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Globalization Is Not A New Form Of Colonialism

Updated on March 25, 2018


Both the evolution of colonialism in 19th century and emergence of globalization in 20th century have brought with themselves characteristic changes which shaped the international socio-political trends. Some of the primary characteristics of globalization are interdependence among nations, diffusion of cultures and less-stringent international borders. On the other hand, the era of colonialism was propelled by atrocious mercantilist tendencies such as subjugation of weaker nations and ruthless exploitation of their resources. Both the phenomena differ to a larger extent. Globalization has followed an evolutionary developmental process whereby the technological innovations, liberal economic policies and trade-friendly regimes have supported its penetration. While the harsh consequences of colonialism gave birth to globalization or, in other words, acted as its predecessor, globalization is in no way the newer version of colonialism.


Features of Globalization

There are many factors which support the stance that globalization was, actually, an activity supporting the decolonization efforts. Globalization gave birth to free-trade regimes and encouraged the emergence of organizations such as World Trade Organization. Individuals, corporations and states are favoring a restriction-less trade architecture in which competition is the sole criteria to thrive. Such equalization was not witnessed in times of colonialism when the wide gaps between the colonizers and the colonized hampered any inter-relationship.

Origin of Globalization

Globalization was result of movements which favored the supremacy of human values and encouraged equality. The associated realities such as emergence of internet and trade-friendly policies supported the notion to treat all humans equally. This was not the case in the repressive times of colonialism. Then, to a larger extent, slavery was considered the fortune of the subjects.


Emergence of Decolonization

Decolonization was one of the primary aims of United Nations Trusteeship Council which helped the ex-slave nations of Africa get rid of suppressive colonial regimes and enabled them achieve self-determination. Emergence of multi-national corporations such as Microsoft, Google and Apple etc are serving the humanity without any discriminatory attitudes.

Securing the benefits of globalization


In conclusion, despite the fact that globalization was the successor of colonialism, the existing realities support the notion that globalization is a new phenomenon independent of its link with colonialism.

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