untold hardship to the poor of this region.

African countries and climatic change

Africa has its own challenges like malnutrition, migration; intense heat, loss of habitat, loss of drinking water, and a gradual reduce in forest because of urbanization. The effect of the weather is also felt on the agricultural produce which instead of increasing has steadily depreciated or is now non existent; an example is the groundnut pyramids in Nigeria which doesn’t exist today.

North America and the Americas and climatic change

Latin America is currently experiencing a gradual loss of tropical forest and amazon rain forest animals to the encroachment of savannah topography; this has led to a steady extinction of rare animal and plant life indigenous to that area. High winds are now experienced with brutal tropical rain and winds exceeding previous levels.

Another endemic problem is lack of adequate drinking water, reduction in the production of food crops, increased poverty, and energy related problems are all caused by climatic changes experienced today. North America is now experiencing frequent heat waves, increased rainfall, loss of habitation, flooding and inadequate drinking water, other emerging situations are poverty, and migration.

Bush fires caused by burning or extreme weather conditions

The extreme weather conditions can cause bush fires
The extreme weather conditions can cause bush fires | Source


A recent report credited to the United Nations meteorological organization resolved that global climatic changes around the world have become a real threat to mankind; they believe this abnormality in weather conditions, extreme heat and increased rainfall to be worldwide. The organization thereby stipulates tougher sanctions and government’s involvement or legislation that monitor green house emissions and its effect.

Global warming, ocean surge and lost forest have impacted negatively affecting our fragile ecosystem negatively, and for the first time earth residents maybe at the mercy of the elements. The organization believes adequate planning against climatic phenomenon’s and early warning systems would save lives in the event of sudden climatic disasters.

In developing nations the poor are more vulnerable to the devastating effect of climatic change and global warming; their economies would suffer greatly further making them poorer. Extreme weather conditions have been experienced in equatorial and polar areas and even the arctic is not left out.

The earth is the only home we have so it’s our duty to take care of the planet for our generations yet unborn.


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    • tony55 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Nigeria

      That is very interesting and informative i greatly appreciate the information it shows someone passionate about our planet and how we can preserve it for our children's children .

      thanks a lot LarryWall.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 

      5 years ago

      I appreciate you taking the comment as it was intended. I agree natural gas has its drawbacks. However, regarding fuel for cars, we face one major problem. Detroit is not going to make cars that run on five different kinds of fuel. It would be possible to have an electric car that also has an engine powered by some fuel--gasoline, natural gas, hydrogen, ethanol, and so on. That car is not going to run on multiple engine fuels. Thus a consensus has to be reached on what fuel source is going to replace gasoline. Then, you have the problem of what to do with the gasoline. A barrel of oil can be refined in a manner to convert 42 to 50 percent to gasoline. That might be pushed downward to some degree, but gasoline will be produce. What are we going to do with it.

    • tony55 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Nigeria

      Larry Wall, you're quite right with your observation, natural gas is useful but also has its drawbacks. Climatic change is not beyond our control at least certain aspects of it.

      I think you've just given me a good idea for my next hub, i will write about solutions that can help us safeguard our planet, and healthy practices that might have some positive impact on our delicate ecosystem.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 

      5 years ago

      You offered a series of issues but offer no real answers. Industry has taken tremendous steps to reduce emissions. Natural gas is being found in abundance and is replacing coal in many areas.

      The climate change issues are in many cases beyond our control. The slightest move in the earth's orbit or rotation, which possibly has not been discovered, plus the increasing number of people occupying the earth is affecting temperature and rainfall.

      I watch my nightly weather report and they show the record high and low for the day. There is no rhyme or reason to the days that have the highest temp as oppose to the lower temps.

      I do not really dispute anything you said. The usual answer is the find an alternative fuel source so we can stop using oil. We can find other fuel sources, but we need the oil to provide the feedstocks for the items we use each day like our computers, cell phones, heart valves, sports equipment, ink, and the list is almost endless.


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