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Global Warming Is Real And No Joke

Updated on November 24, 2015
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In addition to writing for Hubpages, Marc can also be found co-hosting Blogtalk Radio with Tie Jones and Writing for a local newspaper.

A Take On The World

Was on the bus yesterday and was talking to a young French woman who is now working in Durham, but is originally from France.

She was talking about how if folks don't think Global Warming is real, she can give concrete proof...There was a time when the winters were consistent in her home area, the wine country of France, but now they flip flop...One year mild, and the next year Harsh...and haven't we heard similar stories in NC, NY, California, etc....

She also said they had never had Tornadoes, and now they have had them and pointed this out as a sign of Global Warming.

What do you think are the causes of Global Warming, and are you concerned it about as Society moves forward.

Would love to hear from some of my world friends as to what they think of Global Warming....


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