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Globalization's Impact On World Elections

Updated on November 15, 2017

Globalization, a new word to many Americans, is quickly becoming one of the most important topics in society today. During the past two years it has become one of the most relevant issues in all elections across the globe. The United States, France, and Britain all have had major elections in the past year, and the main referendum that would be decided in each was whether or not to accept or reject Globalization and its ideals. Many leaders seeking election had the same main persuasive viewpoints on Globalization--- the blaming of immigrants and refugees on economic and social problems in the country. Undeniably, over the past few years the subject of Globalization has had a dramatic impact on politics and the world at large.

In the 2016 United States Election “America First” was ultimately the slogan that won Donald Trump the Presidency. This was a clear rejection by the voters of the country that perceived themselves left behind by the expansion of Globalization. This was especially true in the northern “Rust Belt” region of the United States which was once dominated by manufacturing. Citizens tired of the economic policies that Globalization and the leaders who pushed its ideals had brought upon them revolted and pushed the election to the Anti Globalist President Trump. Along with the troubles of lost jobs and trade comes the increasingly worrisome problem of open borders, immigration, and the impact it has had on the economy in the country.

Similar scenarios played itself out in Great Britain with its referendum against the European Union or as many call it “Brexit”. This Movement was led by Nigel Farage and the citizens of Great Britain whom thought they had been pulling more than their fair share in their alliance and that their economy was suffering and struggling due to this fact. Strengthened by the fact that Greece and a few other European Union countries were actually at risk to default on their creditors and bring the whole European Union economy down, their choice was made. However even after all of the Economic issues plaguing Great, “ The” reported that the biggest reason for the vote to succeed form the European Union however was the ever-growing problems with terrorism and immigration control. Spikes in terror attacks as well as domestic crime have worried citizens how their country will change in the coming years if a solution to this challenge is not reached.

Once again when it came time for France to decide the next leader of its country in 2016 Globalization was once again at the forefront of the French political world. This time France and its citizens debated their trade agreements and how they were negatively affecting their performance on the world stage. France as well as the United States and Britain has also had issues associated with immigration and terror. Globalizations ideals were once again in hot water with Marine Le Pen the leader of the French Anti-Globalization effort advancing to the final runoff election. After another intensely contested election France ended up deciding in the other direction and elected a leader with views that align with Globalization. Emmanuel Macron could be a sign that the world is starting to reject the ideals of anti-Globalization.

Globalization has had a substantial effect on Politics no matter what side of the aisle you stand. The world is vastly different in 2017 than it was in 2016 and prior due to the huge shift in economic and immigration policy change promoted by world leaders. The referendums on old leaders and their policies on Globalization of the past few years may worry some while some may be encouraged for an ecstatic for the future. In an ideal world , citizens will continue to band together and make their own decisions through democracy and an open forum.

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