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Global Warming And What Causes Global Warming

Updated on March 22, 2013

Global warming is talked about everywhere today. If you don’t know what it is yet, global warming is the increased air temperature on the planet that is responsible for degrading the quality life on earth. The higher temperature has led to the melting of glaciers which in turn caused the rise in sea levels, higher quantity and poor or irregular timing of rainfall that affect agricultural output, extreme weather conditions, increase in mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases and desertification of land.

What causes global warming?

Most of the heat from the sun that penetrates the ozone layer is absorbed by the earth. Some of it is reflected back to the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, water vapor, ozone and methane trap the heat reflected from the earth. This heat has no escape and once trapped, contributes to the warmth of the air on earth’s surface.

It is generally agreed in the scientific community that human activities are the greatest contributor to global warming. On top of the list are factories that emit smoke, burning of firewood and fossil fuel from vehicles – with carbon dioxide as the leading gas that trap the heat from the sun.

When air on earth’s surface is heated, it leads to increased atmospheric temperatures which results in water evaporation. The evaporated water turns into one of the gases that traps even more heat reflected from the earth’s surface. Some of the human activities that cause global warming are felling of trees, pollution of the environment, mining coal and oil which lets trapped methane escape and the ever-rising population.

Effects of Global warming

As I have mentioned, global warming is becoming a catastrophe. When the heat is trapped in the air, it increases the temperature of the air around it. The rise in temperature results in the melting of glaciers and water from the melted snow flow into the ocean. The flow of water into the ocean leads to the rise of sea levels and the danger is that populated areas and islands can be submerged in water. A good example is Maldives.

Another effect of global warming is climate change. Climate change affects agriculture, therefore reducing food production and exposes the populace that depends on the food to starvation. Global warming also increases the extreme weather intensity leading to cyclones, flooding and draught.

The changes in weather patterns, high precipitation and clearing of forests leads to the extinction of species, increase in instances of diseases and general disruption of human and animal life.

How to reduce global warming

Since we know what causes global warming, it will be easier to reduce it. It takes an individual to reduce global warming – every single person can make a difference. Some of the things you can do include:

- Burn less fossil fuel. This means using electric and hybrid cars or using public transport.

- Reduce energy consumption. You can do this by switching off appliances at home when not in use.

- When you cut down a tree, plant two.

- Recycle paper and plastic to reduce pollution.

- Minimize the use of timber and wood products.

Although there are natural causes of global warming, human activities contribute are responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions. Unless we take action now, in a few thousand years there will be no planet for humans to live in.


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    • profile image

      jamal Shrair 4 years ago

      Subject: The Real Reason Behind Climate Change and Global Warming/The problem with our Physics.


      Einstein once wrote that one of the most important unsolved problems in physics centered around Earth's magnetic field. I sincerely believe I have came up with a theory that not only solves all contradictions in physics but also Earth's magnetic field. But, mainstream science cannot accept my theory because it will cause large magnitude earthquakes in so many physics theories beside that I am an Arab!

      My name is Jamal S. Shrair, I am a physicist and researcher currently living in Budapest, Hungary. I have been working for the last decade on physics theory, which gives an explanation for what I believe to be the real reason behind global climate-change as well as global weather and geological phenomena. I have compiled my research and hypotheses in a book, which I published on the 19 of April 2013 on Amazon.

      The book provides a good theory for why earth reverses its magnetic field, what is the source of heat at the earth’s core and a rational explanation for the observable climate-change and geological phenomena which we are experiencing. In the first part of the book I explain the physics background and the reason why our current understanding of climate-change focuses on the “human influence”. I then explain to the reader how the sun is actually travelling through our galaxy on a helical path, which periodically crosses the galactic plane (above and below). Over thousands of years the strength of the sun’ s magnetic field increases as it moves above the galactic plane because the plasma region is denser. This in turn means an increased number of high energy cosmic particles in the magnetosphere and of course intense solar radiation. One such helical cycle takes the sun thousands of years to complete. As the sun approaches the highest plasma density above the galactic plane - which is also the highest possible point in the galaxy - the solar maximums and minimums begin to take on strange behaviour. Today there is much research to show how the magnetic fields of the Earth and Sun are linked, therefore when solar radiation increases or behaves erratically, so does the radiation on both the surface of the earth and inside. This variable behaviour of the sun influences the weaker magnetic field of the earth, which is experiencing a rapid shift in polarity at the present time. Compared to recent history, this polarity change has sped up considerably in the 20th century. Currently the magnetic poles are moving faster than at any other time in human history, changing position at almost 40 miles per year! This suggests that we are approaching the end of a polar chron! The rapid movement of the inner core which only recently has been recognized is the reason behind the “stirring” of molten magma in the earth. This influences the earth’s crust, causing earthquakes, volcanic activity to increase and the release of methane and carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. It is a scientific fact that oceans contain a huge amount of CO2, and when heat escapes from inside the earth and combines with solar radiation from above, they induce heat on the surface and at the inner layers of our planet. That causes the release of vast amounts of methane and carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. Therefore, the main reason for climate change is not “man-made” CO2. No doubt the picture becomes increasingly clear when you follow this logic. There is an abundance of reputable research in the book to support each point and almost daily news of unusually global weather phenomena, beside an amazing increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – often in geographic locations which are not known for these occurrences. At the same time this is a very sensitive topic, especially since there are so many environmental groups who believe that pollution, global warming and climate-change are all the result of “man-made” CO2.Please also see on the website my publications in low temperature nuclear fusion Thank you for your time, Sincerely yours Jamal S. Shrair

    • PD Christopher profile image

      Christopher Davis 4 years ago from New Port Richey, Florida

      Short and sweet. I dig it. People need to be constantly reminded that anthropogenic climate change is real and is having a devastating effect on the planet.