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Global Governance in Early January 2011

Updated on May 28, 2011

Global Governance = Global Government

Sleep sheep, sleep on. They like that. They don't see their business as being any of yours...but of course all of yours is certainly theirs. Just ask the gropers over in your local airport, courtesy of the TSA. Your junk is theirs to fondle as they please. And if you protest well the Southern Poverty Law Center who now participates openly in a DHS working group would happily put you on some list of theirs. Gotta have a groupy list. It's the latest fad if you're one of the cooty-pack'n bad guys.

See, if you're asleep, then they can put in their unethical feudal government, 'er governance, excuse me. And since you are not allowed culturally or socially to discuss politics in the followig places anymore: with family, with co-workers, in public places....well, you'll never know what draft harness you happen to be wearing until they decide they're done with you anyway. You'll never believe the stories. There is no global gooberment. Anyone who tells you so is daft. Lamestream TV & newspapers would never lie. Really?

Yeah....check out the chic headlines your Times & Tribunes never tell you about:

Ian Bremmer » The Busines...

Eurasia chief sees leaderless "G-zero" world

Reuters - Peter Apps - ‎Jan 5, 2011‎ ... summits at the height of the financial crisis in 2008, many analysts saw it as a new global governance forum supplanting the Western-dominated G7/G8.

Obama's Justice Department visual acceleration to global governance

Canada Free Press - Doug Hagmann - ‎Jan 5, 2011‎ Then, a clearer picture will emerge of the course charted toward global governance that was initiated long ago, although is now being exponentially ...

A bad year for global governance

Financial Times - ‎Dec 29, 2010‎ All in all, 2010 was not a good year for the global governance industry. With the financial crisis pivoting from the private financial system to sovereign ...

General Assembly Alerts over UN Losing Ground in Global Governance

ABC Live - Dinesh Singh Rawat - ‎Dec 28, 2010‎ He noted that a new generation of powerful actors, like the Group of 20 (G‑20) major economies and the informal Global Governance Group (3‑G) of smaller and ... Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation »

Depository Trust splits roles of CEO, chairman

Bloomberg - ‎Dec 27, 2010‎ The New York company said the new structure will provide for checks and balances in its risk management and is in line with global governance trends.

PIMCO Strategic Global Government Fund, Inc. Reports Results for the Fiscal ...

Business Wire (press release) - ‎Jan 6, 2011‎ NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PIMCO Strategic Global Government Fund, Inc. (the "Fund") (NYSE: RCS), a non-diversified, closed-end management investment ... Janet Napolitano » Reuters

Homeland Security Strikes Global Partnership For Cargo Security

InformationWeek - Elizabeth Montalbano - ‎17 hours ago‎ Securing the global supply chain became a pressing need for the federal government in late October after bombs were found hidden in printer cartridges being ... International Monetary Fund » BBC News (b...

DSK on the IMF's "triple comeback"

Reuters Blogs (blog) - ‎Dec 14, 2010‎ Strauss-Kahn said it is time for the IMF to make a “triple comeback” - in global economic governance, in being at the center of global governance and in ... global governance »

Daniel W. Drezner: Today in global governance follies...

Foreign Policy - Daniel W. Drezner - ‎15 hours ago‎ Fortunately, there's a golden rule for humor in world politics: sports + global governance = comedy gold. And sure enough, today FIFA president Sepp Blatter ... global governance »

China to take more steps to improve yuan exchange rate formation mechanism ...

Xinhua - Lu Hui - ‎Jan 6, 2011‎ A strengthened coordination between China and the EU on their macro-economies and financial policies will facilitate the reform of global governance ... global governance »

The Friday Podcast: G-Zero

NPR (blog) - ‎15 hours ago‎ Key institutions that provide global governance become arenas not for collaboration but for confrontation. Global economic growth and efficiency is reduced ... global governance »

India is no longer the elephant in the room

Rediff - ‎Dec 30, 2010‎ Bilateral relationships with India are now the building blocks of global governance, says TP Sreenivasan in his assessment of Indian foreign policy in 2010. global governance »

Global governance equals UN

Gisborne Herald - John Stroup - ‎Dec 20, 2010‎ FROM the Illuminati, Fabians, Bilderbergs, Club of Rome and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relation in the US), there has been a consolidation of power. global governance »

Eastern Promises

Zawya - ‎Jan 5, 2011‎ "In the past, global governance was done by the developed countries, through the G8 or G7," he says. "Now we have the G20. global governance » Think Progr...

United States Rejoins World Stage With Climate Success

Think Progress - Brad Johnson - ‎Dec 12, 2010‎ ... also to restore trust in global governance - the concept that the world's nations can work together as one on the problems that face all of humanity.

Creating more walls than Brics

Mail & Guardian Online - ‎22 hours ago‎ It has always championed multilateralism, offered innovative ideas on vital global governance issues and demonstrated leadership in conflict resolution, ...

India-US Relations: Rich History And Optimistic Future

The Metropolitan Coporate Counsel - ‎Jan 4, 2011‎ There is growing realization that the institutions of global governance need to become more representative and that this would enhance both their legitimacy ...

I would tend to agree with the last listed article. But that would also require that diplomats & national government officials actually have an aware public and dialog within that public on the idea of creating a global government wouldn't it? But when the public is asleep and has no idea that there is a series of groups of people out there working to create a global government without their knowledge and not with the intent to actually represent the people, but rather corporate & ngo interests, then we can't exactly think of it as a postive or ethical form can we?

A photo from 2009 G20 meeting
A photo from 2009 G20 meeting | Source


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  • FitnezzJim profile image


    7 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

    Got to agree, the peoples role in government is to be involved. Sleeping or treating it as an 'we the people' -vs- 'the government' is not the way to go. The people ARE the government, and the role of those elected is to represent (or serve). We have a part too, and it involves more than a simple moan, groan, and complain.


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