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The Global Cooling "Deniers"

Updated on June 7, 2018

The Narrative

The Global Warming Alarmists indicate that the earth is heating up at an alarming rate. Have they been lying for decades -- for political reasons? Are they smearing the opposition? And why?

Herein, I have gathered some of the best evidence, not manipulated data, so that you can judge. This data is hard to come by. It seems that there is no interest. It's not a "hot topic" to be sure. It's cold. Bitter cold.

A New Reality?

Our ancestors of just the past 1000 years have dealt with extremes in the climate, that by comparison, make us look like weather wimps.

Recent information from scientists appears to indicate that the sun has entered a hibernation phase. This occurs every 206 years, according to new models.

Why should we care? Why might the year 2031 be a really crappy year? Think snowman, but not in New York or Utah -- try Miami or Mexico City.

But is this really possible? Let us look to the past.

Cool Sun


Solar Hibernation

According to the Space Science Research Corporation (SSRC), located in Orlando, Florida, our world is not warming. It is cooling. John L. Casey (a controversial figure to many), president of SSRC, has postulated that the 'relational cycles' exist.

These cycles of solar activity are decades long. Described as solar minimums or in layman's terms, decreased heat from the sun for decades or even centuries at a time.

But Casey is just one of many who have cited solar activity. The idea that the sun is the primary driver of our climate is much older.

The theory predicts that these cycles may start very soon or are currently underway. They last between 22 and 33 years, normally. The expected temperature drop is between 1 and 1.5 degrees C or lower, when these processes occur. The next cycle will possibly be the coldest period in that last 200 years.

In fact, if these cold spells are predictably cyclical, then the alarm bells are starting to go off just about now.

What would happen if our world becomes colder, even if just by a few degrees? It has been suggested that the planet could suffer economic problems, food shortages, and societal disruptions. This is to put it nicely.

But would this deep freeze also occur if the climate warmed, as some have suggested? A counter-intuitive climate reaction? Hot brings cold?

Of special concern, if the pure cold theory is correct, are the crops. Corn, for example may not tolerate the cold as well as 'winter wheat.' Some scientists are telling us to stop using so much corn for fuel, for this very reason. They say we need to think about potential food shortages, the likes of which may not have been seen in the last two centuries - on a global scale. Are they serious? You bet.

("Mr. John L. Casey is a former White House space program adviser, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer" - according to the SSRC Website -- which no longer exists. He also has a book out titled Dark Winter. Let's hope he's dead wrong.)

Carbon Dioxide

In order to understand, historically, how temperatures and carbon dioxide levels fluctuate, it is important to examine data over long periods of time. If one examines geological data dated millions of years in the past and makes basic comparisons to the modern era, certain things seem come into focus -- unless the information is invalid.

It seems that the Global Warming Theorists, who changed their label to 'Climate Change', did this for a reason. The reason was the conflicting geologic record and solar cycle correlations. What is more, the carbon dioxide levels of today are much lower than they were in the distant past. Again, does really matter? Since these levels do not appear to cause warming at all. The levels have risen during cooling trends and heating trends. So the correlation is non-existent. Indeed, it's not the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which by the way is very small percentage, that warms the atmosphere at all.

Think of it this way. In the distant past, different forms of life -- not humans -- existed in these high carbon dioxide environments. So we should not compare apples to oranges. Certainly, small changes in these levels might still be survivable, but turning back the atmospheric clock millions of years would certainly result in our extinction, would it not?

The correlation of carbon dioxide levels and global warming are perhaps overshadowed by that star in the sky, however. Sol might change the game, before we can.

The 'Theory of Global Warming' has now been stood on its head or has it? Will our ever increasing level of pollution essentially override a solar cooling event -- if one comes?

Millions of Years

The next two charts gives you carbon dioxide levels and temperatures over millions of years. Note the levels have not been steady. Within the last million years the levels have been rising, but that was long before humans had anything to do with it.

The purple line represents carbon dioxide levels. The blue is the temperature.

Carbon Dioxide v. Temperature (Historical)

Geologic Timescale
Geologic Timescale | Source

On a broader timescale, one can see the patterns of hot and cold.

Look at today's temperatures and note the cycles in the chart below.

Although, the past does not predict the future, if the Solar Hibernation Theory is correct, we are in a cooling cycle.

Heat & Cold


Thousands of Years

How about a more compressed timescale? Say 15,000 years?

The chart below shows that the temperature today is about the same as it was at the end of the last Ice Age. Does this mean we are approaching another cool spell? If so, for how long?

Dip below that green line and then what?

Studies from Greenland

The Last 15000 Years: Greenland
The Last 15000 Years: Greenland | Source

10,000 Years Ago

Now much shorter timescale. Again dropping temperatures are shown. Why is this?

This data points to an increasing Carbon Dioxide level over the last 7000 years. But in the scheme of things, a minor blip.

Life has existed for millions of years even with levels of carbon dioxide far higher than they are today. Okay, maybe not human life, but let us focus on the real warning signs.

The Arctic: Extreme Climate & Temperature Change


The Ancients were Hot!

