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Global Warming is a Complete Fraud | One World Order | Carbon Scam

Updated on February 12, 2011

Are You Smart Enough to See the Fraud?

As you read this article, keep thought in your head – humans are “Carbon Based” life forms. Your body mass is 18% Carbon. Global warming is a made up agenda that is being used as a vehicle to promote higher taxes. The “Global Warming Agenda” is social engineering and politics – NOT SCIENCE!

If Global Warming were a real, tangible, verifiable issue would the solution be more taxes? And how do we tax the Sun? Anyone care to read the 1974 Time Magazine Article about the impending Ice Age? The Government Lie at that time was we were running out of oil! If you trust the Government to tell you the truth and decide what is best for you then you don’t need to read the rest of this article. But if you want the simple truth… keep reading.

Since the 1940s the mean global temperature has dropped about 2.7° F – Time Magazine

Now before you go jumping out of your chair professing how wrong I am, sit back down and ask yourself this simple question. “Do I understand the science of what is occurring”.

Do you? Did you take Chemistry, Physics, or any Science related coursework in high school or college that would give you a sound basis of understanding the principals involved? Or are you just basing your decision on some emotion or some belief in a media presentation.

Do you know what Co2 is and why it is so terribly dangerous to the planet? Co2 is carbon dioxide. We MUST limit mans creation of dangerous Co2 gasses before we kill the planet right? WRONG! Co2 is a basic building block of life. Co2 is used by plants along with sunshine and water in a process called “photosynthesis” in order to grow. Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Water and Sunlight! Carbon Dioxide is what plants convert to oxygen. Carbon Dioxide is Co2!!!

Photosynthesis is a technique for converting sunlight into energy that has been utilized by certain organisms for around 3.4 billion years. The basic formula involves a conversion of carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen, aided by light-dependent reactions.

Every time you exhale your are emitting highly dangerous Co2 gasses (Sarcasm intended in case you are not following along) into the atmosphere. Humans exhale about 1 kg of carbon dioxide per day… ahhhh BAN HUMANS! TAX BREATHING. Save the planet!

So if you are buying into the lie that is being perpetuated in order to implement carbon taxes (more on this below) in the name of “Global Warming” please stop for a moment and do your own part to save the planet – quit breathing now! Whew. If every “believer” would just do this one simple thing we would completely eliminate the need to discuss this ridiculous assertion any further.

Before I open up the Dialog to Global Warming Fraud

The Global Warming agenda is one of taxation through the fraudulent implementation of “Carbon Taxes”. Scientists – yes real scientists not those on Government Payrolls… but those who do real science related directly to climate (And there are not that many worldwide) will tell you directly that carbon does not retain enough heat to absorb the suns energy.

However they do measure solar radiation and can explain to you why and how an increase in solar radiation increases cloud cover and this water vapor will trap heat.

Here is just one example:

Solar radiation reaching the Earth is 0.036 percent warmer than it was in 1986, when the current solar cycle was beginning, a researcher reports in a study to be published Friday in the journal Science. The finding is based on an analysis of satellites that measure the temperature of sunlight.

Now on to Exposing the Global Warming Carbon Tax Fraud

June 26, 2009 CBS news reports on a Bill passed by House Democrats. Fortunately this bill is not yet law so there is time to defeat this fraud on American Liberties. This bill is NOT about cleaner energy it’s about Carbon Taxes. The Federal Government recently approved offshore drilling for oil in virgin waters off of the coast of Alaska, if they had any real intention of working towards a future of renewable energy and “saving the planet” they would not be endorsing this drilling. The Federal Government can not have a “dual agenda” whereby they are telling you one thing and behind the scenes just doing business as usual in the name of profits for Corporate Oil companies.

Now let me emphasize what is going on in this legislation. Scare Tactics are being used to implement “Carbon Taxes”. If you ask the average person on the street if we should prevent Global Warming they are going to respond based on their belief if it’s true or false. But if you ask those same people “Should we save the planet”… overwhelmingly the response would be “Yes”. Global warming fear mongers like Al Gore (Who is only in this for the money as you will see below) play on peoples emotional responses to these issues to further their agenda.

There are so many thing buried in this 1,200 page bill that if exposed will scare the hell out of you! Nancy Pelosi tried to rush this through with a 300 page amendment at 3am before it had even been read. That is the Democrats latest tactic to create amendments and they try to push them through in the wee hours of the morning. Is this what the American People deserve, legislation that is forced through without debate? How does this serve the needs of the people?

