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Global Warming Is Not a Hoax

Updated on June 10, 2017

The decision made by President Trump to leave the Paris Agreement regarding global warming is a stab in the back to those who love the environment. The evidence is crystal clear that global warming is not a hoax or a conspiracy, but a legitimate issue that is hurting our planet. The ice caps in the Arctic are melting, sea levels are starting to rise, abnormally warm temperatures have been recorded, and the amount of carbon dioxide being spouted into the air that causes risks to our breathing abilities.

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, Earth’s average surface temperature has gone up 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the last 100 years. This is being caused by the production of carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions. Since 2001, the temperature has consistently risen, with 2016 being the warmest year since the recording of global temperatures. Most of this excess heat has been taken in by our oceans, which have been warmed an extra 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit since 1969. While it doesn’t sound much, it actually has melted off the glaciers to a massive extent.

According to NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment, Greenland lost anywhere between 36 to 60 cubic miles of ice per year between 2002 and 2006. In that same time span, Antarctica saw 36 cubic miles of ice melting away with no signs of it coming back. Images of glaciers all over the world in these areas have declined, on the oceans and on the mountains. With all of this excess water flowing into the oceans, the levels go up and harm towns and cities that live at or below sea level, such as Florida.

Outside from the oceans, global warming is harming agriculture inland also. Winters, where frost grows, have been longer, going into the spring days.It means more dry spells in the summer and more difficulty in cultivating crops during the growing season. Droughts and heat waves are becoming longerevery year, with summer temperatures hitting 100 degrees Fahrenheit for multiple days at a time. There is also the concern that hurricanes will become more intense because these storms feed on warm water, which can raise their power to Category 4 and 5 levels. This, of course, affects both Pacific and Atlantic areas, such as the Caribbean islands that have been affected in the past.

Reasons like these are why the Paris Agreement was reached with every country (except Syria and Nicaragua) in 2015. It is a non-binding promise to cut down on a state’s carbon levels and reduce the surface temperature by 2 degrees. It included India and China, two major contributors to human-caused climate change. By withdrawing for it, American has signaled to the world they have forfeited their right to lead the world for the great of good. This is cowardly and bends to the will of a minority, who are in denial that their acts are causing this. People must now rise up, educate, and return to the agreement to fight global warming.


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    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 10 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      If the agreement is non-binding and voluntary, then it's nothing at all is it? I see you're passionate about the environment, but you really have not demonstrated any proof of the theories you seem to champion.

      Here's something to chew on to demonstrate how data can be cherry-picked. The same "facts" you cite on Antarctic sea ice but a few years later (when you said there was no chance it was coming back)

      Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum

      Now seriously - the climate of this planet has been changing for much longer than man has existed - we aren't the cause.