The Minoans, Romans and even those who lived in Medieval times were much hotter than we are now. And they did not pollute like we do now. Why were they hotter then? There were no cars. No giant factories.

So what could be the reason? Volcanoes?

What about the much cited evidence in Greenland. The ice cores?

The chart below seems to imply a cooling trend or that we are just coming out of one.

Greenland Temperatures Predicts Cooling?


Solar Radiance and Volcanic Activity

Since 2500 B.C. This next chart (below) gives you an idea about the rise and fall of civilizations, when compared to the climate - and where were are today.

Take special note about when the major volcanic activity occurred.

Also look at the blue dips. Now draw a mental straight line beneath the blue dips in the chart. You can do the same with the humps.

Could these charts be telling us something? Are we in for gyrating weather? From one extreme to the other? Or is there some basic pattern?

The last blue dip is referred to as the "Little Ice Age". During the 1600's many major rivers, such as the Thames, froze, allowing "Frost Fairs" where people gathered.

In the 1800's, in keeping with our cycles, there was a period which was referred to as the world's "...last great subsistence crisis."

Today, this last "Little Ice Age" is essentially ignored. The crisis of cold, a non issue. The warnings, buried under volumes of data sets, have no bearing on the real future, according to climatologists. They are certain of global warming and if not warming, then pockets of severe cold, due to the warming.

Heads in the sand?

Global Temperature Trends



Some forests predict cold weather similar to the "Little Ice Age" in the 1600's. This is probable, according to scientists, within the next 20 years. Again, these predictions appear to be based on cycles.

Have modern humans broken these cycles with pollution? With carbon dioxide?

Sea Levels to Fall?

According to data collected by SSRC (no longer on the web), sea levels will fall not rise. Estimates range from 20 to 25 cm drop worldwide, with the lowest levels reached between 2030 and 2050.

NOAA says no. Sea levels are rising, especially over the last 100 years. This would imply a warming earth. That at least the North Pole is melting, but is there another reason for the rise in sea levels? Would not a cooling climate bring more rain? At least for the interim?

The Ice Sheets

Ice Sheets in Antarctica are growing, not retreating.

NASA says they are Antarctica. At least between 2003 and 2008.

Some call this a result of a pause in the warming. Other scientists assert that ocean currents are allowing the south pole to remain colder, for a time, but that the ice shelves are being undermined. And there are more theories.

Maunder Minimum

Another name for the phenomenon or solar hibernation is called the Maunder Minimum. It was used to name the period of history between 1645 and 1715.

During these cooler periods it is suspected the lack of sunspot activity foretells cold times ahead. During this minimum period, if cycles hold to patterns and reflect historical observations, sunspot activity would reduce to less than a 100 such occurrences over a several decades.

During similar modern periods, the number of sunspots would normally exceed 40,000.

There is an argument, however, that given the level of current global warming, these Maunder Minimums would not result in the cooler climates of the past.

Hundreds of Years

Shifting gears we look now to sunspots, since we are focusing on the solar aspects of climate change.

The take away here is to see that during the Maunder Minimum, if we can trust the data, fewer sunspots correlated with lower global temperatures.



Franco Maranzana

Franco Maranzana, Geologist, asked a simple question:

" [can] responsible for global warming when this event started more than 20,000 years ago?"

Nils-Axel Mörner

Nils-Axel Mörner, "...former head of the paleogeophysics and geodynamics department at Stockholm University...disagrees with the view of future rise in sea level caused by global warming."

Hot or Cold

Do you think the earth will warm or cool within the next 20 years?

See results

Frost Fair of 1683 - things to come?


Valentina Zharkova

On 7/11/2015, Devender Kundaliya, of BizTek Mojo, reported that the Mini Ice age could begin in 2030, with a possible 60% temperature drop by that year. The temperature drop will be caused by a dynamo cycle within our sun.

Apparently, two convective fluid cycles being out of sync will result in this new climate change. The research by a Professor Valentina Zharkova, suggests that this convective cycle further supports the Maunder Minimum Theory.

Zharkova presented her findings on 7/9/2015, at the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno.

Prepare for cooling in 5 to 15 years?

Unstoppable Solar Cycles

A Better Explanation...

Dr. Helen Popova -- from Russia

In an article from the Lomonosov Moscow State University, dated July 17, 2015, the following was learned - summarizing in layman's terms:

Dr. Helen Popova of the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics and of the Faculty of Physics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University supports the sun cooling theory. She was present at the meeting with Prof. Valentina Zharkova at the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno, in Wales (see previous entry).

According to at least three peer reviewed studies, the way the sun's magnetic fields change, how it forms and as it decays over time, could result in the New Mini Ice Age beginning in 2030. These studies showed an 11-year sun cycle which can be verified by studying Earth's environment, to include carbon-14 and beryllium-10 and other isotopes, in trees and glaciers.

The sun has several well known cycles, to include a 90-year cycle, but of concern is the pattern of 11-year cycles and what is called the "principle component analysis." With this new method of study, researchers have been able to reduce the light 'noise' and focus in on pairs of cycles. This is where the data gets interesting, if not worrisome.

