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Global Warming - An Ozone Rerun

Updated on October 11, 2009

Another Lie Through Fear

History masterfully repeats itself once again yet we continue to ignore it despite the fact that it haunts us with the same old set of problems. Problems that create new catastrophic scenarios born out of the same old politics. The political solutions help only those who have an egotistical agenda to control what you and I do everyday of our lives.

The Ozone Play

The 1970s ushered in an era of anxiety and fear based on the lack of misinformation and political garbage. The Ozone Layer that protects us from UV radiation was rapidly disappearing. This was your fault because you used Freon, CFCs, and alcohol in your windshield washer. We were all going to die of skin cancer or be baked to death.

The press jumped and asked how high on the way up. Story after story appeared in newspapers, television, radio, and magazines. The headline keywords were Chlorofluorocarbons, Mankind, Cancer, and Doom.

It's Your Fault

Led by none other than Al Gore, government intervention and regulation followed. Freon and CFCs were banned and replaced with ineffective and costlier products. But it was the right thing to do – after all it was your fault this Armageddon was upon us. You had to be stopped from hurting yourself and punished by paying a higher price.

Al Gore and environmentalists were heroes saving the environment. Government chalked up another victory because higher product costs increased taxes giving government more power. And we were left holding the bag...again!

Truth Is Silent

Why is it there is a hole in the Ozone. Well, the truth is there's no hole! Never was!. What really happens is the Ozone thins out and it's size grows and shrinks in change with the seasons. Even today, the whole story is still not understood.

Why is it the Ozone Layer thins out only over the poles – especially the South Pole? Why hasn't the Ozone thinned out only over the industrial nations where CFCs were used? Could it be it has something to do with the sunlight, weather patterns, and the ice cold temperatures experienced by the poles? The planet Mars seems to have a similar problem minus the CFCs.

But that scenario makes too much of a common sense approach…it just couldn’t be.

Scientists say it takes two years for the Chlorofluorocarbons to rise up into the atmosphere and four years to dissipate. We have been under regulation for well over twenty years yet the ozone layer continues to shrink and grow.

Why hasn't the press jumped on this? Could it be the press refuses to admit they're wrong and it simply doesn't meet their agenda. Perhaps the truth isn't emotionally charged. Maybe you had nothing to to with it after all?

The Scam

For several years now the frenzy of Global Warming has been thrust on us like an iron hammer. Yet another Armageddon with predictions wild weather and high seas washing out shore lines. Descriptive scenes from the press paint a horrifying and hopeless future if we don't act now to prevent it.

Once again it's your fault!

Again, Al Gore (remember he led the ozone charge) is at the forefront raking in millions of dollars at our expense. Al Gore knows the fear factor works every time. Al Gore manipulates scientific data to to suggest the worst case scenario to the point were it is no longer a half truth – only a lie.

Al Gore displays computer generated images of ice melting conjured up in Hollywood imagination suggesting that it is not normal for polar ice to melt. This is in spite of the fact that the ice sheet has been growing in the Antarctic. But the Antarctic is irrelevant. It doesn't fit the agenda.

How about those pictures of the ice melting at an incredible rate? Hey Al, you didn’t tell them they were taken in the summer. If you took them in winter everything would have been frozen wouldn’t it. And with the winter sun hanging much lower in the sky it wouldn’t have been such a bright sunny day, would it?

That poor Polar Bear stranded on a single piece of ice that you felt so sorry and guilty for will tear your head off in a heartbeat. Polar Bears have been thriving since the early 1970s by a whopping 25%. Despite that amazing statistic, The US Government has the poor Polar Bear on the endangered species list because all the ice is going to melt...someday.

Al Gore manipulated graphs and charts to convince you of your demise. The CO2 we release into the atmosphere will increase temperatures. CO2 is bad and will reap havoc. Not a word out of our boy Al about the massive annual forest fires that rage across the western states. How about that radiation leaking into the atmosphere form the North Korean nuke test?

