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Globalization in Small Towns

Updated on November 10, 2016

Millennials love to travel, that’s no secret. They love going out and exploring new places. This love of exploring is really benefiting small communities all around the world. Millennials are not only travelling to the typical, large cities like London and Paris, but are also going off the beaten path and visiting small, previously unknown towns. This form of globalization could help keep these small, rural towns that we love around. New popular destinations include Iceland, Croatia, and other not well known countries with plenty of small towns to explore.

There are many reasons that visiting smaller towns is becoming more and more popular. One reason is for the unique experiences that tourists get from a small town. If someone travels to a small town, they could be one of the only non-residents in that small town. Locals tend to be very friendly to visitors (depending on where you go). Portugal is a good example of small towns that love visitors. There are so many small towns with unique places to see such as castles and monasteries, with some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. They will do everything they can to make you feel like you’re welcome and show you their culture.

Small towns are also helping themselves by holding events that you can’t get anywhere else. They may hold a food festival or fair of some sort that is not like any other fair in any other town. This forces people to travel to that small town to get that experience. This is also a way to keep their culture intact and also share it with outsiders. Visitors take these experiences back with them and tell their friends and families. These friends and families may go back with them the next time they go to get that experience too.

When travelling to these small towns you also create relationships that you can't create in larger cities. These relationships can benefit your personal life or even your career. If someone likes you enough they can introduce you to someone else. These new people that you meet could help your career by getting you a new job or just improve your trip and take you to visit other interesting places.

All of these new visitors are helping the economies of small towns grow. Restaurants and shops are experiencing an increase in sales when tourists come around. This increase is especially high when the small town throws an event that people from around the world come to experience. Small towns have a bright future if people continue to want to travel to and explore these places.


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