According to the new data, the 11-year wave patterns react with each other on a predictable basis. Recently, these theories were used to predict the sun's magnetic activity during solar cycle 24 and the results were 97% accurate. Given these results and the newest calculations, that the magnetic waves being studied are actually moving away from each other, the prediction is that planet earth is heading for a serious cold spell. These findings correlate with he Maunder Minimum Theory and the reduction of sunspot activity by order of magnitude.

If these theories are correct, that the sun's wave patterns moving away from each other will cause this radical cooling within the next 5 to 15 years. That would be the year 2020 to 2030. This means Greenland could be completely covered by ice, North America, Russia and the Northern Europe would experience severe and very long winters; and all would have cold summers. What these new weather patterns would do to the crops grown in these areas is uncertain. Severe shortages are predicted, however.

Dr. Popova also discussed a longer cycle. Going back over 400-hundred thousand years, she spoke of the cycles of natural cooling and warming. Based on these longer and shorter term solar cycles, as the sun warms, the earth essentially emits greenhouse gasses which results in more cloud cover and more volcanic activity.

The opposite occurs when the sun cools. Less volcanoes and fewer clouds/greenhouse gasses. However, there is a delay between the cooling and warming cycles. In other words our current warming trend might continue, even when the sun wave cycle has begun its shift to the cooler zone.

Think of a log on the fire. Eventually, the log turns to charcoal. Your bedroom remains warm, having been heated by the nice fire and continues to warm as the hot coals glow. Then the coals slowly cool.

When asked about how mankind has influenced the global environment, Dr. Popova hedged. The evidence that humans are causing global climate change is weak, according to her.

The well studied 400-thousand year record of the Ice Ages has confirmed that humans were not the cause -- are not the ultimate cause of the current warm trend. On the other hand, the fact that humans may have influenced the environment on the warming side of the equation since the industrial age, may in fact give us more time to prepare for the coming cold phase, which could last for several decades.

A silver lining?

Positioning. It is also interesting that the Russians are advancing in the Arctic, possibly exploring for oil? They have also taken part of the Ukraine, for a warm water deep port? This would be necessary if routes north became unusable or choked with ice. Now the Russians help the Syrians? Is it just me or does the Mediterranean Sea sound warmer and just a bit more strategic? And Turkey is a good sandwich, between Crimea and Syria.

...and "Climategate" continues.

Valentina Zharkova - again

Recently, (July 31, 2016) according to an article titled "'There Probably Won't Be A "Mini Ice Age'" in 15 Years," in, Valentina Zharkova advised that the expected cooling could give the world time to solve the current global warming issues.

American Physical Society

"The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring." -- 2007

Or is it more like a "religion?"

What is the "optimal temperature for earth?"

The excuse for the man pictured below? He's not a climatologist. Buy boy does he ask some good questions.

Such as why are the Global Warming theorists not taking into consideration that their data points in the Southern Hemisphere are minimal?

Why don't the Global Warming alarmists talk about the rising carbon dioxide levels as being great for plants -- crops -- food production?

The sea levels have been rising for thousands of years and the rate has been steady -- before the current "human industrial pollution."

Dr. John Christy

Here is yet another credentialed individual who disagrees with Global Warming.

The Uncertain


Although, recent data show an increasing average global temperature, the actual -- the definitive answer -- as to the real reason the climate changes is debatable. But debate must be real. Not a sham or a smear. Questions need to be asked.

The Global Warming Theorists, label anyone who disagrees as a "denier." And yet the deniers are often respected scientists. Hence the new and politically correct way of handling the deniers is to delete their online videos.

These deniers point to recent cold spells and they are ignored.

These deniers show the heating and cooling patterns over millions of years and their conclusions are faulted. Facts are denied.

These deniers point out that the Global Warming Theorists are basing their conclusions upon limited data and they are disregarded.

These deniers lay down the facts, like the growing ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland is said to be melting. They are advised that that it is only an anomaly.

In short, the debate is not yet settled and time may be the real teacher. The climate always changes, but which way will it go now?

What is frightening, is how quickly global cooling event can happen. Some theorize it could take as little as a few weeks to slip into the frost-lands. Now that's essentially, without warning.

Or into a hotter environment that our ancestors knew a lot about.

The video below gives you a really good idea about climate change, from a geologist's perspective.

Yet more evidence...

© 2014 Jack Shorebird


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      16 months ago from now on

      Global Warming Is A Hoax: Here’s Why

    • Randall Guinn profile image

      Randall Guinn 

      3 years ago from Pinellas Park, Florida

      Good hub. I wish that we had a true friendly source of green energy, but at the moment I think the general public is just being scammed. For instance electric cars are far from using renewable sources of energy. The lithium used in the batteries is not renewable, and any time you convert from one source of energy to another you lose power. No one ever talks about the thousands of birds killed by wind mills, or the birds killed by flying in between the mirrors and the collectors on solar energy plants, one estimate is a bird every 2 minutes. They call it ghosting because the birds catch on fire and the trail of smoke reminds them of a ghost flying through the air. I think that they call it climate disruption now, or at least for a while they did. It really stinks when a politician can gain financially by forcing you to buy something that they have invested in.


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