Hello Al…Al….Hello! He must have left in his private jet for another well paid seminar to convince business owners and government politicians to purchase carbon credits through Generation Investment Management from Camco International. After all his bottom line is at stake.

The Reality

The temperature has risen almost 1 degree and that figure can't fully be proven. It started over 18,000 years ago before it was your fault. This is long before the burning of fossil fuels, SUVs, and barbecues. During this time the climate has varied in cycles without fail. Over the past few years the temperature has been consistent.

During the Medieval Warm Period mankind thrived and expanded northward. Crops flourished so well that grapes were grown in England upsetting the French wine industry. The Vikings populated Greenland (yes it was once green). It was warmer then it is today.

The Little Ice Age on the other hand was devastating for mankind. Disease spread across Europe and newly found America. Crops failed and hundreds of thousands died of starvation and plagues. Rivers and lakes froze over during the long brutal winters. Glaciers advanced Greenland’s over its fertile land.

CO2 has little (if anything) to do with Global Warming or Cooling. CO2 is natural and without it we would not be alive. It is part of the cycle of life. An increase in CO2 would increase plant life and in turn would increase oxygen. Core samples from the Arctic show CO2 rises after a warming period which makes sense since life proliferates during warm periods. Psst… You got it backwards Al!

So where were all the trucks, SUVs, and cars over the last 18,000 years (I think they were driven underground – secretly). The Sierra Club claims drilling for oil is bad for the environment hurts wildlife. What they don't tell is how the Caribou thrives around the warm oil carrying pipes. They hide the fact that fishing boats make their biggest catches around the oil derricks in the Gulf.

Scientist who are not politically oriented are watching water vapor – not CO2. When it's 80 degrees in Arizona it's actually a nice day. But in Florida or along the East Coast an 80 degree day is a hot mucky and sometimes uncomfortable. The reason is water vapor (secretly known as humidity).

Water vapor has far more control over climate than CO2. Since 75% of the surface of the Earth is covered by water...well... there's not much we can do about that now – can we? Maybe congress can up with wet-and-trade tax.

What's in Store

In the future, the climate of the Earth will continue to change as it has done for millions of years. There is nothing you or I can do to stop it. The Earth far bigger than us and it makes it known everyday through storms, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

Global Warming is a political agenda designed to scare, intimidate, and trick you into giving up more of your freedom to those who want to control you life and increase their bottom line. The only proof you need is your own unemotional common sense because their claims make no sense whatsoever. They are playing on your emotions – they know how to work you.

One thing is for certain – if this Global Warming scam gets out of hand (and it is already) you will pay dearly. You will pay in higher taxes, product costs, and lost freedom. It's already happening since your congress refuses to allow the use of domestic oil.

America - How can you put up with this? Why do you accept blame for something you can't control?

When the politicians come knocking at my door (and they do), I let them know its not my fault and I don't want to pay or play! No! your not getting my vote! Then I remind them of the Ozone Lie!!!

What will you do? Take the kids to school? An excellent solution!


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    • joer4x4 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Money and control for politicians to keep their jobs. It has become so obvious.

    • RTalloni profile image


      9 years ago from the short journey

      It's so good to see some effort on behalf of the truth...have you seen Not Evil, Just Wrong or read Time to Eat the Dog?: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living? Opposing the ludicrousness is vital. But since saving the earth is so obviously not the real goal, the just as obvious question is what is the real agenda?

    • Tom Whitworth profile image

      Tom Whitworth 

      9 years ago from Moundsville, WV

      The last report of the true facts is there really is global....cooling. Global warming/cooling are part of the natural way of the manner of the solar activity. There never has been any human effect on either.

      Everyone knows there is no way to effect solar activity, thus a myth must be perpetrated in order to make a huge amount of money by continuously propagating an eternal myth.

    • brenflag profile image


      9 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Good Hub!!! I am just amazed at the number of people willing to believe the crap spoon fed to us by politicians. I just read a hub on here from a 'guilty' citizen and it was filled with comments from other 'guilty' hubbers praising him for his wisdom and willingness to preach the gospel of manmade 'climate change'. Gag me!!!


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