As Republican and Responsible Democrat alike began to debate this bill many atrocities on American Liberties were uncovered. The bill contains provisions which allow “Home Inspections”. That’s right the Federal Government wants to come into your home and do an inspection of your carbon emissions. And they will stick you with the bill for the inspection! And if you do not comply with their made up carbon standards you will be fined! Can you afford to put in a new furnace, air conditioning system, water heater? Can you afford to pay the inspection fees and the fines? Not exactly sounding like “home of the free” now is it.

Does forcing Americans to comply with a made up “crisis” in order to further intrude on life and liberties and to collect additional taxes sound like the right way to “Save the Planet” to you?

This bill will put an additional burden on American Families all ready struggling to get by. Plain and simple this is a TAX. Remember Obama’s campaign rhetoric about how no new taxes would be imposed on people making less than a quarter million a year? Well guess what; not surprisingly everything Obama promised has been broken. Obama is a two faced liar on the invisible governments payroll. Obama’s sole purpose is to be the mouthpiece of the invisible governments New World Order agenda. Obama was and is the perfect mouthpiece because he appeals to a racial demographic that has traditionally rejected policy imposed by white America. That’s right Obama can and does play the race card which plays on the emotions of proud ethnic minorities.

The CBO analysis estimated that the bill would cost an average household $175 a year; the EPA put it at between $80 and $110 a year.

No matter how you slice it this is another tax on the people. Just like mandated insurance is a tax on the people.

Al Gore is a Total Fraud

If Al Gore is your climate change savior you might want to consider your beliefs. Al Gore is the guy who said he “Invented the Internet”. Think about that, seriously think about that. How does Al Gore pull off “Credibility” in the eyes of anyone smart enough to see through his guise. Is Al Gore a scientist? Does he have any formal scientific training? No! What he does have however is a history with Ken Lay from Enron. Remember Enron? Remember Ken Lay. Ken Lay died in prison after being convicted of fraud and nearly single handedly destroying Enron. Lay was Al Gores buddy.

Gore tries to distance himself from Ken Lay and Enron, but he can not. Why? Because it was actually Ken Lay that came up with the “Carbon Tax” ideas. Just like Gore did not invent the Internet, he did not invent “Carbon Taxes”. Gore just took this evil idea for profit and ran with it. Gore also set up a company that sells “Carbon Offsets” to those people stupid enough to feel guilty for their role in BREATHING (Reference Above). Al Gore is a fraud and was exposed when an independent reporting group (The Tennessee Center for Policy Research) uncovered the fact that his TennesseeMansion consumes 20x the power of the average home!

Al Gore is a Liar and a Hypocrite

The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the Department of Endery. IN 2006, Gores home used 221,000 kWh – more than 20 x the average house. Gore’s monthly energy bill averaged $1,080 per month.

Since 2006 Gore has upgraded his home with Solar panels, rain water collection, and geothermal heating. Terrific! But how much did that cost? And how much energy was consumed and pollution generated creating the materials. And how long will they last… and bottom line even with all the upgrades the home still consumes many multiples of the average home. Gore is a piece of work. Gore is one of the privileged elite and is never going to live like an average person or know what it means to struggle to pay the artificial costs imposed on the people by his made up agenda.

Climate change is a problem man caused and can fix? Really? Climate change is the vehicle by which the Invisible Government is using with their underhanded lies to implement more taxes and take more control of the masses. Capping carbon emissions will do nothing to change the climate, but it will further remove your rights and liberties as the invisible bankers push forward their New World Order agenda. This is sinister and evil and must be exposed. Even the “Scientists” that are on the payrolls will tell you that at most man creates 6% of carbon emissions. Even if every last man made emission were eliminated, it would not affect Global Temperatures.

Global Warming is being used as a vehicle to implement more Government Fraud, and strip you of your remaining rights and liberties. The New World Order has an agenda that will drive you into poverty. The Federal Reserve is their tool and must be abolished. Learn to think, forget party politics, back the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America before it's too late!

Ringleader of Global Warming Fraud

"I invented the Internet"... Yeah he's credible.
"I invented the Internet"... Yeah he's credible.


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  • sannyasinman profile image


    6 years ago

    Well said Mike, and keep on saying it!

  • raceegirl8 profile image


    8 years ago from WI.

