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Global Warming: Stoppable or Inevitable?

Updated on December 18, 2011

Global Warming: Stoppable or Inevitable?

Global warming is an imminent fact the human race has to face in the near future. Needless to say, the impact of it could decide the fate of the race. On march, 8, 2007, UK's channel 4 released a documentary called "great global warming swindle", in which the author interviewed a number of experts and scientists that the global warming is mainly due to to seasonal solar activity, not human's. For the first time, it challenged the majority view holding that global warming is mainly due to the carbon dioxide emission by the development of modern industry. So far there are two scientific speculations about global warming: one is human activity, the other is solar activity. which one to believe?

If it is because of carbon dioxide emissions, we could slow or even stop the process by reducing carbon dioxide emssions and developing renewable energies. If it is because of solar activity, then we have no way but to adapt to the environment. It is stated that the every 1500 years, there is a climate shift on the earth that the temperature is getting warm in that time span. In the book titled "Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years" written by Dr Siegfried Singer from university of Virginia, he says there is a great environmental changes will take place after it gets warm and discusses the possibility human race could survive that great change. In this book Dr Fred argues he has every reason to believe the human race could have survived the harsh conditions. The worst scenarios include famine, flood, hurricanes, etc. he states that by depending on present technological advances and human intelligence, human race could have suffered a lot but eventually succeeding in adapting to the environment.

Global warming is man made or natural? The question is not so important, what matters is the human race has to adapt to the environment even there is a climactic catastrophe.


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    • road2hell profile image

      road2hell 6 years ago from Linden, AB

      I hate to break it to you, but Siefried Singer is a fraud. He is not a scientist per se, but a PR guy for the oil, gas and coal industries as well as the energy sector. He has made a number of false statements and produced websites and videos taking about the global warming hoax.

      Global warmimng is for real. Siefried and other skeptics called genuine scientists names to discredited them and their findings. Sceptics like Singer don't do any serious research but just promote what the fossil industries wants us to hear.

      As far as solar activity is concern, it only contributes barely 7% to the global warming situation. It is true that we just past a very low sunspot activity causing a somewhat cooling effect but the solar activity is on the rise and could cause major electromagnetic intruptions on Earth by 2012. Carbon dioxide emissions are rising very rapidly and contributes the majority of the global warming on planet Earth.

      We may never reverse this trend since we haven't learned to conserve our natural resources or curtail our burning of fossil fuels. We keep playing in the hands of the major oil companies to protect their status uo.

      The only hope is to adapt -- if it is possible. We hadn't seen anything yet. The worse is yet to come.

    • profile image

      askpowers 7 years ago

      We are one of the main reason in creating this.. dont know when we will stop polluting our earth...

      thanks for sharing...