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Global Policy Forum Report on Iraq War--Welcome to Hell

Updated on June 28, 2007

Welcome to Hell from the Guardian UK

A recently issued Global Policy Forum report (June 2007) paints a hellish picture of violence, destruction of civil authority and cultural heritage, anarchy, insecurity and poverty. It documents how hundreds of thousands of Iraqis (500,000) have died, more than 4 million have been displaced, including over 2 million who have fled the country.

Whole cities lie in ruins. In addition to Fallujah which was heavily assaulted in April and November 2004, these include Tal Afar (September 2004, Sept 2005, March 2006), al-Qaim (May and November 2005), Haditha (October 2005), Ramadi (October 2005) and Baquba (January 2007). "In Fallujah, a city of 300,000," the report says "over 216,000 displaced persons had to seek shelter in overcrowded camps in the cold winter months inadequately supplied with food, water and medical care. An estimated 100,000 fled from al-Qaim, a city of 150,000...In Ramadi, an estimated 400,000 left in advance of the U.S. onslaught. These moments mark the beginning of Iraq's massive displacement crisis."

Here's a link to the Global Policy Forum Report:


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    • barranca profile image

      barranca 10 years ago

      That about says it all.....America's descent into war crimes. Excellent hub!