    HI MikeNV,

    No debating here. I agree with u! I have been learning alot about Jan. 2, 2009 stuff...for years now...people just don't want to believe it.... except now more and more are seeing... it can't be denied... The world as we once knew it is no longer.... U should read an article by Dusanote---(I hope that his name) His hub is called Murder, Tyranny, and the Bilderberg Group! Good to keep finding more and more people who know the truth. And Al Gore did invent the internet! LOL...thanks

  • billyaustindillon profile image


    9 years ago

    Excellent read - this debate is getting lively!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Al Gore sued by over 30,000 Scientists for Global Warming Fraud

    John Coleman who founded the Weather Channel has put this together.

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Henderson, NV

    I "borrowed" this statement to show there is no "consensus" as stated by Team Gore and is Profit Agenda. There are plenty of people that know the truth and their voices are being muted:

    Dan Lawler wrote:

    With 26 years of US Air Force battlefield weather experience, masters degree and going on 8 years of research I come to the same conclusion as my 48 colleagues 16 of them holding a doctorate. Since 1998 the earth is cooling not warming. Sense historical records, core samples, tree rings, volcanic effects we go through climate changes not because of man but natural conditions as historical records also prove. 1981 I wrote a thesis of global cooling and the alarmists invention of that. Then came global warming another alarmist invention. Purely this is the biggest hoax in the history of the world. A power and money grab only.

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Henderson, NV

    And for the people who are gullible enough to buy into the Doctored "Science"... perhaps this should be part of the argument. Aside from the FACT that Carbon does NOT retain heat - the estimates even from CAMP FRAUD are that at MOST man can create 6% of emissions. Are people going to stop heating their homes, stop driving, stop manufacturing products? What percent could actually be cut back... and of that what effect could it possible have?

    For the people that say cosmic rays are not the source of heating. What is a comic ray? Apparently these people don't understand that ALL heat on our Planet comes from the SUN. It's just that simple. Clouds form because of the Topography of the Planet and the SUN.

    Co2 - I'm going to say this once again... is NOT a dangerous gas. It is CARBON and OXYGEN... it is a basic building block of life. It is the very material that plants use in Photosynthesis to create growth.

    It's amazing that simple principles of science taught in Grade School are being ignored.

    When you investigate the people behind the media frenzy and Doctored Reports... you find people that are going to profit.

    If this was a real problem, and not made up you would find that the profit motive would not exist.

    Too many people view this as an isolated issue, it's not. It's part of a Global Agenda to strip people of their rights and to increase taxes. This is about control and money.


    At the time of this writing it is January 2, 2009. 40,000 New... that's right, NEW laws went into effect in the United States today!!!

    The Government is destroying freedoms at an alarming scale. And the "Invisible Government" (Private Bankers who control the Worlds Monetary Supply through Central Banks) are moving full speed ahead to a "New World Order"... where the people will live in a Socialistic Police State World Wide.

  • tony0724 profile image


    9 years ago from san diego calif

    Mike I know you are definitely on the right track with this one. Is there climate change ? I do not think that can be disputed.Is it man made ?I have always had my doubts.And was it not convenient of Al to set up a company that sells carbon credits ? All I can say is that cap and trade is not so much for our benefit as it is for someone to make a pile of money.And the one world Government agenda is in full swing. Ask the bankers behind it. Nicely done here

  • joer4x4 profile image


    9 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

    Very good job and right on target!

  • Universal Laws profile image

    Linda Joslin 

    9 years ago from UNIVERSE

    I am so glad there are more and more awake people here!

    Great hub.



  • Tom Whitworth profile image

    Tom Whitworth 

    9 years ago from Moundsville, WV


    I completely agree with your assessment of this issue. I was just reading in my local newpaper in Moundsville, West Virginia that the Cap And Tax scheme, as assessed by a WVU professor, would cause over 24,000 West Virginians to lose their coal mining jobs. Then due to the loss of tax revenue additional thousands of state goverment jobs would have to be eliminated. The article said altogether over 48,000 people would have to leave West Virginia. We are a small population state, and we can't afford to lose that many extra people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 

    9 years ago from Sunny Florida

    Very good. It is all a fraud and I also think about money.

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Henderson, NV

    Actually it's way more complicated than just money... this is about removing the United States Constitution, POWER, and complete control of the American People. One more step in the New World Order's Global Agenda to abolish sovereignty. Dig deep into the provisions of the bill and it's a very scary attack on personal liberties.


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