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Global Warming & Emmisions, What's Their Goal

Updated on September 16, 2009

If you were to believe the global warming gang you would begin to feel like there is nothing being done to stem emissions from trucks, cars or anything that emits greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Well I am here to tell you "bunk"! By the year 2010 the EPA has mandated the toughest emission guidelines in the universe on American truck engine manufacturers. It even has driven Caterpillar Engines out of the class 8 truck market. And who is next? Will it be Cummins Engine? How about Deere? Or could it be International Trucks? SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) will reduce NOx (a generic name for a group of highly reactive gases that contain varying amounts of NO (Nitric oxide) and NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide) by 82%. A good thing for us but many countries don't need to comply with anything. Why us only? Why not China or Mexico?

The almighty EPA will run out of mandates to clean up the environment pretty soon, so they will need to come up with something new, otherwise they will be out of business. Let’s see, how about volcanic emissions? No, that’s a tough one. How about debris from space? No, too complicated. How about other countries cleaning up their act? No that's up to the global bunch in the U.N. (another story). I will tell you what they came up with in just a moment. We all need to know one irrefutable fact. This country has made great strides since the seventies with regards to cleaning up our environment, more than any nation on earth. So why is it they always hammer on the United States? What about Communist China? The air quality was so bad before the Olympics that they had to move entire factory production centers many miles downwind from the events.

So, you want to know what they came up with: A new EPA tax, a ‘Cow Tax’ which “Could Charge $175 per Dairy Cow to Curb Greenhouse Gases.” What? "Cow Tax"! Oh My God! Taxation without representation? “The tax for dairy cows could be $175 per cow, and $87.50 per head of beef cattle. The tax on hogs would be upwards of $20 per hog,” the release said. “Any operation with more than 25 dairy cows, 50 beef cattle or 200 hogs would have to obtain permits. This is total lunacy in my opinion, what the hell are they doing? I guess it’s not just the trucks they are after; next they will tax you and me for our own emissions. I think I am going to invest in some sort of SCR converter for a cow’s hind end or even a people hind end converter. The next thing we will see is the protesters down on the dairy farm with their signs, "DOWN WITH COWS" and "NO MORE SOWS". My God, what is going on in this country?

Could it really be about power and money or is it truly about the well being of this great nation? You decide for yourself. I can see the day when you and I will be taxed for our methane gas emissions headed by FART (Federal Ass Recovery Tribunal) with their assortment of gas sensors and sound meters, walking our city streets looking for violators.............'sorry" the whole thing started to get away from me. I hope that I made my point; once again, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Before you know it we will be transporting ourselves and our goods like the above picture, and thats what they want.Hang on to your wallet, it will be an interesting ride.

Copyright 2009 robert Micheal Green


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