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Global Investers Met today - Engagement,Wedding and have Honeymoon on Paper.

Updated on February 21, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

There are 30 Districts as on 30th Dec 2009.

Bangalore Global Investers Meet.

Bangalore woke up to a Gala Function Organized by the Govt of Karnataka.The BJP in power wanted to show that they can make money and get money even from outsiders.No other person had done such a grand gala tamasha in the history of the State.The Congress party ruled the state for over 45 years,their contribution is history now.

Let's see what is happening in Karnataka.

We have 30 districts.

Next to Bangalore is the Royal City of Mysore,they have built a Aerodrome but it is not operational and after the plane accident at Mangalore the likely hood of this getting operational seems far away since a hill is sitting near the aerodrome and there is a railway tract is operational just by the side of the aerodrome.The plane can land on the hill or the train can derail and come near the runway.

There is National Highway and is well known for its accident zones that are a bonus to the motorists to meet with most often,the news papers got fed up and stopped reporting anything fearing the traffic police in the first place and the transport minister in the next since he would stop giving tender advertisements and cancellations.! distance of just 140 KM takes 2 and half hours and there is speed breakers for a break test as also suspension checking.Lot of tamasha went on and it is more than 10 years a Super Express 6 lane High way is yet to see Mysore from Bangalore and vice verse in one hour at 12o KM per hour non stop cruise a dream of all motorists.

Ever since the British Raj there is a railway which was made broad gauge then it was made partly electric,partly double track and partly progressing to make a double track as a heritage site is coming and its a Muslim king's war store to fight the mighty British.This Brave King by name Tippu Sultan died fighting with his sword fighting the British Soldiers.There are plans to shift the War Store brick by Brick done no where in India.The real question is how many bricks they will remove from which date and how many they will put in place as these bricks may fetch a Royal price after few years.

The Royal City attracting millions during NAVARATRI FESTIVAL is crippled by road,rail and air transport.

The Chief Minister says that we will have AIR connectivity in just every 100 KM that sounds a bit too much to immagin looking at the ROADS that are not even for just 100 KM.Bangalore has grown becouse of BABU'S from DELHI wanted to stay here for their home work very often.So they made BIG Industry's like HMT - HAL - BEL - BMEL - ISRO - RWS - and even the fore fathers of TATA wanted to have his say by building a 400 acre INDIAN INSTI TUTE OF SCIENCE aptly called as TATA INSTITUTE even today.Frankly we Bangaloreins do not know how the Big Industry's are working.They have no social connections that is known all over Bangalore.

We have Belgaum a border district with borders running thousands of kilometers in 3 directions the forth is a sea so like borders there is no way any other state can quarrel like our neighbourers over so many issues unsolved siceover 50 years.

We have Davengere a textile state with out a textile mills,only one spinning mill is perhaps working.This District's King is a Super Congress Party Worker.He runs his Hospitals and colleges with out any Govt interfearence.No body dare go any where near him with out appointment and even if you go you have to wait for hours to meet him.

We have Gulbarga from where our Labour Minister of India cames from.He was a Textile Mill Workers Union few decades back.This place is known for a versatile Chief Minister of Karnataka ruled the State but could not run a Textile Mill there.The Heavy weight Former Chief Minister Mr.Dharm Singh ruled the state but could not win the recent election.

We have BIDAR in the north tip of the state a state where honest officers were transfered to upon seeing their good performance unacceptable to govt.

We have KOLAR the Gold giving state once completely spoiled by the govt and closed as non viable unit,even though it is said that Gold was still available but the technology was not to the Govt.The road from here goes direct to Chennai ( Madras ) but has the same fate as any other road in the state.

We have MANGALORE the port city but less of port and more of pink the place where RAM SENA like SHIV SENA exists.It was having a AIR PORT on a HILL called TABLE TOP runway where a plane landed midway and ended up with 168 dead body's only in the previous month.The place looks green but not the green that it can fetch if managed properly by the State Govt.The Chief Minister's helicopter could not land anywhere near MANGALORE.

We have the TWIN City's of HUBLI and DHARWAD which have come up by itself with out much of Govt's efforts.The fate of the roads connecting the two are indeed a super slow speed testing ground for any vehicle that moves with wheels.The city is known for some home made sweets called KANDA.Every year there will be a Hindu & Muslim fight like a festival on 15th August of the year.

There are other districts as sleepy as our ministers but hardly we have seen a Govt that walks the Talk.The previous minister started visiting slum villages where people lived in utter poverty.He visited their house and now he is cooling his feet in his house.This Minister has had his wings cut by Reddy brothers the Kings of Bellary another Black Gold Mine district.The Chief Minister's favorite Lady Minister had to quit.

WE ALL KNOW NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN HERE AS IN GUJARAT as Gujarat is 10 years ahead of us politically first,fearlessly next and administratively best.


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