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The Global Water Shortage Trend and What We Can Do About it through Water Conservation

Updated on January 29, 2011

Do Something About the Coming Water Shortage

If the global trend of water shortage were to  continue it is almost certain we will see price increases for the clean on tap water that we have almost taken for granted.

I would like to share with you the reality of the coming water shortage and to invite you to try ways conserve water to reduce your household water usage and to use alternate sources of water whenever possible.

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A markerbeijing -
Beijing, China
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Drought in Beijing getting serious enough to stir up media attention. Make us wonder what other locations in China are experiencing water shortages.

B markersomalia -
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Jan 2011, drought in Somalia is leading to street demonstrations, where half a million people have been affected by the water scarcity.

C markershandong, china -
Shandong, China
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Jan 2011, severe drought experienced in Shandong province northeastern coast areas. Reported to be the worst the region have experienced in 60 years.

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Jan 2011, a 10 year drought and now massive floods is now leading to a shouting match on water management issues in Australia. Is more on the way.

Water Saving Tips

In the Bathroom:

  • Brush your teeth with a mug of water and don't use a running tap.
  • Keep showers to under 5 minutes and remember to turn off the water when soaping
  • Replace old shower heads with new generation of water saving shower heads
  • Install toilet flushing mechanism with both short (use less water) and long flush buttons

In the Kitchen:

  • When possible use Front Loaded (more water efficient than top loaded ones) Washing Machines.
  • Wash full loads and collect reuse water from the washings for mopping the floor or flushing the toilet.

In the Garden:

  • Water the plants around the house with water from washing vegetables
  • Water the lawn with collected rainwater which is real easy with those well designed rain barrels

Do You Know How Much Water You Really Use?

I would like to share about my water conservation experience and to suggest a few easy ways to save water and money as well.

I started by taking stock of how I was using my water. My initial "water guzzling suspects" were the watering of my backyard and the potted plants, and frequent washing of the yard courtesy of my doggies great toilet training.

Amazingly I discovered from online research and my own observations that this is what my water usage pattern looks like:

  • Nearly 30% of my water usage comes from taking showers (it'll be even higher if you take bubble baths in a tub),
  • About 20% used in the kitchen sink and,
  • Another 20% for your laundry.

Let's Do Our Part to Conserve Water

I'll wear my "amateur accountant" hat and do a cost and savings analysis of each of the water conservation measures that I implemented.

Rainwater Barrel Buying Guide

Do One Thing at a Time to Save Water

You don't have to do a lot to have significant savings on your water bills.

One of the simplest and most effective water saving tip is to just limit your showers to 5 mins and to install one of those water efficient shower heads that gives a really refreshing aerated water spray as well.

Amazingly, just this alone was able to save me nearly 10% of my total water usage.

Now that I'm on a roll, I think I'll be trying collecting rainwater and reusing them in the garden. Stay tuned.

Enjoy Your Shower Experience and Save Water at the Same Time

Share Your Water Conservation Efforts

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