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Global Map of Natural Disasters and Climate Change News

Updated on March 15, 2011

Global Warming

Global warming of even a few degrees affect the stability of our global weather patterns.

If we consider our planet earth as an energy system, then the increase in average global temperature of even a few degrees drastically increases the energy level of the system as a whole, which may lead to increase likelihood of weather instability. The worst case scenario in this case is a chaotic weather system that spirals out of control.

Interactive climate map from Google shows future impact of climate change

Vicious Climate Cycles

Another effect to take into consideratin is the rising global temperature that leads to increase melting of the polar ice caps which decrease the reflection of sunlight out of this energy system. This means that a runaway reinforcing loop is possible whereby increasing temperatures, lead to decrease reflective ice surface, in turn leading back to even higher temperatures.

Another contributing effect is the injection of substantial quantities of water into our planets hydrological cycle. The exact outcome is anyone's guess but it is likely to create more water related natural disasters like floods, contamination of fresh water source by sea water.

CEGIS Sea Level Rise Map with Corresponding % Population AffecttedVideo

The Real Impact of Climate Change to Our Oceans

The ocean covers most of our earth and if global warming accelerates then this could lead to an acceleration of rising ocean levels.

In my opinion, the rising ocean levels will have 2 major effects. The primary effect is that Coastal cities and land areas will be flooded or require more costly measures to keep the water out. The secondary effect is that the overall supply of global resources will become constrained, with a potentially devastating inflationary effect on the world economy. Specifically the increase scarcity of resources will be driven by the contamination of inland fresh water sources by encroaching saltwater levels, urban areas capable of supporting dense populations.

Map Reveals extend of Human Demage to Oceans

The Germanwatch's Global Climate Risk Index Map

Cost of Natural Disasters

The financial cost of natural disasters have been rising at an accelerated rate annually. This trend comes as a consequence of growing human population and increase land usage and urbanisation. Another contributing might well be global climate change that is likely to cause more serious natural disasters.  

Google Map of Natural Disasters

show route and directions
A markerUS, gulf coast -
Gulf Coast, Missouri City, TX 77489, USA
get directions

2005, Hurricane Katrina caused estimate cost of damage at USD $120 billion.

B markeraustralia brisbane -
Brisbane QLD, Australia
get directions

Nov 2010, estimated reconstruction cost of USD $20 billion from flood waters damage.

C markernew zealand, christchurch -
Christchurch, New Zealand
get directions

Feb 2011, quake recovery estimated to be USD $11 billion.

D markerJapan, sendai -
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
get directions

Mar 2011, estimated cost of damage is around USD $160 Billion

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    • EverettW profile image

      EverettW 7 years ago

      This is a majr concern to me. I am so worried about the future. With the technology being more advanced, I wonder where our world will be in the future. Great topic. Check out my hub if you have a chance. On a different topic but kinda going toward the same place.

      Everett Winchester