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Men and Human Race: Are We Really so different?

Updated on July 5, 2019
yusrat19 profile image

Yusrat is a high school student from Bangladesh. She writes about Science & Technology.

Our Earth. The 3rd planet of our tiny solar system of Milky Way. The earth is the only habitation of living organisms and a species called Homo sapiens or Human is the ruler of the planet.

Human. When we call someone "Human", we technically accolade him/her with pride and glory. I am not against adorning human with these very adjectives. Its obvious that these mery adjectives were made for human. But could we really uphold the honor truly?

Look at Rohingas and how they are being treated and killed and annihilated from their motherland, the land where their forefathers walked upon. An estimated 25,000 Rohingyas were murdered and 19,000 Rohingya women and adolescents raped during the military crackdown in Myanmar's Rakhine state since late August 2017, according to a research report. It also found that around 43,000 Rohingyas suffered bullet wounds, 36,000 were thrown into fire and 116,000 beaten up by the Myanmar authorities. More than one million Rohingyas took shelter in Bangladesh. And almost 40% of them are HIV/AIDS Positive. This has put Bangladesh's social and heath security at great risk.

What is their mistake? They are Muslims. And global leaders couldn't do nothing. Neither could return them to their home nor could save innocent lives. They are simply blinded by the power and "dysfunctional". UN failed to play primitive actions to save lives or sending them back to their motherland.

Move to The East and see how the Africans are trying to row across the sea with their lives for better life and getting drowned. Move further you will see how the "Civilised race of America" is punishing the Nigros because of their skin tone. The one thing we forget every now and then is the true beauty lies in discrepancy.

Do you remember Martin Luther King Jr. And his famous speech in Washington DC in 1963?

I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have. A dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and love out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal"

— Martin Luther King Jr.

Well, let's imagine what if all the people of the world look same, think same, eat same and dressed same? In my opinion, our world would be dull and tasteless. And many great people who were popular for their knowledge, intelligence, constructive and creative ideas and high thoughts like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela or Bill Gates won't be exceptional to us. On the other hand, if everyone's culture was same, there won't be 196 nations in the world! So, we are really so different than each other!

Here is still something to say about the differences among us. It would rather think about FIFA World Cup. This is the greatest show on earth, gathers billions of people of different ages, nationalities, political views and colours in a point. They think, love and enjoy same thing. They say, 'we love football, eat football, drink football'. A statistic shows that 3.2 billion people watched FIFA world cup 2014 and only Germany vs. Argentina final match, reached 1 billion viewers! So, it is what makes us united without any diversity of nationalities, political views or even colours. It is the best thing you can except from the human race.

Let me share my personal experience. Just a few years back, I did travel to my religious holy place. There I met with many people, came from different communities and countries. I shared my words with them even they also. The most interesting thing, what made me surprised that many of them could not able to understand English (as it is my second language) and I could not follow their language but we could communicate with each other! But how did we talk with one another without any common language like English? There might be any magical thing worked behind it! In fact there was no magical thing worked among us. It happens in all such cases. It happens only because of we are human being. Our soul is connected with each other. Our mind speaks to each other.

Human Race is improving ?

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Personally I think, we can be different in ages, genders, nationalities, political views or skin colors or whatever I say about but we are identical. Since we live in same land, our blood is same, our biological structure is not different, we also eat same thing even the air that we take as our breathe is also same thus there is no difference among us. We, all the human beings, express our feelings and emotions in same away. For example, we feel happy to observer and hear of any good and cheerful situation and feel sad to hear any shocking and painful condition. Then if any world crisis like natural disasters or man-made disasters takes place, people of all communities, countries spread their hands of humanity towards affected people. Even those politicians, fight with each other for their self and only think how can they stay long on the driving seat of the state and how can they turn into world leader to dominate the world, also become united and think about the welfare of the suffering people in such crises. And the best example of equality might be - We are the human being, connected with an invisible relationship and our souls speak to each other.

It is going to be end of my writing. Now my answer to the question 'Are we really so different?' is - No, we are not really so different at all. What Mr King said to America is true for the entire world. There can be many outward differences among us but our inside is always one and equal.

© 2018 Yusrat Sadia Nailat


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